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Hey! Uh, my friend wanted to ask this but she doesn't have a Tumblr account so she asked me to ask you instead, so... What are the 2ps relationships with their Nyotalia forms?

((Overall, friendly! They don’t always get along, but they consider each other a ‘team’, especially against those 1Ps, whom they sometimes see as rivals.))

The 2Ps and their Nyos

2P!America + 2P!Nyo!America:

2P!China + 2P!Nyo!China:

2P!England + 2P!Nyo!England:

2P!France + 2P!Nyo!France:

2P!Russia + 2P!Nyo!Russia:

2P!Italy + 2P!Nyo!Italy:

2P!Germany + 2P!Nyo!Germany:

2P!Japan + 2P!Nyo!Japan:

2P!Canada + 2P!Nyo!Canada:

2P!Romano + 2P!Nyo!Romano:

2P!Austria + 2P!Nyo!Austria:

2P!Prussia + 2P!Nyo!Prussia:


//Here the UKs´ valentine cards. with their own handmade chocolate (Except Damian), isn´t they lovely 8´D?

Edit: Added the “To/From” with their own representative calligraphy 8Dc