Sheryl Sandberg: ‘As A Woman Gets More Successful.. She Is Less Liked’

Ellen Pao’s high-profile gender discrimination lawsuit has resonated with women across Silicon Valley and beyond – including Sheryl Sandberg.

In a recent interview with Virgin Group founder Richard Branson and Bloomberg, the Facebook executive said she saw many of her own experiences reflected in Pao’s case against venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Watch the full interview for more on women in tech from Sheryl Sandberg and RIchard Branson. 


Tumblr ‘Of Sparrows’ Creates GIFs That Will Transport You To Another World

Can we please live in this woman’s imagination forever? An artist in Japan has drawn and brought to life a collection of warm, meditative scenes that perfectly complement the arrival of spring. The artist, who wishes to go by A. Sparrow, posts the art on her Tumblr page, Of Sparrows, after spending anywhere from 15 to 30 hours on a single GIF, she told The Huffington Post.