Ok so Vero and I made this 2Pstuck thing and I did a draw for it
(Yes, as in Hetalia 2P applied to Hometuck)
Basically everyone is 100% opposite of eachother
So Kankri is a lil shit who constantly swears and curses and has slept with pretty much everyone (and has like 20 piercings and some tattoos that u cant see right now because i was too lazy to make some for him)
And Cronus is a tall piece of shit who’s just a huge fucking nerd (and also anime trash because his morail is damara stfu) who has the biggest fricking flushcrush on Kankri in the history of ever (he also has no control over his random fits of rage)
And that picture is just after Kankri managed to talk Cronus into getting piercings (one septum piercing and one lip piercing (stud) (also Cronus passes out at the slightest sight of blood, the only time he does not is when he’s having a fit of rage triggered when he’s startled)