Taecyeon and Mavin from 2PM show

It’s just my opinion after i watch this part.

I dont understand korean so this is just my thought.

In game Mason have to hit model that he dont like it.

While Mason is hitting model, Mavin sit with Taecyeon and play with him.

Then Taecyeon let Mavin go to play.

Mavin run to take the rod. And Khun give it to him.

At that time i think nobody know what Mavin want to do.

Mavin turn back and find for Taecyeon’s model??

When Mavin see it so he try to hit it. But Wooyoung take it away.

Mavin look at Wooyoung.He look have fun to play it.

Then 2pm let Mavin hit the model and he hit taecyeon’s model.

After Mavin hit it, he look at Taecyeon and smile to him.

This is why i think Mavin like Taecyeon’s model so he hit it.

He is just a 4-years old boy. He dont understand as well as adult.

Kids always touch and play just a thing they like only.

And 2PM laugh and come to him for kiss n hug after he hit it.

That make Mavin think he did well. People like it.

But Taecyeon feel sad to see Mavin hit his model.

Mavin still look at Taecyeon … and he see Taecyeon dont smile …

He is little confusing why my Hyung dont smile …


I have 1 niece who is 4-years old same as Mavin.

And a kid is just a kid :) haha

Taecyeonnie dont feel sad, Mavin like you ^^