Not Enough [Monsta X Minhyuk Angst] Part 1

Genre: Angst / Fluff

Word Count: 1019

Summary: You had put in time and effort to make him a birthday present but all the other gifts from his fans seemed to mean more to him.

Part 2

Placing the thick scrapbook onto the table, you took a good look at it and felt quite proud of yourself. The cover was your favourite photo of  him making a derp face while holding up the first ever Monsta X album to be released. You remembered how Minhyuk went on and on about how cool the album looked and how he would bring it back home to show you once it was produced ; the wide grin on his face as he told you that a photo was a must to remember that day when it came.

Under the photo were felt letters that spelled out a cheesy ‘Happy Birthday My Dear Minhyukie~’, but you knew how he loved it whenever you called him that although he always claimed he was embarrassed of you. The scrapbook contained many photos of him and you with funny captions below, at random pages some confessions you had to make like a ‘One day, I added pepper into your coffee’ and finally, a long letter at the end. You had spent a month working on the scrapbook and quite some money for the materials but nothing mattered as a smile on Minhyuk’s face would make everything worthwhile.

As you smoothened out the cover of the scrapbook one last time, the doorbell rang and your eyes widened. Starship let Minhyuk off early? You doubted it but you ran to the door anyway, hoping that it really was your boyfriend. Opening the door, you met with a young man and a sea of gifts behind him.

“Uh, what is this?” The beautifully wrapped presents were stacked on top of each other and you couldn’t even count how many there were.

“These are all the gifts sent to Starship entertainment for Minhyuk and I was asked to send them here,” he smiled and you slowly nodded your head.

“O-okay…I’ll help you bring it in.”

After ten minutes, your living room was filled with boxes of different sizes and colours but you didn’t know whether to feel excited or whether to feel well…small. There were labels on some of the packages stating that they were from branded companies and some didn’t even need labels for you to tell that they were expensive things.

You took a few steps back and saw just how much area the gifts covered and just then, your scrapbook on the table caught your eye. It was so distinct, the difference between the presents from the fans and your little scrapbook. What you were once so proud of now looked too insignificant and childish to be given to your boyfriend who was a celebrity. But despite all the negative thoughts forming in your head about your gift being inferior to what his fans gave, you told yourself that Minhyuk would for sure appreciate what you made and that what you made for him was definitely more significant as it contained precious memories - something branded clothes and shoes didn’t have. With a more positive mindset, you went to the kitchen to start preparing dinner for the special occasion and slowly, you forgot all about the fear of your scrapbook being reduced to nothing.  

Hearing the shuffling of feet and the clinking of keys, you got up from the couch and hid behind the door - something you always did but he never seemed to remember and would get shocked time and time again.

“Happy birthday Minhyuk!” You shouted and he jolted back in fright, smiling sheepishly right after and ruffling your hair.

“I always fall for that,” Minhyuk pouted and you stuck out your tongue.

“I smell something ni-” He stopped right in the middle of his sentence as he stared wide-eyed at the sea of presents in front of him. It was no surprise that Minhyuk would get shocked but you never thought that the gifts would take all his attention.

“Yeah, they got sent this-” But he already walked past you, dropping his things onto the dining table and going straight to the gits which lay on the floor. You saw your scrapbook covered by his wallet, keys and sunglasses and your heart dropped. Did he not see it? You watched as Minhyuk sat on the floor and opened his presents one by one, gasping at the beautiful clothing, leather shoes, necklaces and charms that were found inside the boxes. But the thing that really broke you was the way Minhyuk’s eyes lit up when he took out a scrapbook from one of the packages and flipped through the pages one by one and the words he said as he did.

“This is the most love I’ve been given all my life.”

You couldn’t help but think of all the times you took care of him when he was sick, waited for him in the rain when he didn’t bring an umbrella to practice and stayed up late into the night to make sure he came home safely. You thought of the food you worked so hard to prepare and the scrapbook that wasn’t just filled with pictures of him but memories of the both of you from the past two years. All these flooded into your mind followed by the stabbing words he said and you couldn’t take the pain and the breaking of your heart that expected something completely different from what he was doing to you then.

“This is the most love you’ve been given all your life? Then what I gave to you the past two years mustn’t have meant anything more than perishable presents.” You turned away from him and tried to stop the tears from falling. You felt worthless, unappreciated and completely ignored and it hurt more than anything you’ve ever felt before. Looking back, Minhyuk was clutching the scrapbook in his hands while reading some cards and you smiled sadly. What about my scrapbook? It’s not just your fans who love you Minhyuk. I love you too.

Grabbing your bag, you opened the door and left the house. He won’t come after me. After all, there are still half the amount of presents to open.

asdfghjkl all the Minhyuk feels~ I can’t imagine Minhyuk being like that because he’s such a cutie pie who will give you all his love and attention so my heart was breaking as I wrote this :’’( Should I do a part 2?