Winchester Sister- I’ll Be Home for Christmas

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Title: I’ll Be Home for Christmas

Words: 1234

Parings: Dean x reader!sister, Dean x old man(Hank)

Summary: Dean runs into problems while trying to get home in time for Christmas for his little sister.

(A/N: yeah so all of these are named after Christmas songs (except for the last one which is a movie) and this is probably my favorite one I’ve written for this series:) lots of love JC)


Dean shifts in his bed to the sound of his phone going off. He groans and reaches his arm out to answer it. He sleepily presses the phone to his ear and groggily answers, “Hello?”

“Dean?” He hears your voice and he automatically perks up. “Dean are you still asleep?”

“I was,” He rubs his face and looks over to the alarm clock on the motel night stand, “(Y/N) it’s eight freaking A.M.”

“Yeah I know, where are you? You’ve been gone for a week and you said you’d be home by yesterday.” You say, sounding clearly upset.

“I know what I said but the hunt was harder than I thought…”

“Dean, it’s Christmas Eve. You’re always home for Christmas—you and Sam both…” He knows once you bring up Sam it is a sensitive subject. Sam left for college 5 months ago and you had taken the biggest toll of him being gone. Sam always understood you better than Dean and Dad together, and with him being gone, things were a lot harder for you.

Dean took a deep breath, “I’m on my way, kid. Stop worrying, I’m going to be there before you know it.”

“You promise?”

“I promise.”

“Okay, I love you Dean,”

“Love you too.” He hangs up and slowly gets out of bed and packs his things to leave.

Dean has been on the road for a good 9 hours, when he starts to hear weird rumbling sounds coming from the back of the car he hotwired a week ago. Dean quickly pulls over and gets out of the car to the rear of the car to see that one of the tires blew.

“Damn it!” Dean yells and he slams his fist on the trunk. He is only seven hours away from his baby sister and this is delaying him from seeing you. The sun is starting to set and there’s not much that he can do without light. He starts to look around and he sees a few of cars heading towards him. He quickly sticks his thumb out and walks closer to the road.

One by one they pass him, speeding down the highway. Dean curses under his breath and begins go walk away from the car, hoping to somehow make it to a gas station. Dean tightens his grip on his jacket to hide him away from the piercing cold. There is a sudden honk and Dean snaps his head around to discover a pickup truck pulling off the highway and stops behind Dean.

Dean goes to the driver side of the truck and an old man with a red fishing hat and a greying beard rolls down the window, “You need a lift, mister?”

“Oh my god, yeah,” Dean says, relieved.

“Hop in,” The old man says and Dean happily obliges to get out of the cold. Once he closes the door, the truck zooms off. “I’m Hank by the way.”

“Dean,” Dean says.

“What are you doing out in the middle of nowhere at a time like this?” Hank questions as he glances over at Dean.

“My car broke down and I’m trying to get home to my sister before Christmas. It’s our first without our brother around; he went to college and isn’t coming home.” Dean explains as he watches snow start to fall outside the window.

“Awe well that’s awfully sweet of you to care for your sister that much.”

“Yeah, well I’m all she really has..”

“How old is she?” Hank asks. Dean looks over at Hank is his brows furrowed. Hank notices and scoffs, “Jesus, son, not like that! I have a granddaughter, she’s seven.”

Dean slowly looks away from Hank and looks down at his hands, “Fourteen.”

“Have you called her to let her know you might be a little late?” The old man questions.

“Oh shit!” Dean whispers and quickly pulls out his phone from his pocket to call you, but throws his head back when his phone has died. “Damn,”

“Dead?” Dean nods, “Well I ain’t got a phone on me, but I’m gunna need to stop for gas in a few miles, pretty sure they’ll have a pay phone.”

As Hank fills his tank with gas, Dean heads over to the payphone on the side of the gas station. He puts a couple quarters in and dials the number to the motel you’re staying at.

“Hello?” You say.

“(Y/N),” Dean sighs.

“Dean? Is that you?”

“Yeah kid, it’s me listen I-” Dean starts, but you quickly cut him off.

“Dean you said you’d be here by now. Where are you?”

“I’m at a gas station, but listen to me (Y/N) I might-”

“Dad left, Sam’s gone, you’re away… it’s starting to feel less like Christmas by the second. I just miss you Dean.” Dean could hear the sorrow in your voice and couldn’t bear to tell you that he might not be able to make it back by Christmas.

“What do you mean dad left?” He asks.

“He left a couple hours ago, I’m pretty sure he went to a bar.” You say.

Dean rolls his eyes at the thought of John leaving his daughter in a motel room on Christmas Eve to go and get wasted. “(Y/N) I’m coming home and I’m going to be there for Christmas okay? I promise, I love you but I got to go.”

Dean hangs up the phone and heads back to Hanks truck, “You talk to your sister?”

Dean nods, “Yeah, I got to get home, but you do not have to take me, I don’t want you to give up your Christmas for me and my problems.”

“Dean, I’m not going to live with the guilt of leaving a young man stranded and for a girl not having her brother home for Christmas. Get in.” Hank retorts.

Around 2 AM Christmas morning Hank pulls up to the motel you are staying at. “Thank you so much, Hank. You don’t understand what this means to me.”

Dean pulls out his wallet and begins to pull out a few twenties. Hank shakes his head, “Oh no son, you ain’t gonna pay me. I’m just happy to bring you to your family, I don’t want anything.”

“Please, you drove me across two states. You could have been with your granddaughter and your family.” Dean pleads as he extends the money towards the old man.

“Son, I ain’t taken your money.” The man says sternly, “Now you go in there and tell your sister Merry Christmas for me okay?”

Dean sighs and stuffs his money back into his wallet, “Alright, fine… Thank you again, Hank.”

“No problem, Merry Christmas.” He says as Dean shuts the door. Dean waves him goodbye and watches as the blue truck goes off. Dean turns around and searches for the motel room 21B.

He silently opens the door and the light from a low lit lamp reveals you alone under the covers of the bed. Dean closes the door quietly and makes his way to your bed. The bed dips as he sits down and you stir awake.

You blink a couple of times and suddenly smile, “Dean!”

“Hey kid, I told you I’d be home for Christmas.” He says as you engulf him into a tight hug. He chuckles and places a kiss to the side of your head, glad to finally see you.

Itadaki High Jump ~ Selfie Challenge ~

Entry No. 1

Title : No. 1 in the Serious Face Competition

Hashtag : #theeliminatedtwo


Entry No. 2

Title : No-NG Company

Hashtag : #lookingforbodybuildingwork


Entry No. 3

Title : Ramen Tsukemen Boku Ikemen? (Gag)

Hashtag : #btwthisisthefourthtake


Entry No. 4

Title : Elementary Student’s Profession Experience

Title : Waiting for my turn now


Haha this selfie challenge is great! I laughed like no one’s business XD

How could I be so Lucky? Chap. 3 (Newt Scamander x Reader)

A/N: i AM SO SORRY THIS TOOK SO LONG. I was so nervous about this chapter cause its the start of the fourth and final chapter (of the Hogwarts portion, anyway) and idk you guys gotta let me know ok? I love you all so so much! I hope you enjoy this :D 

Chapters: 1 2

Title: How could I be so Lucky

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Word count: 1,615

Rating: PG

Chapter 3: The School

The next few hours seemed to fly by. Pulling into the station and being ushered over to the carriages that seemed to move all on their own. Newt stuck beside you the entire way until it was time for you two to part at the great hall. The castle was just as grand as Ilvermorny. It was older, much older than your home school, and that made it seem as menacing as you thought it would be. This was the most embarrassing part of your journey so far. You stood with a bunch of first years waiting in line outside the great hall to be sorted. There were no other teens your age in the crowd, making you feel a bit lonely.

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Before The Storm [Part 3 / ?]

Post-Civil War Series

[Read Part One | Part Two ]

Pairing: T’Challa x Ex-Avenger!Reader

Characters: Reader, T’Challa, Sam Wilson, Bucky Barnes, Okoye (Comic Character), Steve Rogers, Wanda Maximoff, and James Rhodes.

Warnings: CIVIL WAR SPOILERS, Explicit Language, Sexual Reference, Intense Violence, and Suggestive Themes.

Word Count: 3.4k

A/N: This one is severely Civil War based and Reader’s powers are revealed. Enjoy! x. T

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.   .  .

T’Challa’s Palace  | 1 Week Later


           You watched Sam get slammed onto the mat for the twentieth time that day. He laid on the padding with his eyes screwed shut and a pained expression on his face; slightly shifting as he tried to capture his breath again. His dark skin glistened with sweat and he finally reached up to wipe at his forehead—no longer wheezing.

           Bucky was seated on the bench next to you, his arm propped on his knee as he quietly observed Okoye pull Sam to his feet. It had been a long four days of training with the Dora Milaje and you thought training with Natasha or Steve was hard, but this topped it all. They kicked your ass, easily.

           “I’m tapped.” Sam huffed before propping his hands on his hips and gesturing at you and Bucky, “Why don’t one of you guys go and get your ass kicked?”

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Bucky Barnes: Sing Me A Song

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Title: Sing Me A Song

Prompt: Can you do the soulmate au where you hear your soulmate but only when they sing, with Bucky? (I saw that and fangirled)

Characters: Bucky

Warnings: mild swearing

Word Count: 2,551

Notes:  There are a couple pov changes just so you know.  I thought it’d be interesting to see how you both saw the situation.

There were not many constant aspects of the Winter Soldier’s life.  He was always moving from mission to mission, adjusting to whatever came his way; this lasted nearly seventy years.  

The first time he heard your voice, the Winter Soldier had been ten days into a mission in Siberia.  He had been hiking one of the taller peaks in the area, making his way towards a remote village only accessible by foot.  His Hydra-dealt nutrition rations had been used up four days prior, and though he was a strong supersoldier, he needed to eat just like the rest of us.  His usually strict and tactful thoughts were starting to wander into the furthest reaches of his mind- uncharted territory.  His feet were working mechanically under him, carrying his body closer and closer to the village, and he was beginning to think that his first stop would be to get food rather than pursuing the mission.  It was during these thoughts when he heard you for the first time.  

Needless to say, when you entered his world for the first time he was more than overwhelmed.  Your childish, cheerful voice rang through his ears so suddenly that he nearly fell over with surprise.  ‘The itsy bitsy spider went up the waterspout,’  He thought he must have been hearing things, from nutritional deprivation he concluded.  This was a one-time occurrence, he assured himself.  ‘Down came the rain and washed the spider out!’  Okay, he thought.  Hallucinating is probably one of the symptoms of not eating, that’s all.  ‘Out came the sun and it dried up all the rain,’ Maybe he was just going insane.  After all that he had seen over the years, insanity was never out of the question.  Maybe he deserved it- after all the killing and terror he had caused it was certainly a possibility.  ‘And the itsy bitsy spider went up the spout again!’  In that case, a small part of the soldier was glad; a miniscule part of him wanted nothing more than to die.  To end this madness.  To end the horrors he was causing.

The Winter Soldier shook his head as though it would rid him of these awful thoughts.  At that moment all he needed was to complete the mission, regardless if he was insane or not.  Because that’s what machines do- they complete their task, no matter how broken they may be.

By the time his mind focused again there were street lights in the distance, signifying that he had arrived at his destination.  And as he reached the main road, he could have sworn he heard the voice singing the verses again in the back of his mind.


The next time the Winter Soldier was unfrozen was when he was tasked with assassinating a nuclear engineer being escorted out of Iran.  He was nearly falling behind on the mission because some annoying song was on replay in his head; something about the noises of a fox.  He had already tried numerous breathing techniques in attempt to clear his head, but nothing worked.  The stupid song was still stuck in his head, being sung in an obnoxious girl’s voice.  (Maybe her voice wasn’t obnoxious, in fact it was quite good, but the song made her sound obnoxious.)  

The soldier ended up shooting the target through a redheaded woman’s side, making a clean shot through the head.  A malicious grin spread across his face as he realized that this was yet another successful mission for him to have completed.  The moment would have been a lot better if the voice in the back of his head wasn’t singing though.


The man on the bridge- the soldier knew him.  The man seemed so sure of himself when he called the soldier ‘Bucky’, whatever or whoever that was.  What the hell is a Bucky?  Was he a Bucky?  He didn’t know, but he was going to find out.


The soldier tried to visit the nearest library after finding a new set of clothes to wear; the ones he had on were soaking from his swim in the Potomac.  He pushed his baseball cap further down to hide his face as he entered the library, following the signs pointed towards the computer section.  He had been around Hydra long enough to catch the gist of how computers worked, and how much different could public computers be?

It turns out Hydra computers were much more advanced than old public computers, especially since they had not been updated in years.  The soldier let out a groan as the computer was on its fifth minute loading the search page, earning a giggle from the girl behind him.  He turned to see a (y/h/c) girl standing behind him, waiting for the next available computer; all the others were taken or out of order.

“You having a bit of trouble?”  She asked, looking down at him.  The soldier averted his gaze from hers, not comfortable with the unfamiliar human connection.  

“Uh, maybe a little bit.”  At that point he was so frustrated that he barely cared about being ominous as he usually was; all he wanted to know was who this ‘Bucky’ was.

“I can help you if you want…Is that okay with you?”

He shrugged, pushing his rolling chair aside to let her look at the computer.  He watched as she expertly clicked the pointer on the X button and opened up a new computer application- something named ‘chrome’.  He observed her movements, making sure to remember for his next trip to the library, should he have one.

“Is there anything specific you had in mind? Oh, um, obviously you did if you were searching on the computer.  Uh, sorry, um I meant- what are you looking for?”  Her face reddened a bit as she stumbled over her words, trying to find the right way to phrase her question.

“I was looking for a bucky, maybe.  Something along the lines of a bucky?”

“Okay, let’s see.”  She pulled over a spare chair, getting herself comfortable before scrolling through the search engine.  She hummed to herself quietly, and the soldier swore that he was hearing it in his head too.  It was unnerving, but like everything else that bothered him, he pushed it aside.  “Okay, so there’s a bank in Rhode Island named Bucky’s Bank, and there’s a couple stores with a similar name.  But the biggest hit seems to be a James ‘Bucky’ Barnes.  Does that ring a bell?”

For a second, a memory from his childhood popped into his mind.  A smaller version of himself was shakily scribbling the name on a piece of lined paper, the pencil held in his tiny hands.  Was this his first actual memory?  Now that the soldier thought about it, he didn’t seem to remember anything from before his days in Hydra.  Before then, he had been so preoccupied with all his missions that he didn’t have time to think of much else.

“Woah, are you his grandson or something?  The resemblance is eerily close.”  She clicked on one of the images and there was his face, laughing alongside the man that he tried to kill on the helicarrier.

“Yeah, I think so.  Something like that…”  He trailed off, nearly speechless as he had found his proof.  There was no denying it now- he was James Buchanan Barnes.  He was Bucky Barnes.

“Sorry, but I need to go to work now.  I take it that you’re fine with the computer now?”  The girl looked at him with her big (e/c) eyes questioningly, almost as if she was concerned.  Bucky pushed his astonishment of her kindness to the side, figuring that she was just being polite.

“Thank you for helping me, miss…”

“Oh, right!  I’m (y/n), by the way.”  She held her hand out and he shook it with his human hand.  He didn’t want to scare her away after making so much process with a person, much less a girl.  

She looked down at her watch and her eyes nearly bulged out of her head.  “Sorry.  I gotta go!  See you around sometime?”

“Sure.”  Bucky knew there was next to no chance that he would ever see her again; he was probably going to skip town before the end of the week.


After a trip to the Smithsonian, Bucky realized why he had little to no memories of the past.  He now knew the ugly truth of his life; he had been working for a terror organization for seventy years, causing pain and tragedies wherever he went.  This horrified him, knowing that he had caused that much destruction.  A small part of himself longed for a drink, to forget all his troubles and misery.  ‘Okay’, he thought.  ‘I’m going to get a drink.’


Bucky found himself inside a dimly lit bar in the shadier side of DC, more in the outskirts of the city than central.  The soft jazz music had lured him in, and before he knew it he was seated at the bar with a beer in his hand.  He was sort of disappointed when he realized alcohol had no effect on him though.

“Okay people, here’s what you all have been waiting for… (y/f/n) (y/l/n)!”  You stepped out onto the stage, adjusting the microphone to match your height.  You smiled a bit, looking into the crowd.  Bucky was a bit surprised to see you, but he smiled back at you once you caught his eye.

“Okay guys, since last night I have gotten an overwhelming amount of song requests.  Tonight I will start off by singing the most popular request.”  Bucky noticed you grip the microphone a bit tighter with nervousness before relaxing your body; she must have been used to pre-show jitters, he thought.

“They send me away to find them a fortune

A chest filled with diamonds and gold

The house was awake, the shadows and monsters

The hallways, they echoed and groaned

I sat alone, in bed till the morning

I’m crying, ‘They’re coming for me’

And I tried to hold these secrets inside me

My mind’s like a deadly disease

I’m bigger than my body

I’m colder than this home

I’m meaner than my demons

I’m bigger than these bones”

Usually you spent an even amount of time looking at the different people in the crowd, but for some reason you couldn’t help but look at the man from the library.  It was weird.

“And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me”

I can’t help this awful energy

God damn right, you should be scared of me

Who is in control?”

Bucky was officially sure that he was going insane.  He was hearing your voice twice- once out loud and once in his head.  It was starting to give him a headache, especially as he realized that your voice sounded like an older version of the child’s voice from all those years ago.

“I paced around for hours on empty

I jumped at the slightest of sounds

And I couldn’t stand the person inside me

I turned all the mirrors around

I’m bigger than my body

I’m colder than this home

I’m meaner than my demons

I’m bigger than these bones

And all the kids cried out, ‘Please stop, you’re scaring me’

I can’t help this awful energy

God damn right, you should be scared of me

Who is in control?”

You were definitely feeling an attraction to the man; there was no denying it now.  You didn’t bother to discreetly sneak glances of him anymore, you just stared at him.  Who was he?

“I’m well acquainted with villains that live in my head

They beg me to write them so they’ll never die when I’m dead

And I’ve grown familiar with villains that live in my head

They beg me to write them so I’ll never die when I’m dead

I’m bigger than my body

I’m colder than this home

I’m meaner than my demons

I’m bigger than these bones

And all the kids cried out, ‘Please stop, you’re scaring me’

I can’t help this awful energy

God damn right, you should be scared of me

Who is in control?”

Bucky was sure you were staring at him.  But, to be honest, he was staring right back.  Some other men in the room had noticed this and let out wolf whistles, but he didn’t care.  You had captivated him.

“And all the kids cried out, “Please stop, you’re scaring me”

I can’t help this awful energy

God damn right, you should be scared of me

Who is in control?”

You finished the song a bit out of breath, so you decided to go backstage to get a drink.  You gave the crowd a quick thank-you before leaving the stage in search of a water bottle.  You felt a small tap on your back and turned around to see a gloved hand holding out a water to you.  You took it greedily before looking at your savior- you nearly spit out the water when you realized it was the guy.

You were taught to always be polite, so naturally you spoke to him,“Thank you so much!  I was really parched for a minute there.”  

“No problem.  I really liked your singing.”  He looked at you for a minute, with a puzzled look on his face.  You couldn’t help but wonder if he was okay.

“Thanks!”  You paused for a minute, analyzing him before speaking.  “Please tell me if this is out of line, but are you okay?  You don’t look so well.”

“Can we talk somewhere a bit more private?”  He had a look in his eyes, a look so desperate and lost that you just couldn’t refuse.

“Sure, of course!  Let’s step out and get some fresh air.”  You led him out into the alley next to the bar, confident that you could handle yourself if things went south.  Though, for some reason, you felt as though you were safe with him.

Suddenly the man took great interest in his fingernails, almost shyly avoiding the subject.  He mumbled something incoherent while he looked down, but you couldn’t figure out what he said.

“Come again?”

“I said, I know this is a bit weird but your singing had an effect on me that I just can’t explain,”  No, it couldn’t be.  You had gone years without a single sign that you had a soulmate; you had even come to terms with not having one.  Now, he was most likely standing in front of you.

“Like you heard it in the back of your head?”  You needed to know.

“How did you… how did you know that?”

You smiled gently at him; obviously he didn’t know the concept of soulmates, but that was okay.  Everything was okay now- you had finally found him.  “Mr. Barnes,”

He shifted uncomfortably before interrupting you.  “You can call me Bucky.”

Your eyes widened for a fraction of a second, wondering if he was the Bucky Barnes- the war hero, the brave soldier, the friend to Steve Rogers.  You shook it off; you would accept him no matter who he was!  “Bucky,”  If it was possible to smile any wider, you managed to do so.  “Have you ever heard of soulmates?”

Guren Ichinose’s Catastrophe at 16 Drama CD 2

As requested by many anons and fellow bloggers (again), Hyaka has translated the second LN Drama CD *.* YAY

Disclaimer: This is a fan-made translation from the drama CD! Please go easy and enlighten us on any mistakes or deviations. All credit goes to the original blogger, seiyuus etc etc. - Hyaka and Kuro Shion

Link for the audio: http://namanari.tumblr.com/post/138234206419/guren-ichinoses-catastrophe-at-16-drama-cd-2

Title: The Last Christmas

Guren: A dream, again?

Mahiru: -humming- Ah, you came, Guren. Look, it’s a Christmas tree-like ornament, how does it look?

Guren: This is a dream. Mahiru has already disappeared from before my eyes.

Mahiru: Come on, Guren, this Christmas cake is cute too, right? Feed me. Ah~

Guren: Stop it. This kind of dream, don’t show it to me.

Mahiru: But, this is what you desire in your heart, right? To pass time as a normal girl and boy, without the Hiiragi family and Ichinose family mattering. A modest time.

Guren: You aren’t Mahiru, in the first place. You are a demon.

Mahiru: Haha, a demon, huh? That’s right. I’ve already fallen to the level of being a demon. For the sake of building a world where we could be together, I became a demon. Guren, do you like me? If you like me, extend your hand to me. Desire me, Guren. And then, receive my power.

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AkaKuro Week Day 2

Title: Sudden Reunion
Prompt/s: Post-Winter Cup | Vorpal Swords | Reunions
Pairing: Main!Akakuro and a pinch of Aokise and Muramido
A/N: This is my second contribution for AkaKuro Week! Once again forgive me for some of my mistakes and I apologize if the characters are a bit OOC-ish. I tried my best to make them in character. Also I tried my best to make this one-shot or drabble a bit funny but I failed miserably ;A; oh btw i sticked with akashi addressing them by their surname since its oreshi ;u;
Wordcount: 2,420
Summary: Kuroko meets the all of the generation of miracles in a bookstore and enjoy his day thanks to a certain redhead.

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Zoolander 2

Title: Zoolander 2
Release Date: February 12, 2016
Genre: Comedy
Country: USA
Cast: Ben Stiller, Owen Wilson, Will Ferrell, Penélope Cruz & Kristen Wiig
Director: Ben Stiller
Studio: Red Hour Films & Scott Rudin Productions
Distribution: Paramount Pictures

Catch Me If You Can

Request: Hi:) I’m a huge Pietro fan and I was wondering if you could do one where he rescues the reader from hydra but not before she also gains the power of super speed and they help eachother navigate how to use their new powers and have races and stuff and end up dating and all that mushy stuff. Thanks!

A/N: This is set after the events of Age of Ultron. Pietro has healed up, once you get past the beginning of this, and is his usual self again. I got a little carried away with this. I have a bit of a soft spot for our Quicksilver.

Warnings: Brief mentions of torture

Word Count Total: 1838

Long Imagine #2

Title: Catch Me If You Can

You hadn’t been on the team long until the incident in Sokovia happened. In fact, it hadn’t even been a week. But it happened, and you were thrown into it. Since you hadn’t been training for long, you were forced to help on the side lines with the evacuation, rather than perform any other tasks.

Once the evacuation was complete, you made a move to signal for the boat’s departure, but something stopped you. Clint had found a boy and was protecting him. The rest of it happened in slow motion and you swore that your heart stopped. Pietro saved both of them. But he collapsed, and you knew what happened. You didn’t want to think about it, but you knew.

You were the most qualified medical staff that was out there, so as soon as you saw his body being brought back, you rushed out and tried to do something, you couldn’t let him die. You just couldn’t. As the boat departed, you started to do everything within your power to help. But you worried that it wouldn’t be enough, even with his quick metabolism. Once on the helicarrier, he was rushed to the medical bay where Doctor Helen Cho was waiting, despite recovering from Ultron’s violence, herself. You knew that she would be the best scenario possible to save him. The feeling of saving him wasn’t something that you were sure of where it came from, but you knew that his sister needed him.

Now it was just a waiting game.

A very scary waiting game.

- - - - - -

He had survived.

The fact had made you weak at the knees with relief.

But he wasn’t out of the woods, yet. Helen wasn’t sure if – no, when – he was going to wake up from his coma. He had sustained very serious damage to his body and, despite his strong metabolism, he was still fighting. Wanda had visited a few times within the past week aside from her training and had said that he was still there and still recovering, that she could feel him, but you still had your doubts. These powers that people could have were still so foreign to you and you weren’t sure if that was a blessing or a curse when treating them medically. It worried you, quite frankly. But you weren’t going to voice those. It wasn’t your place.

It took a while, but he finally woke up. Or, so you heard while you were training. What really surprised you that day was seeing him in the training room with you. And he was running, which was exactly what Helen had told him not to do.

“Pietro!” you yelled in a scolding tone. He stopped and looked at you.


“I know that Helen told you not to run, yet, so stop, or you’ll land yourself back in that hospital bed.”

He pouted. “I want to run.”

You walked over to him. “That’s too bad. You can’t run, yet.”

You could tell that he was contemplating running again, so you grabbed the back of his shirt. “No.”

Another pout. You rolled your eyes. “If we find you something to do that is not running, will you let yourself finish healing? It should only be another couple of days.”

“What do you propose?”

“Slowing down a bit. Playing games. Of course, none that will keep us on our feet.”

He chewed on the inside of his cheek, thinking.

“I’ll bring ice cream. And donuts.”

“You win.”

“Good. Now walk, mister. If you run, I’ll have you tied to the hospital bed.”

“Promise?” he asked, flirtation evident in his tone. You realized that you walked right into that one.

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Tomorrow Will Be Better

Request: Hey love, I’m really having a horrible day :( Maybe you could write something to cheer me up with Steve? Something fluffy where you both meet at SHIELD and you have to work with the Avengers, then Clint urges Steve to ask you out, cause all notice he has a crush on you. When he finally does, he takes you to a really romantic dinner and it all feels right for both of you and maybe you share your first kiss ? I hope that’s okay with you <3 (and if you like both POVs)

A/N: I hope that things have gotten better for you, sweetie! I’m sorry that I’m a few days off. I tried to make this as fluffy as I possibly could while still being realistic. We all need a sweet Steve, don’t we?

Warnings: Killing you with fluff and sweetness

Word Count Total: 1459

Short Imagine #2

Title: Tomorrow Will Be Better

You threw your pillow at the wall. Today was supposed to be a good day. Today was supposed to be the one day out of the week that you were going to be perfectly happy. But nothing went right. Your car broke down so you were late for work, and then you realized that you had left your lunch at home, so you were hungry today. Then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, your phone died (like dead, dead, not battery dead) and you got caught in a deluge before reaching your door. You thought that you could have nice hot shower to relax in and what more has happened but your hot water heater stopped working, so you had to have a cold shower when all that you really wanted was something comforting. Just one thing.

You didn’t even want to think about running headfirst (literally) into Captain Rogers. The man you had a very schoolgirl crush on.

It had been the worst day in a very long time.

You hoped that tomorrow was going to be better.

Steve, on the other hand, had a good day because you ran into him. Seeing you had actually made his day. He was never quite sure what to say, but he enjoyed every moment nonetheless. He wanted to ask you out, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He felt that it would put you into harm’s way. Or, at least more than you were, you being a SHIELD agent and all.

He had known that you had a rough day. It had been his plan to bring you lunch to replace your missing one, but you had already accepted to go to lunch with Natasha.

You weren’t the one to notice that he had a massive crush on you. Everyone else could see it. They told him that they knew. Or, at least those who interact with him on a daily basis.

He promised himself that he would try to ask you out tomorrow.

When the morning came, he chickened out. Again.

“Why can’t I ask Y/N to lunch with me? I can fight killer robots and Nazis and HYDRA, but I can’t seem to ask out the person that I’ve had feelings for.”

“Well,” said Clint, “Think about it. This isn’t something that you can fight. At least you knew that you didn’t have to face rejection when you fought Nazis and killer robots and HYDRA.”

“I could have died, but I wasn’t afraid the way that I am, now.”

“Yeah, well, there’s a different type of fear for everything. I was afraid to ask Laura out. But look at us a family of five.” Clint grinned, uncrossing his arms and gesturing as if he was displaying something.

Steve looked at the floor. “I said to Tony after we moved into this facility that I believed that I had left behind that type of man in the ice, but now, I’m not so sure.”

“Then go on a couple of dates with this girl, get some feelers out. If it doesn’t turn out, now you know. But if I have to hear about Y/N one more time, I’m going to set her up with someone so that you shut up.”

Steve looked wildly at Clint. “What?!”

“Yes, now go and ask, or I’ll have Nat take her to dinner!”

Steve guessed that he had been talking about you too much to the rest of the team. They saw you every day, so it was a miracle that they hadn’t told you, yet.

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