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1. Who was the last person you texted, and what is your relationship to them?

That was my friend Bronte, one of my best friends.

2. If you could be a Pond, a Weasley, a Winchester, a Holmes or an Odinson, which one and why?

WHAAAA, CAN’T CHOOSE! I’d want to be a Pond, so maybe I’d have rich ginger hair and live with those loons. I’d want to be a Holmes, because I’d be super smart and have dark, curly hair. But mostly I’d get to spend time with Sherlock, which is brilliant. But I also wanna be an Odindaughter, not because he’s the worst father ever, but I’d get to wear super nice gowns and of course be with Loki and Thor. And make them drunk.

3. Favourite AU?

 Loki AU, where he’s married to Sigyn and Sherlock AU where he has a sister, Sage.

4. Chocolate, vanilla or strawberry ice cream?

Chocolate, duh.

5. What model is your laptop?

It says MacBook Pro below my screen, yeah.

6. What is the last blog you followed, and why did you follow it?

oswiinoswald, because Doctor Who.

7. Favourite website other than tumblr?


8. Do you enjoy sports? If so, what’s your favourite?

I do enjoy it, just not at school. I play hockey.

9. If you could meet one person, who would it be and why?

Tom Hiddleston, because he’s such a lovely person. He’s handsome, sexy and amazing and I would just want to give him a big hug.

10. Role model?

Lady Gaga and Tom Hiddleston. Gaga because she shows that you are indeed beautiful and to be yourself, so it made me feel better about myself, with the help of a lot of songs. Tom Hiddleston, because he’s just so talented and gives us the best advice EVER.

11. Do you write fanfic, draw fanart, sing songs etc? Self promote here!

 Haha, I do all of those. If you want, I can give you links for more.


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