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Which person (fellow 2p) does each 2p have a low key crush on, and why?

((There’s a *tiny* minuscule bit of OTP in this but ignore me #2p!Belgame, #2p!PruHun))

2p!America/Alfie - Eva, Alfie always thought that Eva was hot but never said anything due to her amnesia. He loves her clumsiness and kindness and he enjoys her company and also the fact that she isn’t at all intimidated by him.

2p!Canada/Matt - Zao, while Matt is good friends with Zao the two understand each other and do pretty fucking stupid things together. Also they are each others anger bags and drug buddies

2p!England/Oliver - Louis, He’s known the Frenchman most of his life and he knows him like a book. Even though Louis is grumpy most of the time he does notice those small smiles Louis gives now and again

2p!France/Louis - Oliver, If Louis wanted to find love again then he would go for Oliver. As said above he’s known Oliver most of his life and while he can find the Briton insanely annoying, he just dosent know where he would be without him

2p!Russia/Nikolai - None, I think I’ve said this before but I view Nikolai as aromantic

2p!China/Zao - Anastasia, He loves how innocent she is to everything around her while her brother is a problem. He finds her so attractive and love her smile

2p!Italy/Luciano - Andrés, He likes somone who isn’t afraid to get down and dirty and Andrés fits the bill. He prefers somone who’s more rugged so he feels appreciated if he sends them extravagant gifts.

2p!Japan/Kuro - Gilen, He appreciates Gilens thoughtfulness and quiet nature but also he finds scars attractive and Gilen is littered in them

2p!Germany/Lutz - Roland, Roland is so cool is Lutz is eyes from is cocky attitude to his amazing guitar skills. He loves Roland’s care free ways and relaxed attitude but know a how to get a job done

2p!Prussia/Gilen - Julia, Gilen and Julia have always been close but Gilen adores everything about her, he loves her honesty, her kindness, her smile and hair but most of all the feeling he gets when he gets to be her knight in shining armour

2p!Austria/Roland - Flavio, surprisingly he loves this sassy man and all his attitude. He really loves Flavios eyes and his sassy yet reserved manner. A bit chalk and cheese

2p!Spain/Andrés -Lara, He’s never liked a girly girl or a damsel in distress so Lara would be perfect for him. He loves how tough and independent she is but also how supportive she is of others and how she is very tsundere

2p!Romano/Flavio - Matt, He’s likes it big and rough…. While that does apply to the bedroom, he loves how rugged and roguish and bad boyish Matt is. he really Loves Matt’s no fucks attitude and his hair

2p!Belgium/Eva - Alfie, Alfie helped Eva a lot when it came to her amnesia and it didn’t take long for her to develop feelings for him. Eva really loves his bad boy looks but also his sweet and protective side.

2p!Hungary/Julia - Gilen, to Julia Gilen is a broken solider. A toy that needs repairing and she’s willing to do that one step at a time. She loves his scars and all the stories behind them but also his still kind and sweet nature.

2p!Ukraine/Katya - Eva, She loves Eva shy yet kind nature and just wants to take that innocence of hers, but yet also wants to hold her close and just hug her to death

2p!Belarus/Anastasia - Flavio, Ana adores Flavio’s confidence and looks but also his fashion and is more than eager to help him out if needs be.

2p!Liechtenstein/Lara - Julia, Lara loves Julia’s calm and damsel-in-distress attitude which often means Lara or Gilen have to save her. Lara loves Julia’s kindness and eyes

2ps in the pool

(There’s no particular order to this, it’s roasting and I am dying)

2p Romano: Doesn’t go in because he doesn’t want to ruin his hair/nails/etc, tans on the sidelines and complains when he is splashed.

2p Spain: Either sits on the side of the pool or sits in the shallows. Probably splashed Romano once either for complaining or out of boredom.

2p Japan: Lurking with only his eyes out of the water under the diving board. Only comes out to dunk people.

2p Italy: Literally fighting everything. Doggypaddles when people tell him not to out of sheer anger. Regularily climbs on top of Lutz and screeches in rage (usually at Allen). Somehow managed to hide a switchblade in his swimtrunks. Swims like a fish, but since he’s trying to attack everything he usually just turns in frusterated circles. Flirts with the ladies.

2p Germany: Boasting how good of a swimmer he is to literally everyone. He’s actually pretty decent, but only because he’s so big it only takes a few strokes to cross the length of the pool. Show-off extreme, flirts more than he swims.

2p Prussia: Smol bean huddled in the shade of the lifeguard chair protecting the children.

2p Austria: That one motherfucker who somehow manages to turn the pool into a literal fucking ocean. Laughs like a stereotypical disney villain, teams up with Allen to cause chaos. Keeps trying to get Gillen to play chicken with him.

2p America: Horsing around dunking people and teaming up with Lutz, Zao, and Roland to piss off Luciano. Literal chaos, keeps getting attacked by both Luci and Matt because he has no self-preservation whatsoever.

2p Canada: The one beefy sulking guy all the girls fawn over. Hangs out with Kuro in the deep end, occasionally swims out to beat up Allen for being stupid.

2p Russia: Doesn’t swim. He just literally fucking stands in the water like some tall stone pillar of judgement.

2p China: Half the time you can’t even tell if he’s there to swim or flirt with the girls or both, keeps climbing on people without any warning. Swims well but flails around a lot to try to be funny. Keeps trying to play chicken with 2p Russia even though he doesn’t budge. Constantly gets dunked by Kuro for trying to drag him out of the shadows.

2p France: Laying by the edge of the pool doing nothing. Occasionally goes into half-muttered speeches of how miserable life is regardless of whether he got splashed or not.

2p England: The lifeguard.

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How would the 2P!s react to getting a weird text from a wrong number? (I.e. "The job is done. Now, where am I supposed to hide the body, again?" or "Come quick, there is a moose in my swimming pool!". Thank you!


2P!America: dammit mattie not again


2P!England: [first text] STAY CALM I WILL CALL ANIMAL CONTROL [second text] oh and dearie I’m going to need your address but it’s okay if you don’t want to tell me bc I am a mere stranger

2P!France: ……..prove it

2P!Russia: sorry you have the wrong number

2P!Italy: wrong number but keep me posted?????

2P!Germany: give it some floaties. water safety

2P!Japan: wtf

2P!Canada: welcome to the neighborhood


2P!Austria: lmao let it swim. dont be greedy ʕ·ᴥ·ʔ

2P!Prussia: you have the wrong number but i wish you luck :o

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I am soooo sorry I am bothering you with this stupid question, but I just started following you blog and I don't know what Nyo! means? And there are a whole other stuff I keep seeing but I don't know what it is... Could you possibly explain? (Btw U R AWESOME!!!) XD

Nyotalia is the same thing as Hetalia except all the characters’ genders are switched. There are canon designs for the main characters, but I’ve seen other people make their own designs.

Nekotalia is Hetalia but all the characters are cats.

2ptalia is a little more complicated. It’s like Hetalia, but all the characters have completely opposite personalities and colour schemes. Essentially, it’s like when you’re playing a video game: there’s 1P (Player 1) and 2P (Player 2). Some people like to think that all the 2p characters are dangerous and/or murderous, others don’t agree. I’m like 90% sure the 2p personalities are all fan-made but I might be wrong.

And yeah, those are the popular AUs.

when the 2Ps find out their crush likes them back
  • 2P!America:!!!! then date me????
  • 2P!China:wAIT WHAT
  • 2P!England:oh my goodness oh wow okay uM
  • 2P!France:....... oh. well, shit.
  • 2P!Russia:then... i mean... *flustered* what do we do now
  • 2P!Italy:~finally you've admitted it~
  • 2P!Germany:sCOOOOOORE
  • 2P!Japan:.........??!!!??
  • 2P!Canada:you're... lying?
  • 2P!Romano:Of Course You Do™
  • 2P!Austria:I KNEW IT
  • 2P!Prussia:is-is this a joke i mean ???????!!