• 2p!Japan: So how long have you been in love with Italy?
  • 2p!Nyo!Japan: That's disgusting. And wrong. I don't even get- why would- I have never been in love with anyone, anywhere. It's none of your- you have the nerve- the audacity. Italy is my friend, technically. And he is terrible, face-wise. And how- how do I know, frankly, that you're not in love with him. Maybe you are. Maybe you're just trying to throw me off. Hm, check and mate.

Hetalia is a cool show about how history would be if countries we’re portrayed through people

The people are representing all of those countries stereotypes

And this show is AMAZING

There’s something about it that just draws you in, it has funny jokes and cool characters and teaches you history
(I’m pretty sure this show has gotten me to be a huge history and geography nerd)

And the fandom for this show is incredible

We have so many cool ideas and we all get along well (not to mention we all probably know Marukaite Chikyuu by heart)

The characters in this show are cool, and everyone likes them. They have opposite gender versions of themselves called Nyos. And the lovely fandom created the idea of 2ps (which are the other side of the characters countries) and they’re really cool, too

Hetalia is amazing and I really love it

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Anything for Genderbent 2ps?

((uhhhhh i’ll give you three hc for each, but be more specific next time pls <3))
((also bulletpoints still aren’t working yikes))

2P!Italy, Luciana Vargas:
- can forge most people’s signatures but can’t figure out her own
- isn’t one for karaoke but will kill it on the dancefloor
- once sat on a lightbulb and now has a puncture scar on her upper thigh
2P!Romano, Flavia Vargas:
- is better at drawing clothes designs than actually making them
- can’t hold a note to save her life
- still wears an old blue and green flannel Maddie let her borrow
2P!Germany, Monika Beilschmidt:
- loves kids and will loudly proclaim she is going to steal an entire orphanage
- is extremely protective over Julchen
- only wears dad caps with weird words on them
2P!Prussia, Julchen Beilschmidt:
- if Gilen doesn’t have a prosthetic arm, she definitely does
- idolizes Bucky Barnes
- once stepped on a dog’s tail and cried for three days
2P!Japan, Honda Kimiko:
- has asthma but would never dare admit it
- hates taking baths but loves bath bombs so she suffers (the black ones that turn the water completely black)
- pops her pussy to Ke$ha with Zhi when she’s drunk off her ass
2P!Spain, Andréa Carriedo-Fernandez:
- always gets into an arm wrestling match with Monika, loses, then sulks for a week until it happens again
- her mattress is held up by every candle from the Yankee Candle Company ever produced
- has a freckle in the middle of her cupid’s bow
2P!America, Amy D. Jones:
- is pretty sure she has three nipples
- once pierced her eyebrow by herself, it got infected, and left a scar across the tail
- still wears her red, white, and blue heelies from 2009. rocks them
2P!England, Olivia Kirkland:
- Amy made her a paperclip necklace when they were kids and she still keeps it in her dress pocket for good luck
- accidentally made pot brownies for her sisters one year and tried to turn herself in
- is allergic to freshly cut grass but doesn’t complain when tears start running out
2P!France, Françoise Bonnefoi:
Andrea once dared her to eat a cigarette when she was 15 and she now refuses to smoke
- isn’t allowed to have chapsticks because she forgets they exist and always melt on her clothes from inside the pockets when she washes them
- has convinced herself there is a real man living on the moon and that one day she will visit him so he doesn’t have to be lonely
2P!Russia, Viktoriya Braginskaya:
- wishes she could do ballet but unfortunately the stick up her ass gets in the way
- is a 90 year old man in a millennial’s body (imagine the picture of steve buscemi saying “how do you do, fellow kids?”
- basically 1P!Austria with her clothes
2P!China, Wang Zhi:
- used to think animal crackers were made out of real animals
- loves horror movies but is a REALLY loud screamer and a big ol’ bitch
- really good at breaking off door handles and putting them back like she didn’t do it
2P!Canada, Madeleine “Maddie” Williams:
- if you get in her way when she’s constructing something you will get hammered into the foundation as a support beam
- literally has a tree house fortress she has been building since she was little (Amy has her own little room)
- has a scar on her side from when she got stabbed by a fishing rod trying to use Françoise’s fingers as bait and it backfired

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2p nyo italy sisters headcanons please? ((No gerita or spamano please !!!))

((N. Italy - Luciana, S. Italy - Flavia, Seborga - Rosaria, Ancient Rome - Cinzia, Spain - Andrea))

2P!Nyo Italy Sisters HCs:
⦁ Rosaria always leaves her dishes next to the sink and Flavia is in a constant state of keeping Luciana from familial homicide
⦁ Flavia doesn’t know when to stop with designing
- Luciana usually finds her passed out next to some sketches and totally doesn’t give her a blanket or anything
⦁ Luciana always makes sure that they lock the door when she isn’t home out of slight fear, although she’d never admit it
⦁ Flavia LOVES to push her sisters’ buttons
- it usually ends with a fencing battle?? Rosaria keeps score
⦁ They all live together, unlike Lutz + Luciano, Flavio + Andres, and Rosario in whatever tree
⦁ Rosaria really likes learning new instruments and is constantly being threatened by neighbours that they will call noise control
- ^ they live in a nice, borderline mansion their Grandma Cinzia passed down to them – that’s how loud she is
⦁ Flavia has no means of an indoor voice
⦁ They try their hardest to be “normal sisters” and have a “normal sister night”, but it usually ends up in Flavia instigating Rosaria until she picks a fight with Luciana and they, again, fence
⦁ Luciana isn’t as good with intimidating blades as her male counterpart - she is better with thinner and more discreet things like small throwing knives or folding knives
⦁ Flavia used to want to be a pirate when she was younger
⦁ Luciana always comes home with cuts and bruises from fighting with Monika (a friendly fight) (most of the time) and boasts about how much of a warrior she is
- Rosiara always comments on how she has tears in her eyes and gets punched in the nose
⦁ their method of showing love is through playful sibling rough-housing like throwing tortellini or almost drilling a hole through someone’s foot
- Rosaria really likes trying new things,,
⦁ if something is broken in the house they go to Rosaria because she’s basically a construction worker by now
⦁ Luciana can’t handle being alone for too long so she always ends up in someone’s bed
⦁ Flavia is actually the worst with houseplants and Luciana has cried multiple times for trusting her with her succulents while she’s away and comes back to them wilting
⦁ Flavia steals their clothes from their closets all the time to check for any damage bc she’s nice like that
⦁ sick? ask little sis/mama Rosaria. faucet is leaking? plumber Rosaria to the rescue. can’t open a jar of pickles? Rosaria is suddenly Mike Tyson.
⦁ Luciana wants animals but she can’t take care of them near as well as she can with plants, so she usually ends up with dead fish and a crying Flavia
- Rosaria is suddenly a gravedigger
⦁ poor Andrea never gets a break from Flavia trying to tell her how she would look so cool with this hairstyle or so pretty in these heels and poor Flavia always winds up with an incoherent Spanish lecture
⦁ Rosaria used to have super long hair, but she will go to an extent to prove she’s right about something and cut it all off one day in a dare from Luciana
- Flavia screamed
- She fixed it up for her quickly and now sports a cute faux-hawk
⦁ Luciana is really good at gardening and is trying to teach Rosaria to do it well since it seems to be one of the only things she can’t grasp