another one of the besties / OG member of my old high school crew, “KKKK” (KaramelKreamKidsKonglomerate or 4K) (sorry, no new members for now), against his will, naturally. the inspiration for the sketch came from a photo of him i shot at my 23rd b-day party at this douchey soho frat bar, Thunder Jacksons. i think i captured his sussness quite nicely. i mean, it’s not as sus as the previous sketch “Julio,” but hey, no one is as sus as that guy. 


*Log Date 7 15 2*

SU 02 x 026

“I’m proud of you… because you made an effort to understand me.”

~Spoiler Warning~

The aftermath to Peridot’s turning point. It was hilarious to watch her “descent into madness.” Within a short period of time, Peridot went from a cold calculating invader to a hardcore fangirl of Camp Pining Hearts. I swear that drama series is a cross between Degrassi and Gravity Falls, and I would seriously watch it. During the months taking place between Catch and Release and Log Date, Peridot made an effort to understand what Steven and the Crystal Gems sought to protect, while warming up to each of them. Peridot’s attempt at fusion was a huge tease to the fandom, but it was nice to hear Garnet’s message about trying to understand someone who’s different.

If Peridot ever decides to include a star to her form, all she needs to do is add two points under her diamond hair to change it into a star.