The idea that Rey takes down Ren was something that we knew we wanted to do, but the question became, “Now what? Does she do the very non-Jedi thing and kill him off? Does she do the thing that would be unsatisfying, which is just let him go?” So, we thought, “Well, the planet’s ripping apart.” So, Larry and I decided what if the two of them, in this kind of, operatic moment, actually get separated and the decision is taken away from them and left for another time.” - JJ Abrams


It’s hard to comprehend the level of support, if I’m being completely honest. I’ve only been in this industry like 6 years, and still, it’s just impossible to understand. I mean, all I can do is try and thank everyone as often as I can. You feel like you honestly just run out of words. They are… incredible people. And also the reason why I felt comfort enough to kinda you know, step out of my comfort zone and do some stuff on my own outside the band. That’s kinda all down to them.