The 2P’s playing UNO

2P! Italy: “Tch. Fine, I’ll play this stupid game.”

- he’d act like he doesn’t care at first but he actually plays to w i n 
- he either ha a cocky look on his face, or
- there is no in between

2P! Germany: “Holy fuck what do these signs mean?”

- probably has no idea what he’s doing
- always has the best cards but literally fucking wastes them
- cheers on someone whenever they’re winning
- doesn’t really care when he loses 

2P! Japan: “I see that you’re ready for your inevitable loss.”

- fucking pro
- he even has a strategy when playing smh
- he could literally delete his aura and everyone would just be surprised that he only has one card left
- he will not l o s e

2P! Romano: “You just fucking didn’t.”

- not even competitive lmao
- just dramatic as heck
- throw him a +2 or +4, he’ll let out the most offended gasp ever
- he doesn’t even mean it haha

2P! Prussia:  “Entschuldigung…”

- is the one giving everyone more cards
he apologizes a lot though
- a  lot
- probably threat #2, next to Kuro

2P! Austria: “Ohohoho~ This game might cause a couple of wars.”

- little shit only knows how to use 2 kinds of cards
- Tarot cards and normal cards for weird magic tricks
- don’t expect anything from him
- but he’s preeetty competitive tho

2P! America: “You fucking cunt, don’t you fucking- fuck you.”

- have mercy on him pls
- the one who always initiates the game and the one who always loses
- #1 victim
- noisy af

2P! England: “Oh dear, I’m afraid I lost track… Is it my turn already?”

- Lutz #2
- but usually just cheers on Allen
- doesn’t use his action cards bc he’s a bean
- doesn’t even know how to play smh

2P! Canada: “This game is bullshit.”

- usually quiet
- flips off when he’s losing
- you could see the amusement in his face when Allen is losing
- never play UNO with Allen and Matt, kids 

2P! France: “…”

- halfheartedly plays while using his phone
- never pays attention
- occasional grunts and groans, not because he’s losing, but because he just wants it to be over
- permanent glare to whoever gave him cards when he’s about to win

2P! Russia: “I don’t see the point in this.”

- silently murdering everyone
- his face says displeasure but he really likes playing it
- it makes heem feel smarter than everyone is (which is almost true)
- analyzes everything

2P! China: “Aw c’mon, man. I thought we were friends.”

- he’s good at other card games but not UNO
- heckin’ loser
- he doesn’t really care if he wins or loses, he just likes hanging with everyone
- tell him to do or not do something, he’ll obey

2P! South Korea: “Okay but, fuck you.”

- v noisy next to Allen
- makes snide remarks when someone is losing
- is like, hella lucky when playing
- occasional cheating