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April 30th, 2012

Happy 24th Birthday Jang Wooyoung


Eventhough you’re 24 now, but I know you’re still a kid at heart. Look at those poisonous cheek, ssanti dance and your jokes. How can I not love you, 2PM’s 5-year-old boy. 

Thank you for being The Talented Jang Wooyoung we love. I hope you get another amazing year. We’re looking for your surprise this year, yes, Jang-Spoiler, the one you talk about with Jinyoungi Hyung through twitter these days. Keep funny and healthy. Hottest love you <3


January 25th, 2012

Happy Birthday Lee Junho

Though words are not enough to express our gratitude towards you, I’ll try my best to tell you how much we love you. Lee Junho evolution from cute little Ilsan boy who has passion in music, yet did not have much confident about his voice until recent, this Lee Junho, 2PM pride vocalist, dancer and newbie composer.

Thank you for your emperor-like personality, thank you for your bright smile, thank you for your soothing voice, thank you for your passionate dance, thank you for your sexy song~ kkk. Those things make my life colorful, thank you for existing.

Another year added to your life. Today is your 22nd birthday, I wish you to be healthy and happy. You know you got us, Hottest and Empress. We will always support you in everything you do.

Sending you lots of loves and hugs ♥