Some happy things about 2x07

I know a lot of people are unhappy about Malec in 2x07, so I thought I’d share three things about the episode that made me unbelievably happy.

1.) We no longer know for sure how many times Malec has kissed. The could have kissed in Prague. They could have kissed in Tokyo. They could have shared a million kisses without Jace or annoying phone calls interrupting. We just don’t know how many kisses they’ve shared and that’s amazing.

2.) It’s canon that Alec is a guy who likes to express affection by spoiling his boyfriend. Who knew Lightwood was such a gift-giving softie. I love it.

4.) Magnus looked so damn good this episode. That look on his face as Alec was walking away. When he confronted Rufus. Oh my goodness.