2p school england

2ps As Senior awards

Allen / America: Most likely to get into a fight

Oliver / England: Most likely to succeed

Francois / France: Most likely to procrastinate

Zao / China: Most likely to be a druggie

Vlad / Russia: Valedictorian

Matthieu / Canada: Most athletic

Luciano / Italy: Most likely to run a business

Lutz / Germany: Class Clown

Kuro / Japan: Most Artistic

Flavio / S. Italy: Most Dramatic

Gillen / Prussia: Not in yearbook. Forgotten.

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How would 2p Russia, 1p Russia, 2p England, and 1p England react to finding out that the reader skipped school? (The reason why is up to you!)

England/Arthur Kirkland-

Oh. My. God. Prepare for a lecture, not that you don’t deserve it…

“Are you joking?! Or did that class you chose not to attend go over why it shouldn’t be skipped? Are you daft? Or do you just wish to be?” He’s not happy and will now personally drive you to school if he has to.

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-

“Oh, poppet…were you sick? Stressed?” He’s worried the reason you skipped is due to poor heatlh or some type of emergency. He’s very understanding and insists that next time you come over so he can help you relax.

Russia/Ivan Braginski-

He doesn’t approve of you missing classes. Though he wont lecture you he may sit you down and demand an explanation. Once gotten, and likely deemed unsatisfactory, he’ll insist that he keeps an eye on you. Offer to help you with the work and maybe even drop you off…just to make sure.

2p!Russia/Viktor Braginski-

Similar to is 1p, he will likely not approve of you skipping classes. He will watch you complete work and assist if asked. He wont argue when he tells you he will be taking you to and from classes. He really does think this is in your best interests, for your future as well.  

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How would axis and allies treat s/o if s/o was short? Plus 2p!canada, Spain, and Prussia (do you get my idea here XD..?)

the teasing will never end(will always mock about how the weather is down there): 2p Germany, 2p America, 2p Russia(believe it or not), 2p Austria, 2p Spain

barely has an inch to talk about their height: 2p China, 2p Japan, 2p Italy, 2p Romano, 2p England

leans on them all the time, every second of the day: 2p Prussia, 2p Canada, 2p France,

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Psst, friendo... I dunno if this has been done before, but could I get some headcanons of how the 2p Allies (+Canada) and 2p Axis (+Prussia and Romano) act/treat their young child?? (Adopted kid, gender neutral kid, I don't really mind what they are tbh but I need Dad headcanons for these dorks if you would so kindly do so :0)

(I think I’ve seen some other dad headcanons for these guys, but you’re going to have to dig around, Anon. -TC)

2p Italy: Luciano treats his child with the love and care they deserve, but can be rather strict. He’ll have schedules and be a bit controlling, but is never cruel. He’s a bit overprotective of his child because the last thing he wants is for them to get hurt. And if anyone dares to lay a finger on his child, he will cut a bitch.

2p Germany: Lutz is one of those ‘Go ask your mother’ kind of guys. It’s not just because he’s lazy, though. He just doesn’t want to have to tell his kids what to do and disappoint them when something doesn’t go their way. He also just wants their mother’s input to make sure what’s best for them.

2p Japan: Kuro is pretty chill with his kids. For pretty much any situation he has a solution. He may panic a bit when he doesn’t know what to do, but he figures things out quickly. He’ll also start teaching them at a young age to make sure that they’re smarter than other kids. Though he may not seem like he cares, he really does care about his child and their well-being.

2p Romano: Oh my god, Lovi. He’d probably use the poor little angels (or devils) as his personal mannequins. He’d put them in so many different outfits to see how they look or do their hair. However, he’ll take them out to get some ice cream or the park to play if they ask him. While he’s at it, he’ll walk around his little dolls with pride, knowing that he made them look that fabulous. He really loves children and can never have enough of them.

2p Prussia: Klaus will be a nervous wreck since his only experience was raising Lutz. He’ll keep them safe and hesistate to take them places they’ll want to run around. If they get away from them, he’ll run after them to pick them up and make sure they weren’t hurt. If they’re upset, he’ll let them run around for a little bit but will stay close. This guy doesn’t like taking risks with his child.

2p America: Al is Soccor Mom Ultimatum on steroids. Running stop signs during emergencies, riding a minivan while playing Korn on the radio, and picking a fight with someone’s dad when they insult his kids. He’ll even be proud if his kids win a fight. However, he’ll take their education very seriously and make them read or fill out workbooks before even starting school.

2p England: This marshmallow man just spoils his kids rotten. Giving them gifts, feeding them sweets, and letting them stay up past their bedtime. But it’s when they start demanding things that he knows enough is enough. If they’re old enough he’ll tell them why it’s rude to just demand things, but if they’re just toddlers, he’ll say no and have them play with a giant pink bear or something like that.

2p France: Children actually make Francois pretty happy even on a crappy day. He won’t smoke or drink around them because he doesn’t want them to develop any bad habits. He’ll play with them and take care of them with his life.

2p China: Believe it or not, Zao has some experience with kids. He has a lot of confidence in taking care of his child, and has no concerns. However, he will ease up on the drugs like Francois. He’ll also be a really fun dad, spending most of his time with his kid. He’ll be a bit hazardous – like sitting them on his shoulders, throwing them up in the air, and swinging them around – but is always being careful.

2p Russia: You know Gru from Despicable Me? Yeah, that’s basically Viktor. At first, he’ll be hesistant about children, but once he’s been around them long enough, he’ll start to love them. He hates to see them sad or unhappy, so he’ll go through great lengths to make them happy.

2p Canada: Matt is a pretty laid-back Cana-man. He knows that kids aren’t that delicate and treats his kid that way, but is still careful with them. He’ll take them for long walks and play a bit of hockey with them, and if they get hurt he’ll drop everything and make sure that they’re ok.

(Fun Fact: Al is basically my mother. -TC)

Just think about 2p hetalia school. What if…

What if… Arthur live with his elderly mother. And she’s mentally ill (she think that she is british queen :D)
Arthur need money. For life, for mother, for many other thing. But he can’t work, so he started to make very special cakes with mother’s psychotropic pills. For sell.
In a fact he is drugdiller in a school.

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2ps having to wake up very, very early/being rudely awoken if that's okay??

2P: *gets rudely awoken at 5am*

2P!America: *gets progressively louder* …If you don’t get the fuck out of my face right now I wiLL LITERALLY FUCKING MURDER YOU

2P!China: *still half asleep* Mmgh… no mom I dun wanna go to school…

2P!England: *kitten yawn* Hhhh… five more minutes please…


2P!Russia: *rubs eyes* For what occasion are you waking me…?

2P!Italy: sonofabitch gET OUTTTT *forcefully hurls pillow at the offender*

2P!Germany: *heavy sleeper so he remains dead to the world in a soundproof coma-like slumber no matter how much he’s touched, grabbed or poked*

2P!Japan: *is already awake and watching the sun rise or some shit*

2P!Canada: *entirely ignores the wake-up and continues to sleep no matter any kind of effort, or just gets up in a trance and moves somewhere else to sleep*

2P!Romano: *is already up and making breakfast or chirping with the birds or screaming ‘i fucking love mornings’ probably*


2P!Prussia: Hmm? Oh… yeah sorry, I’ll be up in a minute

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Do the 2p's have any back-to-school advice? I'm going to a new school this year and I'm really nervous!!! (P.S. I'M IN LOVE WITH YOUR BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

((aww crap, i share your pain! i started a new high school recently and it’s been hard to make new friends! ;; n ;; luckily, i’ve made one anyways, you bet my babes have advice for you!))

~New School Advice~

2p!america: shit, you’re switching schools? alright alright, here’s the deal. stay away from the fuckin’ assholes! if you’re forced to sit with someone who seems like an asshole, then don’t even try to be their friend. like, for what? so they can treat you like shit? no way dollface, you deserve nice friends so that better be what you’re lookin’ for.

2p!china: oh… huh, just… be yourself, okay? there’s no point in trying to act like someone you’re not. look for people who seem like they would have similar interests as you, yeah? *leans in, whispers* maybe wear that anime shirt of yours so you could attract your fellow nerds, haha.

2p!england: *concerned* it’s always difficult starting a new school… however!~ no worries poppet, you are lovely and precious; you’ll make new friends in no time! just give everyone you meet a nice grin and be both polite and talkative. you’ll win their hearts quickly, i assure you~

2p!france: *groans* fine. here’s the thing. don’t be a damn loner like i was. it might sound tempting to sit far away from everyone and not talk to anyone, but you’ll regret that later. tell people you’re new and maybe even ask if someone can show you around.

2p!russia: oh… i see. well, i’m sure you’ll make friends. be sure to speak up. now’s not the time to be shy and quiet. everyone there knows each other already, so you have to be outgoing. if all else fails… look for someone else who’s walking around alone. they might be easier to talk to.

2p!italy: hm. don’t worry darling. you’ll survive, i know it~ also… i suggest you join a club of some sorts, or go into an elective that is right up your alley of interests. you’ll meet people who are just like you, yes?

2p!germany: what, seriously? you better not forget about me! ugh… anyways, i say that because i know you’ll make so many friends that you won’t even be able to remember all of their damn names. and don’t worry, if you don’t make any on the first day, i swear i’ll go with you and yell at people, “yo, be her friend!”

2p!japan: i’m sure everyone’s talking about making new friends. well, disregard them for a moment. focus on your classes. your studies, your teachers. they’ll give you the best advice and you’ll need to pay attention to the important things, like any schedule changes and anything of the like. you should get a map of the school if it seems difficult to navigate through and perhaps even check to see where your classes are before school starts so you don’t get lost on the first day.

2p!canada: do cliques even exist? you should tell me when you get back from your first day. anyways… just try to join the one that fits you. nothing’s better than being surrounded by people who like the things you like.

2p!romano: first impressions are everything, my love.~ be sure to dress your best and to make sure your outfit reflects a part of who you are. wear accessories that showcase something about yourself, understood? besides that, i think you’ll have fun!~ choose friends wisely, okay? *eyebrows furrow* you never know who the bitches are till you’ve gotten to know them…

2p!austria: hey sugar, you’re nearly as amazing of a person as i am, so no worries! if people are lucky enough to be near you, then you better grace them with your presence, you hear me? go up and say hello~ honestly, you’ll only be doing them a favor, because they’d be the ones blessed with your smile, isn’t that so?

2p!prussia: ah, okay… i’m sure you’ll be fine. *smiles* don’t get too stressed with the small things. and if you get lonely at lunch, then maybe you should go to a table full of people that look kind and ask to sit with them? i-i don’t know, i’m not so social myself but i’m sure they’d love to have you, because… you’re you, after all…

Admin: Good luck to everyone starting a new school this year! I know you might be nervous but just know that we’ve got your back, dear! Have a great school year and, don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll make great new friends. Q w Q

At school
  • 2p!america: the one always yelling and getting in fights
  • 2p!china: the truant who's absent more days than he's there
  • 2p!england: good grades, hiding a machete in his backpack probably
  • 2p!france: no fucks were given ever
  • 2p!russia: always looks like he's ready to murder someone
  • 2p!italy: the smartass always talking back to the teacher
  • 2p!germany: usually has to leave class because he's laughing too hard at his own joke
  • 2p!japan: thinks he's the teacher
  • 2p!canada: what the fuck am i doing here
  • 2p!romano: the one who's always whispering and giggling with his BFF during class
  • 2p!austria: how about no
  • 2p!prussia: the clumsy one always dropping his books

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How would they react if they got an application to sin school :D (2ps-make-my-crotch-tingle)

2p America:  He would be more than qualified for sin school.

2p England:  He would be a little embarrassed about it, but on the inside he is happy.

2p France:  He would like the application, he enjoys his “physical activities.”

2p Russia:  Poor baby would be so embarrassed about it, he might not even attend the school.

2p China:  He’s already a apart of sin school.

2p Canada:  He doesn’t quite understand sin school, his brother might have to explain.

((Sorry it took so long for this update and this question, I didn’t really understand what the application was until recently, and I was busy.))