• 2PChibiRomano:Aren't I cute in a dress~? I wonder if spain would like it~?
  • 2PNetherlands:*smiles* I'm sure he'll like it!
  • 2PChibiRomano:Really?! *sparkles*
  • -Gates noises-
  • 2PChibiRomano:Ah! That must be spain! *runs*
  • 2P:Spain:*Is full of blood*
  • 2PChibiRomano:*running* Spain!!!
  • 2PSpain:Hn? *glares as he turns around to face 2PChibiRomano*
  • 2PChibiRomano:*smiles and twirls around* Aren't I cute in this dress~?
  • 2PSpain:Tch! What are you doing wearing girl clothes? You should be wearing clothes for boys....
  • 2PChibiRomano:*stops and looks down, Tearing up a bit*
  • 2PSpain:*gives one last glare before turning around to walk in his room*
  • 2PChibiRomano:*reaches out* S-spa-
  • 2PSpain:*mumbles* Why did I have to get stuck with him? Italy is more useful...
  • 2PChibiRomano:.....
Human AU maybe?

What if 2p!Spain is having a rather bad day and then 2p!Romano accidentally makes him really angry, causing him to yell loudly and it scares the Italian out of the house so when 2p!Spain realizes what happened, he spends the whole night looking for the child. But in having no luck he goes home and calls both 2p!Netherlands and 2p!Belgium, telling them what happened. The two go out and look for him, Ned actually finding him.

Once Ned has found the crying child, he gives him a small piece of candy and wraps his scarf around him to warm him up. Ned tells Romano how worried Spain is. Of course Romano doesn’t want to go back yet so Ned takes him out for food. By the time that Romano and Ned head back to Spain,
He’s waiting outside and almost cries in joy at seeing Romano. Pulling the child into a hug and apologizing for being a bit too stern and what he did was wrong.