2PM as Bodyguards

What would they be like as your bodyguard?

Jun.K – The type to stay glued to your side as much as humanly possible. He’d remain watchful and wary at all times. In his mind there would be an invisible circle around you. If anyone breeched that space he’d make them back off to a respectful distance. Focused on his duties he’d take his job extremely seriously. It’d be in his nature to fall for someone he was looking after so closely. After he did, he’d become almost smothering in his desire to keep you safe. It might rub your nerves raw at times. Even so he’d be obstinate about remaining your guard. He would not be deterred, even if he had to follow you around on his own time. Minjun would explain that he loved you and swear on his life no one would ever hurt you while he was there. He’d sincerely enjoy looking after your safety and having you rely on him. Being in love with you would only make him more determined to be the best guard he could be.

Nichkhun – He’d have an easy going, laid back air that would hide the fact he’s an extremely competent bodyguard. Khun doesn’t show off his strength and athleticism unless necessary so it would catch the enemy off guard when he suddenly takes action. He’s also on the sneaky side so he’d be great at coming up with unique solutions for defense or just be difficult to trick in general. Count on him for epic backdoor escapes. While certainly friendly, he’d have the ability to keep an emotional distance from those he looked after. All the same, if you clicked he wouldn’t be afraid to pursue you. It’d start with mild flirting. At first you might think it’s meaningless but if asked he wouldn’t deny being genuinely interested. He’d be confident in his ability to be guardian as well as lover without compromising his judgement.

Taecyeon – Would have two main strategies for resolving potential threats. Plan A would be direct intimidation. Taec is no fool. Most conflicts can be avoided through a show of strength alone. He’s aware of his size and how to make it work to his advantage. If he thinks a situation could be better handled through finesse, he’d appear amiable to hide his intent. Once he learned what he needed to know he’d revert back to plan A and put the fear of god into them. As far as being in love, Taec would be in denial even to himself about his feelings. He’s a mind over matter kind of person and if he recognized what was going on he’d try to bury it, not saying anything. Even if he didn’t acknowledge his feelings they’d instinctively make him more protective of you. Regardless he’d always maintain that analytical mindset to do his job well. Scarily efficient, he’d be a force to be reckoned with.

Wooyoung – I love Wooyoungie but I don’t see this as the best profession for him. Of course, there would be certain aspects in which he’d excel. One of them would be to have an excellent sense of the surroundings at all times. Another would be an unfailing loyalty to you. He’d have crazy fast reflexes and superb eye to hand coordination. And he would take his job seriously. Too seriously, and that’s the problem. He’d be the type to give himself ulcers trying to think of all the ways people could get through his defenses to do you harm. He’d feel pressured to predict every possible situation. If he overlooked something he’d blame himself. Falling in love with you on top of all that he’d become a paranoid mess because his feelings would overrule his rationality. It would be best to remove him from the detail so he wouldn’t kill himself with stress.

Junho – He may not seem physically imposing but he’s cunning and thinks fast on his feet. He’s excellent at reading people and would constantly be watching for any weakness or opening he could exploit to his advantage. Junho would also be almost preternaturally good at sensing when it would be time to get you out of a dangerous situation. There would always be a part of him on guard even if it was a safe environment. Making it his job to be tuned in to you, he’d fall in love quickly and deeply. Once together, you’d have to convince him to turn that part of his brain off at times because it wouldn’t be good for his wellbeing to never relax. It would be hard for him since he’s so dedicated. But in private moments, when you could get him to let go, the feeling of easing that responsibility would be intoxicating to him.  

Chansung – Would straight up take advantage of his stature right out the gate. His demeanor would be very confident and sure of his physicality which would broadcast loud and clear to any opposition. By his stance alone people would be able to tell he’s a fighter.  What they wouldn’t expect would be the quick mind behind the brawn. Chansung would keep his eyes on the danger and try to anticipate their next moves based on their behavior. When it was just the two of you he’d get shy if you thanked or complimented him. He’s also one that would take longer to realize his affection for you ran deeper than it should in a professional relationship. But he would keep it to himself, over thinking the situation until he nearly drove himself crazy and spontaneously confessed one day.  ​

I just like you.. that’s all (Pt. 1) (Jay Park Scenario)

Y/B/N -> Your Boss’ Name 

(Yea this happened. As you can see I kinda prted them, that’s because those are individual. So it might be like reading for parts of a fanfic. Still hope you like it. This is going to have a second part tho.)

(I didn’t read it a second time to look for mistakes soory in advance, y’all know what I’m trying to say.)


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It was your first day at work in a foreign country,.. amazing, and you didn’t even know the language. “Y/N, aren’t you happy? I mean your working with a really good company. The Ceo knows how to speak english, don’t worry too much about that.” yea.. I don’t even know what the CEO looks like. Perfect. “Who the F is the CEO, can you tell me that too?”  “WHAT? You don’t know what the Ceo of the company looks like? Hun, you’re going to be his assistent?”  “Well, no. MY chef just told me that he speaks english thats all. But I have to leave now okay? I’ll call you later. Bye.” 

Huuh, where did I have to go to again? you thought, this was your second time in Seoul, but the first time was just for partying and spending some time with friends, how should you know that you were accepted into the label? “Gosh, I can’t even read this plan.” The Minutes passed by and you had to hurry, eventually you gave up and called a taxi, you showed the driver the adress and tried to think about what you had to say at the entrance. 

“Thank you.” you said to the driver, handing him the money. The building was huge, the design was kept simple, not too much. The front door was locked, you had to ring the door and wait for someone to answer. The voice coming from the speaker spoke korean, and there your first problem started, you didn’t know how to speak korean. “Excuse me.. I can’t speak korean. Can you speak english please?”  “Sure, but what’s the matter?” “Well I’m Y/N, the CEOs new assistent. I’m sorry, I’m late I had to take a taxi.” But nothing, it was quite for a couple of seconds, and then the man bursted out in laughter. “WHAT? You’re like the 5th person to say that.” Hm? “I’m sorry but I don’t get it.” “What don’t you get huh? Someone spread that Jays CEO would come today, and came over saying the same things like you did. Now leave, please.”  “But Sir, you can look up my name, I am me…” I am me? Really Y/N? “urgh,.. Sir I’m late for work please open the door.” “You should go to your working place then, please leave. We’re going to call the real assistent anyways.”  “Sir that won’t work.” “Why shouldn’t it?” “Sir,… well. The assistent is from another country right? That means her phone won’t work here.” The man sighed. “You’re a freaking stalker aren’t you, who told you that.– Or wait, I don’t care. Please go, I’m asking you nicely.” You chose to not make it worse, and just leave it as it is. “I’m gonna be late for fucks sake but okay.” 

It was already 1 Pm now, you had to be there at 12.30 pm. “How are they going to call me? My phone blocks foreign numbers..” Another 30 Minutes had passed when your phone rang. “Hello?” “Y/N, I’m Y/B/N. The label called me? Why are you so late? You can’t do that on your first day!”  “Sir, I didn’t do anything. I was here at 12.20, but they just won’t let me in, the security guy doesn’t belive me, and I even told him that he can’t call me because I can’t answer foreign calls. He just called me a stalker and told me to leave several times.”  “Just go back and tell them my name also. They’ll let you in then, and no matter what, excuse yourself even if it’s not your fault.” Sure.

Another try it is. “Hello?” “Hello, I’m Y/N, my boss’ name is Y/B/N.” “Oh, I’m sorry for making you wait. Get in.” Finally. The door opened with a buzz, and you walked in, the security let you pass without using the detectors because they knew you were late already. So you ran up the stairs, not even waiting for an elevator, sweating like crazy, almost fainting because you can’t really focus on breathing now, but - you made it up to the 5th floor. The cafeteria had to be hear to - yea you thought about eating now - the smell of coffe was strong here. Stronger than you wanted it to be actually. 

OUCH, are you blind?!” you screamed at the stranger in front of you. “I’m so so sorry. I didn’t see you coming.”  “I can tell!”  Your shirt, it was ruined. “What am I supposed to do now? This is my first day here, I can’t walk around like this in front of the CEO!” You angrily pointed at your shirt, “Wait what? The CEO?” the boy asked. He was kinda tall, had a lot of tattoos, one on his chest, which was revealed by his wide shirt. “YEA. I have to work for him, but because of your stupidity I look like I haven’t washed myself in 10 years!” “Well, I think I can help you out-” he said with a smirk, “-my name is–” but before he could talk you yelled again. “I don’t care, I don’t need your help. Just get the fuck out of my way, I’m late already.” you said, before running off.

“Hello, I’m Y/N. I’m the CEOS new assistent. I’m late, sorry.”  “Ahh that’s you? He already knows why you’re late so it’s fine don’t worry, he left a couple minutes ago, he should be back in no time.. But what happened to your shirt?” The secretary looked at you like you were an alien, but yea, showing up like that on the first day wasn’t a good Idea. “Oh.. That’s… well on my way here someone spilled his coffee on me..” “Oh.. okay. I’ll guide you into his room, wait there okay?” She walked me to his room, and left immediately after. you felt stupid like that, but  you were glad she knew how to speak english. 

Around ten minutes passed, before the rooms door opened. You stood up and faced the door just to see him. The guy with the Coffee. “Hello Y/N, I’m Jay Park. AOMGs CEO, I’m sorry for what happened earlier, but I got you one of our shirts, I think that’s better smelling for the rest of the day.” He said, while giving you a wide smile. 


His secretary told you were the restroom was, so you could change your shirt. “I fucked up. He’s going to fire me. FUCK.” you spoke to yourself. Why didn’t I think about it, why? After you changed you walked back to his office, on your way you actually thought about going back home without saying a word, but maybe, just maybe, he wasn’t that pissed about your choice of words. “Does it fit?” he asked as soon as he saw you. “Yea, thank you.” “Don’t need to, after all it was my fault.”  “About that.. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have talked that way.” “It was my fault, you really don’t have to be sorry. I had to be careful.” “No no, I was just hurrying, I should watch my steps the next time.” 

“I see this is going to go back an forth, so we should leave it. Anyways, I’m glad you’re here, and I heard about what happened, I know why you’re late. Just sit down, we’ll talk bout your work okay. Let’s start from the beginning.” You nodded and then sad down on the chair in front of his desk. He seemed to be nice now, but he had a bad boy vibe going on. But no matter how he was as a human, he was your boss now. “Did your old boss tell you what you have to do here?” Old boss, what? “Well, he just said that you needed someone here.”  “Nothing more? He just said that I needed something and you didn’t even blink an eye and came over? Isn’t that dangerous?”  “Well, Sir. That’s my job. I’m an assistant, for people like you, rapper, singer, actors. And even if it’s a different country, the work I have to do is always the same thing. Nothing changes.”  “See, I don’t know how good you are, but I don’t want someone to work with me who doesn’t know how to do things, you have to know your job and be good at it, in order to stay here.” At this point he was just snapping at you. “I take my job seriously, and you have to do so too, okay?” 

“Sir, my job is important for me. I didn’t leave my home, just to be lazy and do nothing. Just show me what my workplace is, and I’ll do my job without getting in your way.”  “You better do so. And don’t call me Sir okay? We have a family like atmosphere here, You can call me Jay. Don’t be so formal.”  “I’ll do that of course.” “You can go home now actually, we don’t have so much to do today. and since this is your first day, we’ll have a small “welcome party” later on, just show up on time, and don’t dress formal, like i said. We’re close here.” “Hm, thank you.” “Oh yeah wait. This is yours now, At least as long as you work here, you can use it for personal stuff as well. We can’t call your number so don’t bother to buy anything new, just take this. I have the number, I’ll send you the adress and time later on.” He handed you a phone, that looked pretty new, it was local so you woulnd’t have problems with calling people. After that you thanked him again and left, it wasn’t late and you didn’t know what to do, so you decided to go grocery shopping, since you didn’t really have stuff at home. The time passed by and you were still walking around, you had to be at the karaoke bar at 8 PM, you still had three hours. 

You wanted to call your friends and family, but since it was too late were you come from you coulnd’t do that either. It was 6.30 when you got home, so you took a quick shower and got ready. You wore Jeans, white Vans, and a lose white shirt, it was comfy, it looked classy though. It was half past 7 when you were done, and because you still didn’t know Seoul you called a taxi again. “This is going to be expensive, I should get to know this town as fast as I could.” The venue was close to your house, it didn’t take long to get there. it took about 15 Minutes, and there was traffic going on. 

“Hey, you’re here already.” Jay walked over to you, greeted you with a big smile. “Yea, Thanks for having me.” He nodded and told you to get in. So many people were here, and it looked like the place was closed for others… And you were right, Jay walked up to the stage, and almost yelled out your name, “This is Y/N guys, she’s my new assistant, be nice to her, she can’t speak korean.” He said, leaving you with a blank expression, because you didn’t see that coming. “Oh,.. hey. Nice to meet all of you.” 

Everything happend pretty fast. Some of them hugged you, the others just greeted you, even if you werent able to learn their names yet. They were nice over all. Some of them were drinking, others just talked, a girl called Jinwha talked to you, so you didn’t feel left out. You drank a bit too, not too much since you decided to walk home, but not drinking wouldn’t be nice either. “Y/N, don’t you want to sing too?” another tattooed boy, called you over but you refused. You didn’t like to sing or rap in front of people. “Ah come one over here.That’s a tradition.” Sure.. So you got up, and made them chose a song. The alcohol in your body, started to show its effect, you were ready for everysong even if it was korean. 

A random rap started, it was english, and you were able to follow the lyrics to it. You had fun, you liked it, and your confidence was over the top. “WOW, that was so good, are you sure you don’t want to be a rapper instead?” Someone else said, and everyone was looking at you in a shock, “Nah man, I’m good like that.” Yea, Jay was right, the atmosphere was perfect, you met nice people and all of them knew how to speak english. Jay was havong his fun too, and not like today in the office, he was nice to you and really cute actually. His image was weird though, at some points he was an ass, a bad boy, but now all of a sudden he’s nice. But the day got to an end, it was 2 AM now and it was hard to belive that you were in a karaoke bar for so long. 

Some of your new friends were too drunk to drive, so others brought them home. “Thanks for everything guys, it was a great night.” you said, before saying Goodbye to everyone. Actually, since it was so late, and no one was on the street you were scared to walk alone, but you didn’t have enough money with you to get a taxi again. “Why are you walking home?” “WHAT THE-” “NO SWEARWORDS.” “Oh god,you scared me..” “Oh you’re already calling me a god huh, we didn’t even know each other.” It was jay, he had a smirk in his face, but he looked hella tired. “What even are you?” “Anyways, why are you alone here, it’s late.”  “Well,.. I don’t want to spend so much money on taxis every single day.”  “Let me walk you home then, it’s dangerous to be alone so late… especially for girls like you.” Like me? “What?” “Nothing.. So tell me something about you.” Weirdo much? “Uhmm.. I’m 25 years old. I’m Eurpean…” “That’s all? What about your life? Do you have a boyfriend?” “Huh?… No never really had time for that.” “Never?”  “Well maybe as a teenager but not now.” 

He didn’t talk for the rest of the way, and right in front of your door, he started again. “I’m glad to have you here. I hope we can work well together. Good night.” “Good night.” you said and turned around, trying to avoid any other type of weirdness. 

Wait.” he said, he spinned you around, pulling you extremely close to his body, you felt his abs being pressed against you. “You are slow at getting thigs I guess.” What,what, what. “Excuse me?” “I like you, I think.” “We just met.”  “But you were so cute today, when you cussed me out, how you rapped my song just now, everything.” “I think you drank a little bit too much, jay.”  His grip losened,”Sorry, I didn’t want to scare you, I don’t want to do anything bad, that’s just houw I feel.” You felt his breath in your face, and you could tell that he was drinking too much.

You made my mind turn in no second. All I thought about was you today.” His face got closer to yours, his eyes fixed on your lips, and you could tell what he was going for. “Jay, no. You’re drunk. Stop.” you said, while lightly pushing him back. He almost fell over, and you were actually scared to send him back home like that. “You know what, stay here for tonight, it’s not safe as a drunk person.” 


So you want to spend the night with me? You can’t say no to me either, huh?” “You can thank god now, because if you weren’t my boss, I would’ve killed you already.” “I don’t think so..” he said while tumbling around. How does that even work, he was “normal” just seconds ago. Jay was now leaning against you shoulder, walking up the stairs with you. It wasn’t that difficult actually, he was able to hold his body up, and kinda walk on his own. 

“I don’t have anything here to give you. You have to sleep in your clothes. I’ll wake you up tomorrow, or if you should wake up before I do, just leave, you don’t need to do anything. I’ll clean up before going to work.” “But sleeping like that isn’t comfy Y/N..” He pouted acted like a child. “I’m sorry but I never thought about having drunken guests here, during my first weeks here.”  "Oh wait.“ What is he trying to do again? Try and fit into my stuff?

"I’ll just sleep without my clothes.” Before you could say anything he took off his shirt, revealing all of his Tattoos, and his abs. Leaving you speechless. “Why are you staring?” He looked at you with a weird look in his face, he was probably too drunk to smirk. “Do what ever you want to do, theres the couch, it should be big enough. I’ll get you a pillow and a blanket.”  You turned around as fast as you could, to hide that blush in your face. “Where did I put them?…. Ah here.”

“I’m sorry about the color, but you can life with that I gue-” The Image you saw, put a huge smile on your face. When you entered the living room, you saw jay, fully asleep, crouched on the couch.  The same thought from before, appeared again. How can someone who’s that badass, be so cute just seconds later. As you walked over to him, you still had a smiling face, you tried to lift his head up lightly, to out the pillow under it, and then covered the rest of his body with the blanket. So you walked back to your own room, “Is this even safe? Should I lock the door?”, but you decided not to. It couldn’t be that dangerous, you brushed your teeth, and put on your PJs. 

“Why on earth are you still awake? Isn’t it like 2 AM???” It was your friend, she sent you a message… And you had to admit, she was right. It was pretty late, and considering that you had to work in 7 hours,.. you should be asleep now.
“I just came back home. I’m in bed now. hehe”
“Chill. My boss had a party, to kinda say welcome. With all the other employees. ”
“Oh. That’s nice. How was it? Call me, tell me about your company.”
“… Hun. I can’t call you now… Someone is sleeping in the living room.”
“Oh come on. I’m not that stupid… It’s Jay. I know who he is, he’s drunk, he walked me home.”
“….. I Can’t believe you Y/N. You’re acting like that’s a Good thing. LET ME REPEAT. HE WAS DRUNK AND WALKED YOU HOME.”
“Well… he wasn’t that drunk when we were walking… IDK everything is so weird. Like uurgh.”
“What happened, wanna talk about it?”
“Yeah I guess. I need your opinion on this. Look, first of all I fucked up just when the day started. The didn’t want to let me in because they thought I was a weird stalker right. So then when I was alllowed to enter the company, I was running late already. So I ran upstairs, just to be greeted by a guy and his coffee. He spilled it all over me, and you know me, I cursed him out, but like I didn’t care in that minute I just had to run to his office. And when I was there he wasn’t in his office, so I had to wait.”
“Fuck Y/N :D But then?”
“Well… the guy from before came into the room and I was close to sweaing again,… But "Thank god” he stopped me by saying that he was Jay Park, the companies CEO. Fuck right?“
"Nooo way, really? But he knew you were in a rush right? He knew you had to hurry? And that you were stressed? Please for gods sake Y/N.”
“He knew, and he apologized several times, and of course so did I. He gave me a new shirt and stuff…”
“So he’s a nice guy? Y/N come one tell me the rest in one go.”
I don’t know. FUCK. Look his tattoos make him look Badass af. But when he talked to me the first time he was really really nice. But then, when he told me what my job was he was like really,… how can I say? He wasn’t really mean but he acted like I wasn’t taking the situation as serious as I should. But trust me I did. And then he was like nice again, telling me that I don’t have to be formal, and that he organized something for the night. Sounds kinda normal right? So later when I arrived at the location, he was nice again, smiling and stuff, he introduced me to everyone and had fun (we where at a karaoke bar). But from time to time when his friends talked to him about me, or generally to him, he was kinda cold. But it wasn’t something he continued doing, he was nice, then mean, nice again, and then mean. LIKE TF IS WRONG.”
Tf? Maybe,.. just maybe, he’s on his ladys days? I would freak out Y/N, I’m proud of you. Let’s hope he’s not like that everytime.”
“No wait that’s not all. When everyone was leaving I walked back home okay. Because taking the taxi everytime would be tooo expensive. Soo I walked, and he came up to me saying that it would be too dangerous. He walked with me and we talked and stuff. I could tell that he was drunk but he didn’t really act like someone who’s drunk. But right in front of the door he hugged me extremely tight, and told me he had feelings for me LIKE WHAT. He tried to kiss me, and that’s when I got that he was drunk, and I walked him up, now he’s here sleeping.”
“yea, He’s snoring here. I swear, and promise, I’m safe don’t worry, It’s just weird.”
“…. I’ll let go okay. Just tell me that you’re fine tomorrow okay? Don’t make me worry.”
“Okay, I’ll sleep now. Goodnight.”
“Night sweety." 

Your eyelids felt heavy, you just wanted to sleep at this point, but your brain didn’t want to shut up, you thought about everything that happened. ”Does he really have feelings for me? Because that makes now sense, I mean, he met me this morning, I yelled at him. How can he fall in love… But he was drunk wasn’t he, so It could be his imagination. But they also say drunk people tell the truth also… Arghh.“ Everything was so confusing, but you chose to sleep, and not think about it. 

When you woke up the next morning you hoped for him to be gone, but when you looked at the clock, you saw that you had to wake up. ”Oh FUCK. I’m late again.“ Is he still here? you thought, but for your luck, he was gone already, and he folded the blanket. ”Hmm what’s this smell?“ Without thinking about him being still there, you walked into the kitchen, just to see a plate with breakfast on it, and a Mug of coffee too. "Don’t come before eating this. I don’t care of you’re late.” he even wrote a note.

“He’s the boss, if he says so, I should do it.” You ate the food, drunk the coffee and then left for work, you were 15 Minutes late, but he said that it was fine, though you still tried to hurry. “Good Morning.” you said to the sectretary, “Good Morning, Y/N. Jay is already waiting for you.” “Oh okay, is everything alright?” “I don’t know really.

"Good morning. Sorry, I’m late again.” He looked at you, almost piercing with his look. “It’s your second day, and you’re late again. Do you want to get fired?” What? “Don’t be like that to her. Things happen.” Who’s that now? Sorry, I’m the co-Ceo and don’t worry, even if you’re his assistant, he can’t fire you, iif he does, I’ll make sure to find work for you. So you’re not just a visitor in korea.


Oh….” You stood their, not knowing what to do. What is that supposed to mean, am I getting fired? “Anyways, I need you in two hours, I have nothing for you to do now. Someone is going to send a shit load of emails, and you have to answer them, they are for an interview or something, I knew the questions and wrote down the answers beforehand, just find the right answers to the questions and talk a little bit more formal than I did. Until then…. I don’t know, do whatever you want, maybe walk around and look at the building.” What? Isn’t he supposed to do that as my boss? “Okaaay,.. I’ll be back in two hours then? I guess? And again, I’m sorry for being late..” “Whatever.” He moved his hands around, to show you that it’s fine, you looked at the co-CEO, who was smiling at you, and then slightly bowed down.

After you left the room, you had to wait a couple of seconds, to get what just happened. “Is everything okay, Y/N?” The secretary, whos name you still didn’t know, was staring at you. “You’re paler than before? Did something happen?” “What? No no, I’m fine.” You bowed down again and started walking towards the elevator. “Didn’t he write down that I was allowed to be late? The F is wrong with him? And what am I supposed to do now? Alone.

Hey Y/N. Wait.Hm? "Oh, hello sir.” It was the co-CEO, he was catching up his breath. “Wait, you can’t just walk around alone, can you? My name is Simon by the way, you don’t have to call me sir.” “Ohh, okay. I’ll keep that in mind.” “I’m sorry, I wasn’t able to say hello yesterday, but I had work to do.” “It’s okay…” Yes. It was awkward, you didn’t like to walk around next to him, you thought that he was just like Jay. So with him by your side, you just walked, you didn’t know where you should go, but you had to do something. “Let me show you around Y/N-Oh fuck. -The entrance area and the first two floors are not important for our employees. We mostly have our interviews there..- hmmm - I think the most important thing should be the rooftop.” Simon headed towards the elevator and pressed the buttons for it to come down. 

“I know that this is awkward for you but, I promise I’m not like jay. I know he can be mean sometimes, I’m not gonna scold you because of something that isn’t your fault.” When he said that the tension losened a bit, it wasn’t weird at this point. But even if, you’re problem, was something else. “Do you want something to drink? Tea, Coffee, Water? Anything?” “Cold water would be great?” Simon turned around, and walked towards the isle, the floor looked like a kitchen, there was an oven, a microwave, a fridge, a snackbar, everything. You watched Simon while he was walking, he was kinda tall, his hair was dark brown, and his eyes were too, as you could see from here, his eyes were full and over all, he looked mature.

Here. It should be cold enough.” He handed you a bottle of cold water and made his way to the glasse door, and then you were there, at the rooftop. “Let’s sit down for a bit. Tell me something about you, you’re also my employee after all.” Not again.. “Well you probably know the basic things,… but to be honest, there isn’t that much to tell about me. I have a boring life.” He laughed a bit about you comment. “Ah don’t say that. The others said you were quite funny, but they also mentioned that you didn’t even drink that much.”  "Oh yea, I don’t really like to drink too much when I know I have to work or I have to walk alone.“ You tried to make sense but you didn’t, you were walked home, and you also managed to get late to work. "Ahh,… I wouldn’t necessarily say that that’s boring, you’re just thinking about your safety. Drinking and going back home late at night isn’t safe so you did the right thing.” You just nodded, and didn’t say anything else. 

You’re a really shy person aren’t you?”   “No no actually, I’m not. It’s just..-”  “Is everyting alright Y/N, did something happen yesterday? Did they say something?” He sat straight in his chair, with a worried expression, but how could you tell him that the CEO was hitting on you? “It’s nothing important. Everyone was nice really, you don’t need to worry about that.”  “Ohhh, I know what’s wrong. Yah, I really hoped that, that wouldn’t be a problem. It’s Jay right? He called me this morning and told me what happened.He did what? “What did he say?..”  "He called me at 5 AM I think, and he said something like ‘Hyung I messed up, and to be honest at first I thought he did something bad, but then he was like, 'There is a girl I like and I confessed, but I was drunk, I didn’t want to confess already’. He was really scared that you would come over and cause a ruccus. He thought that you would literally kill him, after he scolded you. But you didn’t say anything and I do respect you for that. So he knows? "Let me be honest, I didn’t belive him, and I still don’t, here at work he is kinda mean, I can’t really say anything about that, since it’s been like one and a half days, but at the party and later on he was so nice and cute too, but then again today at work-”  "he’s always like that when he respects and likes someone. He’s not that good when it comes to showing affection.“  "So you really think he likes me?” WHAT, WHY DID I SAY THAT? You blushed like crazy and tried to look away from simon. What is he thinking now? He probably thinks I’m a weirdo or something. 

Ah yea, actually I think he does. Drunk people mostly say the truth, but the way he talked to me today… I could really feel that he was sad, he doesn’t call me hyung that often. Hyung is something he says when he’s more serious. And the reason why he acts so cold here is because one: he doesn’t want to show his weak side, and two: I was there, he didn’t want me to see how he would act around you if you were alone, he said that right after you left. It’s not good for his image you know?” Simon smiled at you, he was genuine, didn’t lie. He didn’t talk about that topic again, he clearly saw how uncomfortable you were. You guys continued to talk for a while, and then he showed the rest of the building. It was a nice place with some restimg areas, which was good for you. And after 2 hours were over, he walked you to the office. “Good luck at your first real Job, Y/N." 

"Hey, I’m back.” You walked in slowly, he just sat on his desk and pointed at the table on the other side of the room. He built up a computer, and gave you a comfy looking chair, and from what you could see, everything was already opene and you could start. So you sat down without saying anything else, and started with your work, but you felt his gaze on you… Jay was staring, and he didn’t even bother to look away.
“Y/N,…” Hm? “Yeah?" 

"I’m sorry…”



RT @2PMagreement211 King in the north!!! King in the north!!! King in the north!!! King in the north!!! Little Finger: (GRRRR)

Ah, how do I wait for Game of Thrones Season 7 T__T 

Snow is so cool. T_T When Daenerys reclaims King’s Landing, Snow should marry her as the King of the North, and after about 10 minutes of happy life I wish Daenerys’s ex boyfriend kills Snow and while Daenerys is taken aback the White Walkers arrive bringing the winter and kill them all. 

Or, before Daenerys arrives at Westeros, the White Walkers push forward and storms down South, and when they are about to come to the King’s Landing, when the Lannisters do not cooperate, Daenerys arrives and her dragons melt down the White Walkers, and then she punishes the Lannisters and after about 10 minutes of happy life, the Tyrell family storms in and…

… they dispose of the weakened North and Daenerys army, and Snow, who has only sat in the Iron Throne for like a second, dies crying “king of the north.” And then Daenerys takes her dragons and aims for the throne again… Ah, but if that happens, you need season 8 already…

It’s tough for the writer. When you think of it, it’ll probably take 5 episodes for the White Walkers to break the Wall.

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Taecyeon: Reunion

Is word count important? I see a lot of other writers put word count at the top of their work. I’m going to start doing it, too. I want to be a cool kid.

Word Count: 1297k


“I’m not that good with my Korean yet. Is English good enough?”

Taecyeon pauses on the other side of the line and you can hear his confusion. “Who is this?” he asks.

“You’ve already forgotten me, Okay?” You know he can’t see you, but you’re faux-pouting on your end of the line.

“____?” He sounds even more confused through the clarity.

Your lips curl into a Cheshire cat grin. “Bingo.”

“What are you doing calling at four a.m. in the states?” There’s another pause. “And from a Korean number?”

You look around your apartment, finally unpacked, and stretch out over your couch. “Because though it is four a.m. in Massachusetts, it’s five p.m. in Seoul and I’m calling from a Korean number because I live here now. Got a job with a company.” Oh, how you wish you could see his face.

You met Taecyeon in high school and had no idea how to pronounce his last name. You called him Taecyeon Okay and it stuck. You’re the only person he lets call him that.

“You what? How long have you been here? Why didn’t you tell me?”

“So many questions, Okay. I could answer them better in person. Why don’t we grab dinner and catch up? If you have the time, that is, being a big time kpop star and all.”

You could nearly hear the smile in his voice. “For you? Anything. It’s a date.”

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The four types of K-Pop fans:
  • The drama queen:every little thing happening to their idols inspire a whole thesis with introduction, arguments, tears and conclusion.
  • The meme generator:comedy geniuses, able to make fun of any kind of disgrace and make others feel guilty for laughing at it.
  • The Sherlock:these NSA/CIA agents can find ANYTHING their idols did from birth to debut, including ex gfs, crushes, ebay accounts, childhood pets and thoughts.
  • Me:just sitting here, sipping my tea and watching while youtube, tumblr and twitter tell me everything I need to know.
20160726 - Chansung twit about ‘Game Of Thrones’

@2PMagreement211 :  King in the north!!! King in the north!!! King in the north!!! King in the north!!! Little Finger: (GRRRR)

@2PMagreement211 : Ah, how do I wait for Game of Thrones Season 7 T__T

@2PMagreement211 : Snow is so cool. T_T When Daenerys reclaims King’s Landing, Snow should marry her as the King of the North, and after about 10 minutes of happy life I wish Daenerys’s ex boyfriend kills Snow and while Daenerys is taken aback the White Walkers arrive bringing the winter and kill them all.

@2PMagreement211 : Or, before Daenerys arrives at Westeros, the White Walkers push forward and storms down South, and when they are about to come to the King’s Landing, when the Lannisters do not cooperate, Daenerys arrives and her dragons melt down the White Walkers, and then she punishes the Lannisters and after about 10 minutes of happy life, the Tyrell family storms in and…

@2PMagreement211 : … they dispose of the weakened North and Daenerys army, and Snow, who has only sat in the Iron Throne for like a second, dies crying “king of the north.” And then Daenerys takes her dragons and aims for the throne again… Ah, but if that happens, you need season 8 already…

@2PMagreement211 : It’s tough for the writer. When you think of it, it’ll probably take 5 episodes for the White Walkers to break the Wall.

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