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ENTJ Gothic
  • You laugh. Everyone else stops laughing. Someone’s hand shakes, and a wine glass shatters.
  • “I’m such a realistic person,” your Te assesses. Your Ni nods affirmatively, and goes back to making weird shit up.
  • You’ve been elected student council president. They won’t let you streamline the class period system or fire any of the teachers. You silently curse Kill la Kill for giving you unrealistic expectations.
  • “You’re so unfriendly and you hate parties. How are you an extrovert? You must be an INTJ,”  your friend says. She’s right; ENTJs are just INTJs on meth.
  • Why do all of your friends think that processing means hugs and validation? You just want advice. Your therapist won’t even give you advice without “listening empathetically” first. Why are your parents paying $80 an hour for this?
  • You’ve been elected student council president again. “Do I have to do this?” you mutter. You don’t remember running this year. “You’re an ENTJ; you want to, right?” the principal says. You don’t want to; you won’t able to make any real changes in policy. You’re just a symbol. The principal tells you it will look good on your college application and offers you a cookie.
  • You decide not to major in poly-sci.
  • You are officially an adult. You have been ready for this moment since preschool. Your friends say they still don’t feel like adults, which sounds terrifying and is probably the reason they are still dependent upon your friendship.
  • “Time management! Attention! Priorities!” you snarl for the fourth time this morning. Your coworkers spend the next hour brainstorming ways to get you fired.
  • “You’re an ENTJ? Can you help me make a five-year plan?” they ask. “Of course,” you reply. You give them control of your crumbing ponzi scheme, and they spend the next five years in jail.
  • Everything is closed on Sunday. Don’t they realize you have things to do before the week starts? You drive and drive and drive, looking for a city that never sleeps. The sky darkens; your car melts into the pavement. You are the city. You never sleep.
  • Someone thinks you’d be a power bottom. At least you aren’t a needy top like all five of your ENFJ friends. You delete three of them from your contacts while you’re thinking of it.
  • Your job involves expensive suits, firing people, creepy motivational posters on the walls of your office, and a formal title that your friends and family don’t understand. They ask what you do at work. “Extroverted thinking,” you tell them, and they nod politely and ask, “But what does your company make?” “Money,” you say. “But how do you earn the money?” “Introverted intuition,” you tell them. They nod again. It’s a very ambiguous function.
  • Your ISTJ coworker pipes in. “We trade stocks.” This is technically insider trading because Ni is psychic, but no one says anything.
  • You care about someone; this is not part of the plan. You race around doing errands in your black Camaro, swearing profusely at people who drive the speed limit.
  • It’s time to make some major life changes. Everything is boring and the days are starting to blur together. You engage your Se.
  • We don’t talk about what happens next.
  • The scientists have discovered a way to see inside your brain. They find out it’s just a game of Tetris. “Perhaps we can program the perfect leader somehow,” one of them says. You slide an I-block into place and exhale, contented. The brain scans turn blue.
  • You move to the coast, work in a little coffee shop and play your saxophone in a pub band by night. You date ISFPs who read you their poetry. No one is afraid of you anymore. You are peaceful and connected. Your therapist said this would make you happy.
  • You still cannot sleep.

John Smith , 2x10 , The Man in the High Castle 

how to sit down like a boss


Team Belle presents you Beauty and the Beast awards 🌹

R U L E S 

C A T E G O R I E S 

  • Maurice      Best url (2x)
  • Lumiere      Best Theme (2x)
  • Plumette       Best Post (2x)
  • Gaston        Best Icon (2x)
  • Cogsworth  Best Overall (2x)
  • Mrs. Potts   Nicest Blogger (2x)
  • Lefou           Best under 3k (2x)
  • Beast           Best New Discovery (2x)
  • Belle            Personal fave (13x!!!) 


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Hey guys! Lina and I are super excited to present you the Riverdale Awards! If you guys haven’t seen the show yet, you 100% should. xx



  • Cheryl Blossom - Best url (2x)
  • Polly Cooper - Best icon (2x)
  • Archie Andrews - Best posts (2x)
  • Kevin Keller - Best theme (2x)
  • Josie McCoy - Best playlist (2x)
  • Valerie Brown - Best different style (2x)
  • Melody Valentine - Nicest blogger (2x)
  • Jughead Jones - Lina’s fave (2x)
  • Veronica Lodge - Kaitlyn’s fave (2x)
  • Betty Cooper - Best overall (2x)


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Hello lovelies! Samantha @goldusth and i @vineuphorie have decided to host a Victoria’s Secret Angels awards together! We can’t wait to discover more flawless blogs! So, here we go!


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  • Irina Shayk: best url (2x) 
  • Gigi Hadid: best icon (2x) 
  • Barbara Palvin: best theme (2x) 
  • Kendall Jenner: best color scheme (2x) 
  • Doutzen Kroes: best posts (2x) 
  • Bella Hadid: best under 1k (2x) 
  • Taylor Hill: nicest blogger (2x) 
  • Candice Swanepoel: best overall (2x) 
  • Miranda Kerr: Samantha’s faves (2x)
  • Adriana Lima: Renata’s faves (2x) 


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Thanks so much for 100 followers, I never expected to have this many people following, interested in how I play the sims. The photo is of something I have been doing every week or 2 when I gain followers. I like to write the names down in a pretty way so I can think about what the people are like and what they post to give  ideas of what I could do.

Firstly, I started to sort of keep me motivated to do my game play and not get bored of my sims which worked. I originally intended to just post 2x a day more for my own benefit keeping me going and then maybe a few people ( no more than 10) would follow me and occasionally look and like my posts.

This is going to become very long but I will mention people that have been important on my tumblr and a lot of stories of how my tumblr grew to this.

What I thought was sort of what happened at the start but then I started discovering all your simblrs through a few I followed. From that a few people followed back and to be honest I was amazed. I was like a few more people, this is nice and great. So I created a post  for 20 followers thanking everyone and it was a bit like the one I just put at the top of this and everyone seemed to find it cute, idk why but I went with it.

Doing this post one a lot bigger simblr ( @vkthesims4 ) reblogged it or something and told people to follow me which was so nice ( I’ll go more into this later on) and @storylegacysims shared it on a discord they were on or they created I’m not sure and people from that followed me. So there I was gaining so many followers ( probably about another 20-ish ) and that was kind of overwhelming at the time.

I felt like I needed to change up my theme and make it seem more sophisticated because I thought it was basic. So after hours of trying to get a theme and personalising it, it was finished. There was one issue, I needed a proper icon that wasn’t a very inaccurate simself that’s picture wasn’t even edited. So I managed to get a alright one of Lauren Adacot, the founder of my Adacot Legacy. Then came the task of editing it.

So I didn’t want to get photoshop because I would feel bad for not paying for it ( even though I tried I couldn’t get it to access my files) so I just downloaded some free software that’s alright and I do like it’s fonts. Anyway ( I’m already getting really sidetracked) I needed to edit the picture having no idea about any of it ( I still don’t) and so I thought it turned out ok but looking back it was aweful.

After doing that I did my header image which turned out much better and so my posts looked bad and not much effort had gone into them in my eyes. I started editing all of them and it was kind of fun so I just continued from there on to edit them and over time and practice I think they look better.

Enough of me talking about editing pictures that no one wants to read about.

I had been working on creating my own build challenge because I love building and I had always wanted to but I never really had the audience before. So it was getting near the middle of August and I just thought, this is something I have always wanted to do, I want to get it done and out there so I took a few days to focus solely on that and get it done. I got it finished and was so pleased with myself for doing it I posted it immediately.

I had just joined a few discords and had’t really talked much about anything yet but I posted it in them anyway and on here because I wanted people to know and do my challenge. I couldn’t wait to see what people made of it and it was so good how people were keen.

I had people messaging me who I hadn’t really messaged before saying that they couldn’t wait to do the challenge and others that sent me pics of them doing the challenge and that made me so happy. People were reblogging it and new people saw and took on the challenge. I got so much joy out of seeing what I had created had proven interesting for other people to do.

After that things happened ( I won’t get into it because this is meant to be happy) and I sort of was not very active on tumblr and I stopped messaging people. I just contined to play my Adacot legacy for a bit and then it was time to choose the heir. That went on for a while and I didn’t really know what to do with it. There was a winner but through the time the poll went on I had no more posts and I needed to get the heir decided as to what I continued with. After it I didn’t have the ideas because I thought I was getting a new pack but then I didn’t so I tried to do things and it would of worked out for the non-heir siblings but the heir I had no idea what to do with.

I posted random stuff of me trying to sort things out for a while but it wasn’t interesting and I knew it even before I posted it. I just wanted to be posting something, which looking back would have been a better idea not to.

I just wasn’t getting anywhere with it so I knew I’d have to stop trying to sort it and leave it for a while. At the same time I was conscious that I would’t be posting anything so I did a poll and I ended up doing the Foster Parent Challenge which will go on until I resume the Adacot Legacy and Spoiler Alert I want to do them both at the same time because it is so fun playing each of them.

Since starting the new challenge I have gained a Lot of followers because the other day I was planning to do something for 75 and I’ve gained a lot and since last night I have gained about 10.

Well I have been working on getting posts ready to go out for when I start school ( Tuesday) and on from then because I don’t know how much time I will have for tumblr and playing sims. I have almost completed a build challenge for September ( this months) and am going to sort it and post in today or tomorrow. 

Of course I have been working on this for a few hours and trying to remember everything to add in. I originally meant this to be kinda like a follow forever thing but a little description of how I started tumblr and stuff but I’ve probably told a lot of stories that aren’t that interesting instead.

I’ll give a few people and about them ( this will probably turn out like my LITTLE description but lets go for it) this is no order whatsoever and sorry if I don’t add you it’s just taking forever to do this and I don’t want to spend the whole day on it.

@simtavia She has been through a lot of things but always holds together ( like one of those people who has a smile on their face and something nice to say no matter what. A kind person who wants to help other people out even if they’re the one who needs help. She made my icon and I love it even if she says it’s not much it is a lot to me.

@simfluence The first person to message me on here. It gave me a great boost of confidence and I know I wouldn’t have got anywhere near this far with socialising with others on here. She supported me whilst I created my first build challenge which was a big help because I don’t know I would have done it as well without support.

@thesimmerwithshimmer I literally only came across you last night but we have similar food interests. You seemed really fun to have a joke around with and I definitely want to chat more. Of course we all know it’s SCONE.

@awkward–simmer I have always liked your story and stuff but only yesterday I bothered to read through all of gen 1 and gen 2 to date of your Morgan Family. I love your sims and their personalities. I want to chat to you sometime but I am too awkward to. 

@simsleyy You’re good to chat to and you seem kinda chill. I always felt at ease when chatting to you I could feel ok talking of random stuff without really knowing you.

Who else I know of so many more people to do and I don’t want you to think I prefer someone over you which is not true I just have been here doing this for so long. I will do a few more though.

@benfyq You have been a follower for a long time, you were my 6th follower and you are always in my notes. Your sims always seem so good and I always want my tumblr to be like yours one day. I tried chatting to you once but I just got a bit too awkward and didn’t really know what to say.

@meganbsims You have a great 100 baby challenge and I love to see your posts as the children progress. You’ve been nice to chat to and hasn’t really stopped, just a bit slow moving.

@kateplayssims You’re always funny and seeing you and your friends like @bookishsimmer in each other’s asks is always entertaining and can brighten me up on a bad day.

That’s probably enough, if you can’t tell I appreciate each and every one of you and it’s not the number that matters at all. I would love if it was just 5 of you but the extra 95 is a brilliant bonus especially with all your varying personalities.

Les Mis podcast pitch!

form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdvHGMzBHbWiIBlxio76g4c2O-9rJa_uWqG1xcb6MHo3bdWtw/viewform

Who am I:
Nemo Martin - (they/them) - British / Japanese
@zeus_japonicus on twitter
@bazemayonnaise on tumblr
@ninjaninaiii on Ao3
<I keep these accounts separate and will likely not share my ‘fan’ accounts on the podcast; though won’t hide them if they ‘come out’.>

-Content Head at Nine Worlds (London’s largest inclusive, intersectional fan convention)
-Scriptwriter/ Director / Producer
-Academic (focus on 19th century usage of Classical texts)
-Writer of articles (Whitewashing in Les Mis, Exeunt magazine)

I would like to moderate / co-host an accessible, intersectional Les Mis podcast that is part academic (educational for both fresh ears and those from fandom who have not the time/ability/desire to read the brick,) part comedy.

I am of the firm belief that academic topics need not be covered in inaccessible language to be discussed, and that fans without (relevant) degrees can still have conversations just as important as those with their BA/MA/PhD in Literature.

I also want to elevate the voice of people of color in particular, as while I was doing research for my own BA, I could find no historians / academics of colour talking about race (especially those with the ability to have nuanced discussions about Javert as Romani, or Valjean as Black.)

Though is will be my first podcast, I have experience in recording audio, editing footage and moderating (especially when guests are LGBTQIA+, PoC and/or have access needs.)

Basic premise:
-Possible titles: ‘Pod on High’, ‘Friends of the ABC’, ‘Bread & Barricades’, …a Les Mis podcast (open to suggestions)
-Genre: comedy/academic
-Similar shows: Fathoms Deep, Conversations with People who hate me, Box not Included
-Duration/schedule: 1x60 minutes every fortnight, with some special episodes in between.

Segment ideas:
-Summary of the brick in non-academic / comic form
-Academic essays (whitewashing, current similarities, gender, class, race, religion etc) —— these need to be accessible to a non-academic audience, but well researched.
-Interviews (fan/perhaps cast/academics) - giving no hierarchical of anyone over fan
-Character studies (with a focus on lesser-known characters to help ode trying to read brick fics).
-Discussions of fanfic/ reading group? With permission of author.

^Perhaps segments can be a mix between individual/group so that they can be monthly depending on host schedule.

What I’m looking for:

1 or 2 x permanent co-hosts - responsibility over each episode
-1) fan and 2) academic knowledge of the brick (can be self-taught)
-Preferably from minority group (BAME, LGBTQIA+, with disability)
-Dedicated to not just speaking, but organisational role
-Social media skills / presence
-Desire to make a difference
-Will listen when not speaking and not talk over fellow hosts/guests
-Can spend a minimum of 4 hours a week on the show (2x recording, 2x pre and post recording prep)
-Willing /capable of assisting with editing when I am busy (desirable but not necessary).

x guests - can be regular or one-off depending on interest
-EITHER 1) fan or 2) academic knowledge (can be self-taught)

x donors
-Help with hosting fees & website maintains

*none of the roles above necessitate the use of a legal name and can be applied for with a username/alias if that is more comfortable.

if interested, please fill out the form!


Common Flowers

La Margarita - The Daisy

La Rosa - The Rose

El Girasol - The Sunflower

El Tulipán - The Tulip

I am posting 2x today because its a great day, and I went for a run.  While I was out for my run, my favorite tree was blooming (and my allergies were crazy) and so I wanted to look up the Spanish word for common flowers.  Have a great day :) :) I hope your allergies haven’t been as bad as mine have been these past couple days.

Also yes - occasionally I don’t post about medicine because you need to stop and smell las rosas even when you are fully charging ahead at studying for the MCAT ;)

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Hello Angels. I’m glad to present my first ever awards collaboration with Aku. I’m very very excited about this. Both of us share a mutual love for Kylie Jenner lip kits thus this awards was born. I can’t wait to meet a lot of new and wonderful blogs out there.


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  • Best Theme (2x)- Moon
  • Best Post (2x)- Dirty Peach 
  • Best URLs (2x) - Spice 
  • Best Icon (2x) - Reign
  • Nicest Blogger (2x) - Candy K
  • Best New Discoveries (2x) - Leo
  • Best Alternate Blog Style (2x) - Dead of Knight 
  • Best Overalls (2x) - KyMajestic 
  • Aku’s Personal Faves (2x) - Koko K
  • Lina’s Personal Faves (2x) - Mary Jo K


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Aku [Cokonut] and I [Katting] are super excited to announce our first ever collaborative Tumblr Awards, the NudeStix Awards! We both love NudeStix cosmetics and have decided to choose a few of our favorite shades for our categories!

The Categories

Best URL - Lilith [2x]
Best Posts - Luxe [2x]
Best Theme - Posh [2x]
Best Icon - Royal [2x]
Best Playlist - Haven [2x]
Best Other Styles - Stiletto [2x]
Aku’s Fave - Entice [1x]
Katherine’s Fave - Rebel [1x]
Best Overall - Belle [1x]


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Higher Chances:

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  • Join any of the other awards, pages, etc. we may have listed on out blogs. Joining this will also give you higher chances for those pages and awards as well. :)

Other Info:

  • There will be a total of 15 blogs chosen for the winners list.
  • We will be choosing when we are happy with the notes.
  • Banner was made by @katting using an image from Tumblr. 
  • If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask us! :) 

Hi guys! Ognjena and I have collabbed to create these awards because we both love winter and tea, so we present to you, the Winter Tea Awards by Danhgerous and Vogeu!


  • Mbf both Faith @danhgerous and Ognjena @vogeu
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  • Peppermint tea - Best Url (2x)
  • Candy cane tea - Best Icon (2x)
  • Cranberry tea - Best Theme (2x)
  • Cinnamon spice tea - Best Posts (2x)
  • Ginger tea - Best Under 5k (2x)
  • Pomegranate tea - Nicest Blogger (2x)
  • Chocolate mint tea - Best Overall (2x)
  • Soothing caramel tea - Faith’s Favourite
  • Vanilla tea - Ognjena’s Favourite

(If you want to be considered for the best under 5k category please submit a screenshot to Faith)


  • A spot on a fabulous awards page!
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  • Q4Q upon request!

Higher chances:

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Hey guys! Chloe and I have decided to do an awards together and we’re super excited to see how it turns out :)


mbf @refloats and @unswear

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  • Azalea - Best url (2x)
  • Buttercup - Best icon (2x)
  • Carnation - Best posts (2x)
  • Daffodil - Best theme (2x)
  • Daisy - Best color scheme (2x)
  • Gardenia - Best playlist (2x)
  • Hydrangea - Best mobile preview (2x)
  • Lavender - New descovery (2x)
  • Lily - Nicest blogger (2x)
  • Orchid - Chloe’s fave (2x)
  • Peony - Kaitlyn’s fave (2x)
  • Poppy - Best overall (1x)


  • new friends!
  • q4q / p4p anytime on request / help with anything
  • featured on a page under construction

Higher Chances:


  • banner was made by the amazing @rehticent
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