2sday's ocs

one of my four bnha ocs! Uchu!

Her parents are Super Villains, raised her to be a hero killing weapon, but she never felt right about it, and then she saw videos of heroes and knew exactly wanted to be, she then started to become very disobedient and they quickly found out that their little girl was much more powerful than the two of them together. Sucks for them.


My favorite dnd character, FireBirb. She started from a one shot and we all fell so hard for our characters. Now we’re playing a game where its like FF-esque technology wise, and FB is a gunslinger, my beautiful daughter.

i adore both iterations of her its great.

FireBird points her gun at someone at least every session.

@sanegineer @king-wingy @turelth @baronvonblitz and mine in the first image and @gryfeathr is our DM and she is lovely

such good friends