Claire doesn’t deal with heartbreak very often. At least, not romantic ones.


Here you go anon :3

2p Liet to stress out and forget about problems…


//Today I made a bunch of ’draw your squad’ drawings because I have no self control over my life.//

anonymous asked:

How would the 2ps react to using the simulated childbirth machine in order to better understand what their Pregnant S/O will be going through?

2p America: *laughs* This doesn’t hu- *sCREECHES*

2p Canada: *curses while trying not to scream in pain*

2p England: *cries*

2p France: *French curses a lot*

2p Russia: *curses in Russian*

2p China: *scReCHeS while laughing*

2p North Italy: Jesus fucking Ch-*beeeeeep: Please stand by..*

2p Germany: *doesn’t feel much pain and is laughing at others*

2p Japan: *cursing and threatening Lutz*

2p South Italy: *crying and trying not to get tears onto his suit*

2p Prussia: *doesn’t feel much pain but still hurts*

2p Austria: *actually squirming*