2pac 2014


WATCH | Tupac speaks on the digression of the black power movement at the Malcolm X dinner in 1992. 

“[you] grew up BC, before crack, that should say it all… it’s not as easy as we mappin’ it out to be. and we gotta stay real. before we can be nu african, we gotta be black first. you understand? we gotta get our brothers from the street like Harriet Tubman did. why can’t we look at that and see exactly what she was doing. like Malcolm did, the real Malcolm…”

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Interviewer : What’s your best Christmas Memory?

2Pac : umm…let me see. When I thought we didn’t get any gifts for Christmas. I was in Baltimore, I thought we didn’t get nuttin’. There was a knock on the door, my sister’s principle from her school came, and they had like this charity..whateva, where they give like the turkey to the poor family on the block. We was the poor family, so we got this turkey, I got some cheap boots…ya know. Got…little cheap trinkets, but on Christmas you want as many trinkets as possible. So I got a whole bunch of little tiny things. It was cool…we got free cheese, free beans, free butter, free…everything. All that little government surplus stuff. But, on Christmas you need it, I mean as appose to us having an empty refrigerator, empty nuttin’. So I just remember when it first came and you know its always a Christmas carol playin’ around Christmas time, on somebodies TV. And I just remember that first feeling, like really feelin’ like ya know..dagg this is Christmas ya know…this is like the “give give” thing.


Bruno performing ‘Billionaire’ and 'California Love’ (2Pac) at Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles