Abo Fadhil al-Abbas [as]

No matter how much I speak of this photo it will not do justice, but here goes:

After a long journey to Karbala, you first visit Imam Hussain [as], it is a state of tears, cries, a renewal of allegiance, after you leave Imams (as) shrine you walk towards Abo Fadhil. Now imagine a magnet pulling you from Abo Fadhil the more you walk towards towards him [Ban al-Harameen] the groups of Zuwar go from prayers, cries, to matam, latom. It is as if all sanity is lost when you reach the door of Abo Fadhil [as]. Control is gone, every shrine has a special feeling, Abo Fadhil [as] shrine is something different. Just look at the battlefield, one facing the other, a hand on this, another somewhere else … it is no wonder Abo Fadhil [as] has such great status in our eyes, and in the eyes of Sayyida Fatima Zahra [as].

- Canon 2Ti, Karbala, Iraq


A film I worked on a while back for the JMS Racing shop, San Antonio/Converse

Visiting the ‘Maqām’ of the Head of Abu Abdillah al-Hussain (ع) in Egypt, Cairo.

Purposed location for his head, as per Shi'a sources it’s in Karbala. But this place does have a holy atmosphere to it, there is something here. The Ahlulbayt (ع) have been scattered everywhere, something from Imam (ع) was here.

A beautiful place indeed.

Taken with Canon 2ti, Regular Lens.

Arab'een 2012 (1434) - Walking from Najaf to Karbala:

Walking to Karbala from Najaf, how can I explain this. Truth be told, I cannot express the the feelings that went with me. To explain, I sat with a Shaykh who was a convert Shaykh who went to Karbala for his first time, and he only went after the Arab'een. He was telling me, and his words put me into automatic tears, he basically said, “Mountather, you and I have a secret, and that secret is our Ziyarah of Karbala …” I am able to express a portion of my feelings but never in the entirety, here is a gift from my walk this is about 40 km [Half way] from the walk.

- Canon 2Ti, 50 mm; The Walk of Love