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i've never read or seen the divergent books or movies but when i see your art with the villain lady and the hero lady the part of my brain that says "that doesn't actually happen" gets shushed by the side that says "shhh, just look at them though"- anyway that tumblr banner ad for allegiant with the guy and the girl almost kissing plunged all my knowledge of the franchise (otherwise gathered from your art) back into sad reality. uh, this message is a mess- my point is your work is really cool.

omg honestly we’re on the same train. when i tend to watch the series i always just skip over any four bits so it just becomes a SUPER tense tris & jeanine movie and the promos always snap me back into reality :’) stay in the hero lady x villain lady world, its a much better version of the series and one we have control over haha

thank you very much !!!  <3