• 2p!America:If aliens really landed on earth and be stored in Area 51, why would the government let the base be so iconic? Or do you think that they let it be iconic so no one would actually believe it? What about the people in the base? Would they need to take a vow of secrecy? What about what happens if someone told the median what would the government do the-
  • Dentist:America, when I asked if something was bothering you, I meant about your teeth.

anonymous asked:

So you haven't met anyone special? :c I want to see you with someone!!

I promised myself I’ll never be so dumb to get trapped in another relationship.

Buuuuut…. I think I have something better.

I have a good friend.

…and a good friend with boobs is something new for me, so I’m trying new fucking things. It should be enough. Now stop asking about it, goddamn!