TS2 to TS4 - Nofowle Living Set

Hey guys!

So this set is a conversion from TS2 Nofowle living chair (TS2 Base Game) & the add-ons (Sofa,loveseat) which were stored at naturalsims.com and made by Frogger.
Unfortunately naturalsims closed a long time ago and frogger is no longer active since 2009 I think?I checked the policy and it was okay with recoloring and modifying so I guess it’s ok :)

Anyway I choose some other items from TS2 as well to make a complete set of this living set.

So the set consists of 8 items : Sofa , Loveseat , Living Chair , Coffee Table Big (Made by me) , Coffee Table Small , Bowl with Flowers , Light , Rug.
All of them have their original colors from TS2 (I added 4 more colors to the seats and 2 more colours to the coffee tables) along with the catalog descriptions and prices.
The rug is a Sims 2 mesh with my textures.

In total we have 13 swatches for the seats, 5 swatches for the coffee tables,6 for the light,3 for the bowl and 13 for the rug!They are of course compatible with the Design Tool.

You can grab them here:



Now excuse me I’m gonna lay down for a while..

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Nina’s turn! I cannot take full credit for Nina, since I used whattheskell’s version of Nina and took a different version of Nina that I made then blended their genes via the “play withe genetics” tool. sorry if that was too complicated to follow haha. Basically I can only take partial credit, since she has some features of whattheskell’s lovely version of Nina, mainly the nose/forehead area! (:

Shirts and Tops 2to4

Ok, I made something new^^ 
The extra shadows made it difficultier and took me more time.

I made it in four colors and for each color one version with sleeves and one without. I know, they are really a kind of…. special…

Oh and if you have wishes you can ask me this wishes.

Maybe I make some wishes real in the summer holidays in a month, even if am not so good as others.

I like the version without sleeves more, even if I did them afterwards