2ps and Finals Week

2p America: *Currectly watching Star Wars Episode III while his English class is reviewing grammar* 

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2p Canada: Oh look a pencil. Maybe if I picked it up I could get some work done. *flips desk and leaves study hall*

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2p France: Nope. Finals are a waste of time. Gimme an F. Expel me because I ain’t gonna do shit.

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2p England: *Making his own study guides. Has multiple colorful highlighters and gel pens and will get at least a B in every subject* He is just a pure little smarty bun.

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2p Russia: A’s in every class except English. He got a C that was originally an A because he refused to take that final. He thought English was to easy of a subject to have a final on. Didn’t give any fucks.

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2p China: “Wh E n uR WoR K i S gAR b A gE a N d iT’s N o T O k A y GO To ThE Tra S h a Nd ThRoW uRseLF A wAY~!” *tried finishing up his science report, ended up in the cafeteria and is currently smuggling boxes of frozen mini corndogs*

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2p Germany: Passed finals with D’s. That’s it. I mean Luciano wouldn’t let him fail so he forced him to study all week with him. So he is kinda dead at this point.

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2p Italy: *DEaTh To ALL HuMAnS!* Straight A+, except in art. He got an A- in there because in one project he didn’t “express his feelings into it”. So that teacher is gonna get to see his anger expressed for sure.

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2p Romano: Passed with all C’s and one A in home ect. He had like a fashion class so he actually cared about his grade in there.

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2p Prussia: He got a mix of C’s and B’s. He got by with coffee and some of those McMuffins from McDonald’s.

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2p Japan: A’s on everything. He pulled all nighters and if you approach him right now he will not hesitate to lollipop your throat with a sharpie.

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2p Austria: *Possessing his math teacher to get a C* Besides possessing teachers he is napping in every final and not giving a single shit on this.

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2p Spain: Sleeping and getting to every class late so only finishes half of every final. He fails everything, but Flavio pays the school to let him continue onto the next year.

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2ps have to watch their baby and the baby starts crying... but the baby is actually fake crying. Instead, she makes this sound, "BUBUBUBUBUBU" with her lips vibrating, which makes her face look ridiculous. Reaction to fake baby cries?

2p Italy: “Heheh as if your fake crying can impress me.” He’s proud that she tried to trick him.

2p Germany: “Nein nein don’t cry- Wait…you’re faking?!” It takes him a minute.

2p Japan: “…what are you doing stahp” He doesn’t know what she wants he is just begging for her to stop.

2p Romano: “Ragazza what do you waaant! …Oh you’re faking.” Has almost no idea how to deal with babies.

2p Spain: “hm that is kinda adorable” Ok headcanon that he, on the inside, loves kids.

2p Prussia: “No no no please don’t–why would you trick me like that?” He almost fell for it but let’s face it he is the master of being sad.

2p America: “Is that how you wanna be?” Fake cries with them cuz it’s just so funny.

2p England: “Awwww poppet you are too cute!!” C'mon even when she’s crying for real he’ll think it’s cute.

2p France: “Non stop that.” He’s a bit annoyed by it at first but it eventually grows on him.

2p Russia: “…Did you need something?” He can’t tell whether she’s faking or not so it may take him a while.

2p China: “AWWHHHH Who’s my little faker??” Just starts tickling her to prove even more that she is faking.

2p Canada: “…damn it.” It’s just so cute it’s his weakness.

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idk if ur askbox is open, if not ignore this. However, i would really like if you did male s/o imagine where they are feeling cuddly with 2P Russia, and 2P Spain if thats okay. sorry if it doesn't make sense.

2p! Russia/ Ion

It started out simple enough.

A shift here, a touch there. A soft whisper, a warm answer.

A hand being delicately held in larger, warmer ones, and that fluffy blanket cocooned in between legs that are so entangled in each other that it was hard to tell how it had began.

It was all so sweet. All so gentle and something straight out from a three second scene in a movie that you just knew would end up with the couple kissing and probably making love outside of the screen like their lives depended on it.

That’s the way it started.


Both of you leaning against one another, Ion pressing his forehead against yours (eyes practically singing with all the things that he couldn’t say, those half lidded eyes and soft smile) while warm puffs of air fluttered across your lips. It was perfect. So very perfect that if anyone had been looking in and this had been an actual movie, there would have been someone in their seat screaming to JUST KISS ALREADY.

Of course it was in that exact moment where you thought that, that you sneezed and violently smacked your head against Ion’s.

¤ Ω ¤

2p! Spain/Andres

In all honesty, you weren’t quite sure how you ended up on the floor with Andres.

Nor were you entirely certain where he thought that trying parkour in the middle of your room was the best idea possible. But you did know that there was a lot of shrieking, flailing, and possible bruises included in that whole two point five seconds that he kicked open that door and slammed you to the ground like an angry, clumsy, turtle.

You stared up at the ceiling.

“Andres… did you just run across the road, scale a fence, and burst into my room screaming ‘parkour’?”


“… why.”

“I was feeling cuddly.”

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2ps reaction to walking in on their S/O singing Heathers?

Applauds them and tells them that they did a good job. – 2p Italy, 2p Prussia, 2p England, 2p China, 2p Canada

Starts singing with them (even if they don’t know the words). – 2p Romano, 2p Germany, 2p America

Just watches them sing until they’ve finished the entire soundtrack. – 2p Japan, 2p Spain, 2p France, 2p Russia

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How would the 2ps react to a mute s/o?

Will learn sign language to communicate and understand them. – 2p Germany, 2p Prussia, 2p America, 2p Russia, 2p Canada

Is stunned because he never gets to head their voice. – 2p Romano, 2p Spain, 2p England, 2p China

Kinda likes it not because they’re quiet, but because their actions will definitely be more genuine. – 2p Italy, 2p Japan, 2p France

2P Axis First Dates

2p italy- Fancy, to show off his money, probably a fancy restaurant, or an art show.

2p romano- Shopping, uses his date as a model, pays for most if not all of his dates purchases. 

2p spain- a movie, simple and now no one will notice if he falls asleep

2p japan- probably a park and draws. If his date isn’t good at drawing, he’ll try and teach them

2p germany- Something active, rollerblading, workout, animal shelter

2p prussia- an arcade, or an online date on a gaming site

2p austria- Nightly walk, just around town.

2p switzerland- you’re gonna have to plan it, he has no idea what to do, and he will openly tell you that.

Anon: Could I get a fluffy 2p! Spain scenario where he and his fem s/o are on their first date together, please? Thank you!

As requested sweetums, the wonderful Spain is here! Although fluff didn’t seem to come out in this one, did it? Well, not in the way everyone expected. But it’s 2p! Spain, he does what he likes.

There were a number of times that you were unbelievably grateful to Lorenzo for being on your side. Un-bel-iev-ab-ly grateful. You were about ninety-six percent sure that no one in the universe had ever been as grateful as you for God having given this strangely upbeat Italian to you. And yeah, sure, he was a bit odd when his itching urge to make everyone appealing more than not left you being more dolled than you were used to, but you couldn’t honestly deny that he had a taste that could attract anyone (and none more so than the neighbor living next door to him. A man whom you had caught sight of with a longing you hadn’t realized was there inside you until Lorenzo had snapped his fingers and pronounced that he would aid you in the endeavors of love). So thinking it that way you were well on your way to living a comfortable life.

In fact, you didn’t know what could have happened if Lorenzo wasn’t there to have pushed you towards Andres. Perhaps you would have gotten the courage to face the man, but alternatively you could have also ended up falling down a ditch. It was a so-so chance really. But the beaming blonde had simply pulled you from his house with one move and had you facing Andres the next with a grip so strong you had no chance of running.

That had been five weeks ago.

Andres… was different, definitely different from what you expected.

He wasn’t very vocal about many things. In fact Andres was very quiet and had the same sort of aloof expression you had seen many times on Lorenzo’s own feline friend. But it wasn’t that much of an obstacle to work through. The silence was almost welcoming to the chatter of Lorenzo and the bustle of the lively people here in the amusement park. The very same location Lorenzo had stashed tickets into Andres mailbox for. The one you knew he had been cackling over the last time you had seen him.

You were very grateful to Lorenzo for many things.

But never have you been as ungrateful as you were when Lorenzo forgot that you were going on a date with his damned neighbor.

And yet here he was, you thought sourly. Waving Andres and you along like two small children lost in a crowd instead of two adults on a date. And it was your first date too! A proper-proper date and yet Lorenzo had to go shadowing both of you.

Andres didn’t seem to mind though. At least, you didn’t think he did. While you enjoyed his quietness like a breath of fresh air, sometimes you didn’t enjoy the calm gaze he projected twenty-four-seven. But it made him very distinguished, you thought, eyeing Andres with a critical eye. Even more so than the puckered dark scars or even the droopy eyes that never seemed quite to stay on a single color (brown, green, purple; an odd mix of the three). Still, you did almost wish he wasn’t so aloof. Even more so when Lorenzo had ended up being the one choosing all the rides and locations and even buying the snacks and making what was supposed to be a date feel more like a friendly get together.

Your shoulders slumped and you nibbled quietly on the corndog Lorenzo had gotten for. You just knew this date was an utter failure. The fact it was getting darker too and the crowds thinning just cemented it for you completely. There was no chance for the date to pick up again. Perhaps… it just wasn’t meant to be? Maybe Andres only wanted to be friends. What a sad thought.

“So… what ride do you want to ride?” Lorenzo asked.

Andres blinked and then pointed to you, with an utter seriousness that belaid the, “I want to ride that.” Falling from his lips.

Immediately you began to choke on the corndog. Face flushing red and practically dying from the shock of Andres words. Strangely enough though, despite the almost near death experience, there had been a small flutter in your heart filled with a surprising warmth.

…Although the words could have been less perverted.

2p axis + America and their inner issues

2p! Italy: He has constant constipation and it actually makes him scared he’ll actually become full of shit

2p! Japan: A lot of his favourite characters are the ones that aren’t very popular in the fandom, so he can never see really nice fanfictions/art/videos/blogs for them

2p! Germany: Nothing, this fucker fixes his issues really quick

2p Romano: The stress of the stitching in his new clothing piece not being equally spaced

2p Prussia:: Everyone keeps trying to pressure him into cutting his hair and it makes him feel very self conscious

2p Spain: Everyone takes him for a heartless dick, with no emotions but he actually has a great sense of humor, a big heart, and he’s all around a pretty great friend

2p! Austria: Klaus won’t let him legally change his name to Lucy Fer.

2p! America: He hates that he still writes in British English and uses British slur when he’s in streets fights

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