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2p Canada's reaction to his s/o accidentally dropping a (glass) bottle of maple syrup and breaking it?

2p Canada: It broke? Oh well, accidents happen. It would be a waste just to throw it out…here, collect as much of it as you can in this bowl. I’ll go grab the ingredients and a map…after the syrup is collected, 

Matt cleans the floor so it isn’t sticky. He then gets the oats, nuts, and pieces of bread. He dumps them in the bowl of maple syrup. He puts a bit of honey in there as well. The takes clumps of the sticky food, makes it into balls, and lets them dry. These will make the animals happy. I always mean to make them with maple syrup, but I keep finishing it ll instead. 

Usually I just use honey. I hope this will make them happy. Want to feed them with me? 

Matt and S/o will sit outside and distribute the sweets. They put some on strings, place them up in a tree, and let the birds have a feast. Squirrels and chipmunks will come up and eat right out of their hands. The maple syrup wasn’t a waste after all.

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I wanna shower Allen and Alfred in love and affection, cuddle them, make them food, and take care of them! I just want my boys to be happy😩💞💕

Alfred: Awwwww that’s so sweet of you to say that! Hahaha, well with you guys around, there is no way the hero will never not be happy!

Allen: That sounds nice, but why don’t you join me in the shower while you shower me with kisses, all over. ;3 Is actually really touch. He is surprised someone would actually care this much about him. He goes into defense mood, wears his sunglasses so no one can see him cry and say something dirty.

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How would Olver react if one day he told Allen he loves him like always but instead of just getting brushed off like usual, Allen actually hugged him and said it back?

Oliver: Oh! Oh Allen, that makes me so happy. So very happy. Oliver would hug back and just enjoy this feeling. He might cry, but for the next few days he will be smiling and looking brighter than ever.

Dinner Conversations with the 2P! Face Family.

2P! England: You know Franny you looove me~.

2P! France: *Scoffs* I’d sell you to Satan for a cigarette 

2P! England: That’s silly! You know you wouldn’t..

2P! France: *Looks over at Allen* Do you think I’d sell Oliver for a cigarette? 

2P! America: *Snorts* You fucking with me? Not for a cigarette.

2P! England: See! I told you-

2P! America: You’d do it for fucking free.

2P! England: *Gasps and puts hand over heart*

2P! Canada: *Scoffs* That’s rude to Satan.

(Inspired by @babyjayjay123)