2pac in jail

“A regular Playa plays women. a Boss Playa plays life. A Boss Playa is a thinker, a leader, a builder, a moneymaker, a souljah, a teacher and most of all, a Man! I want all my homiez 2 realize there is another level. it takes heart and courage 2 stand alone face the demons and make a change!”

“Beware of PlayaHaters and evil envious “homiez” they will bring u harm. It ain’t all good my people Be Aware! Hopefully this will do some of u some good. If it does then I don’t sit in Jail in vain.

—   A Letter Written By Tupac From Jail

Excerpt’s from Tupac Shakur’s infamous 1995 VIBE Interview from Rikers Island | Kevin Powell Complex News Interview