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http://www.deviantart.com/art/Sollux-312508642 <—-(link to art)

Day 4: fav male troll. Sollux Captor.
And its not just because i’m a gemini. In fact at first, i didnt even really like him (shit, i didnt even like being a gemini). When i was first getting into homestuck, i thought that he was just a nerd that wasnt cool at all, and i wanted someone else as my patron troll (preferably kanaya or vriska or karkat at the time). Of course i didnt know much about him at the time. Then i started thinking of him as the “Cool hacker troll”, because of how when he’s calm he kind of reminds me of dave Eventually, he became my favorite male troll. Now, i am actually proud to be a gemini because of him. Karkat vantas is a REALLY close second in my male troll faves. I wasnt sure who to pick at first , but in the end, i feel that sollux is my favorit male troll. —🔴_🔵