Just a note

Please, don’t ever be afraid to approach me for a trade or something. If you want buttons, I can make you buttons, or I can make you holiday cards that you can send to your friends, or sketch cards or drawings you can put on your wall, or bookmarks.

I know my art’s not great, but I love making things, and even more I love making things for other people. It’s why I make these buttons, to give them away.

So if you want a button, one I have or one you want me to draw for you or a friend, or anything else, then tell me! I’m happy to do it for you.

Just a small note

Three more winners added to the Button giveaway.

Two more winners added to the UFUT button giveaway, and pictures of those new buttons will be up once I finish them.

Thanks everyone, for making this so much fun!

Hey guys, for the record, odds are if I get into a fic or an AU, I will end up making buttons for it, and I will usually end up giving them away. I will always go to the author first, though, but still.

[So if y'all ever have a recommendation for an AU or a story you think I might like, suggest it! If I like it I’ll make buttons.]