Alien Pattern

Because I really like aliens but couldnt find a good pattern :^)

Unfortunately I dont have pictures of the construction, sorry!

IMPORTANT NOTE: this pattern has not yet been tested. If you find any errors, or anything thats difficult to understand, please contact me!

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: The hdc’s in the neck are meant to make the back of the neck taller than the front. Your stitches may not line up exactly the same way mine did, but the 2 hdc should be in the back. This allowed the neck to connect to the back of the head, rather than the chin.



[inc] around(12)

[sc] around(12)

[sc, inc] around(18)

[sc] around(18)

[2sc, inc] around(24)

[sc] around(24)

[3sc, inc] around(30)

[sc] around(30)

[4sc, inc] around(36)

[sc] around for the next 7 rounds

Begin stuffing head. You can also add safety eyes, embroider eyes, or sew on eyes now.

 [4sc,dec] around(30)

 [3sc, dec] around(24)

[2sc,dec] around(18)

 [sc, dec] around(12)

 [dec] around(6)



Sk first chain, sc around the chain(14)

[sc, inc] around(21)

Sc6, dec5, sc5(16)

Sc4, dec4, sc4(12)

Sc3, dec3, sc3(9)

[sc, dec] around(6)

[sc] around for 28 rows, FO on first leg, but LEAVE SECOND LEG ATTACHED. Join legs. You should have 12 stitches.


[sc] around for 10 rows(12)

Stuff body

 [sc, inc] around(18)

 [sc] around for 10 rows

 [sc, dec] around(12)

[sc, dec] around(9)

[sc, dec] around(6)

[sc] around for 4 rows

I added two hdc on the back of the neck, but this is optional, depending on how you want the head to sit. If you skip the hdc, the chin will sit directly on the neck, but with the hdc, the neck will connect to the back of the head.


MR 6

[sc] around(6)

[sc, inc] around(9)

Sc around for 3 rows

7) [sc,dec] around(6)

8) [sc] around for 15 rows

22) hdc, sc4, hdc(6)

23) hdc, FO


MR 4

Sc around for 2 rows


Pattern Correction - Hey guys, just realized there was a mistake in my pattern for Neko Atsume Dottie. Sorry about that and here are the updated directions :)

Dottie by Tamigurumi (corrected 7:15 pm, 1/12/16)

Please enjoy this pattern for your personal use only, not for resale. If you share this pattern, I ask that you link back to my post. Please do not copy pattern or photos and claim as your own. If you have any questions, feel free to message me :)


Row 1:   6 sc in MR (6 st)

Row 2:   2sc in each st (12 st)

Row 3:   1 sc, 2sc in same st, repeat (18 st)

Row 4:   1 sc (blo) in each stitch (18 st)

Row 5:   Sc around (18 st)

Row 6:   Sc around making 2 increases anywhere in the row (20 st)

Row 7-8:   Sc around (20 st)

Row 9:  Sc around making 2 increases anywhere in the row (22 st)

Row 10-11:  Sc around (22 st)

Row 12:  Sc around making 2 increases anywhere in the row (24st)

Row 13-14:  Sc around (24 st)

Row 15: Sc around (flo) making 2 increases anywhere in row (26 st)

Row 16: Sl st around and join to first stitch from last round. Fasten off, leaving a yarn tail long enough to attach head to bucket.


Row 1: 6 sc in MR (2)

Row 2:   2sc in each st (12 st)

Row 3:   1 sc, 2sc in same st, repeat (18 st)

Row 4:   1 sc, 1sc, 2sc in same st, repeat (24 st)

Row 5-7:   Sc around (24st)

If using safety eyes, place them in head now. If using beads for eyes, you can sew them on after the head is finished.

Row 8:  1 sc, 1 sc, decrease, repeat (18 st)

Row 9: Sc around (18 st)

Row 10: 1 sc , decrease, repeat (12 st)

Row 11: Decrease 6 times.

Fasten off, stuff head with poly fill and sew closed.

Bucket Handle:

Chain about 22, turn and slip stitch in each chain.


Stuff bucket with poly-fill and poly-beads (for weight) and then whipstitch head over the top of bucket. Sew handle onto bucket. Crochet two small triangles for ears and attach to top of head. Using black yarn or embroidery thread embroider nose and mouth.