2p Britain/England Headcannon
  • He has two personalities, the darker one is as mad as a hatter
  • Relationship Chart
    • He likes you and considers you a friend: He’s is truly nice to you and means it, he is direct with you
    • He loves you: Same as liking but more intense
    • He’s neutral about you: His niceness may or may not be a ruse, he is vague in speech, you may occasionally be the victim of the darker side of his personality but he apologizes profusely afterwards
    • He dislikes you: His niceness is a ruse, he is vague in speech, you are often enough a victim of the darker side of his personality
    • He hates you: His niceness is a ruse used to get you to trust him, he is super vague in speech; after he gains your trust he will sadistically rape you in alley and then leave you to die all the while laughing like a mad man.
  • Sometimes the darker personality comes out without his permission, when it does he has trouble remembering what occurred. When it comes out of his own free will he will remember what he did while in that mode
  • He’s a gossip
  • He has no brothers as he killed them a long time ago, it is rumor that the way they treated him resulted in the darker side of himself
  • Enjoys classical music over rock music
  • He’s rather curious (curiouser and curiouser XD)
  • It takes a lot of alcohol to get him drunk but when he does he turns into Britannia Devil form (bat wings and devil horns) and all hell breaks loose. As a side note he can turn into Britannia Devil whenever he wants and doesn’t need the alcohol but for some reason drunkenness forces the shift to happen.
  • He is very good at magic but doesn’t use it a lot
  • He enjoys reading; his favorite author is Marque de Sade
  • He also enjoys gardening but not all of his plants are common (venus fly traps anyone)
  • He’s a rather happy individual when the darker side of his personality is not active
  • He says he loves everything but this is not true
  • He has only two mythical creatures that hang around him, flying chocolate bunny (beck http://ask-2p-england.tumblr.com/) and a Cheshire cat that speaks in riddles, everyone can see them. He also has a friend jabberwocky but it’s too big to fit in the house so it isn’t always around him.
  • He’s a sadist in bed
  • He adores France and considers him to be a big brother of sorts
  • He found and raised America and though there have been a few rough spots over the years as of recent there is no love lost between them
  • He has had many colony’s over the years most of which were won in a game of cards
  • He’s a plotter and has been known to occasionally manipulate people
  • Besides card games he also enjoys chess



The other is beck who is listed in the actually thing

ask2p-fem-germany said: Well, it’s not something I would normally do, but why not? I’ll give it a shot.

ask-child-russia said: Can’t sew that well, but I am pretty good at knitting! If I don’t have to knit something else then scarfs or blankets.

2pbritain said: I’d be happy to join your sewing circle! \( ’ 7 ’ \

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ask2palice said: *smiling* You’re opening one ? I’ll be glad and honoured to be part of it !

I went ahead and made club shirts I hope you all don’t mind

Welcome to the club!

I’ll get the snacks.