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Heyyyy, I love your portrayal of 2p!Russia and 2p!Italy, and would be super interested in some 2p!RusIta stuff if you're willing to write any?

It’s not typical but it is not unexpected. It’s really simple things that set Luciano off into a screaming cursing fit. Very few can actually understand him as he spits out insults in Italian though every one can understand to move out of the way when he starts throwing knives.

Vlad flips one of his meeting papers over and tilts his head to the side to avoid the knife flung in his direction. He doesn’t look up still, knowing the knife wasn’t really meant for him. Allen is on the other side of the table with his arms in the air and dodging the knives sent his way as he further riles Luciano up into an angry stupar.

Vlad sighs and puts his papers down. Simply he stands and walk over to where Luciano is. He makes no noise as he grabs Luciano under his arms and lifts him off the ground. The Italian kicks and swears as Vlad carries him outside like some sort of rabid animal.

He drops Luciano once they are outside, leaning on the doors so Luciano doesn’t go running back inside. Luciano begins pacing instead, screaming louder in a language Vlad barely understands. He knows Luciano is cursing but that’s just about it. Finally Luciano drops to the ground with a huff, glaring at nothing in particular.

“Are you done?” Vlad ask a him with a deadpan voice.

“No,” Luciano spits back at him. Vlad rolls his eyes and moves from the doors to kneel next to Luciano. The Italian is still grumbling to himself but stops when Vlad places a hand on his shouler.

“He is not worth it маленький крестик,” Vlad tell a him. Luciano glares up at him then sighs hard. He runs a hand through his hair and rejects Vlad’s hand to be helped up.

“I know that,” He hisses and marches back inside. Vlad tilts his head to the side and follows. On his way back to his seat he places his hand on Luciano’s head for a quick comforting second. The action makes Luciano sighs again and Vlad feels mildly proud that he managed to quell the fight for at least another day.

Why is that I sit here and wait?

Hanging here like a bait.

Waiting for your warm touch

Oh,how I long for this so much.

Your kisses give shivers to my spine

Just like drinking my favorite red wine

I’m longing for your warm embrace 

I’ll hold you close until the end of my dying days.

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Some poly 1p2p RusIta, maybe?

Feliciano had for lack of better wording, a very no good rotten bad day. He woke up late which meant he couldn’t paint as much as he wanted to, and while not the worst thing did put a damper to the start of his day. He managed to leave for work on time but almost broke down and just barely got to a gas station in time so he wouldn’t have to call and wait for someone to drive him to the restaurant. Since he had to stop he was late to work and so walked right into a freak lunch rush without preparation. Though his co-workers did forgive him, he was made to stay and close because of it. He didn’t get to nap the whole day.

He whimpers to himself as he fiddles with the key in the lock, his whole moral making it hard to focus. He sighs when it finally clicks and he walks inside. His jacket is dropped to the first chair he sees. He rubs his eyes and trudges over to the couch, falling face first next to Vlad.

“You are home late,” He says not looking up from his book but placing a hand gently on Feliciano’s head in comfort. Feli whines and explains his day, every so often getting acknowledging hums from Vlad in response.

“Oh, so you are alive,” Feliciano twists to look at the bedroom door where Luciano appears. He nods his head and sits up to watch Luciano go to the kitchen and start preparing food. He’s about to ask what he’s making when arms wrap around his waist.

“Feli is home~” Ivan coos in his ear and snuggles into him. Feli giggles at the cuddles and accepts them gratefully. Ivan prattles on about how much he missed Feli when Luciano brings him food, petting his head in an affectionate way before going back to the bedroom.

“You need sleep,” Vlad finally looks up after Feli has finished eating. Feli pouts a little but when Ivan carries him to the bed he can’t help but giggle in resignation. Luciano is already sleeping face first on the bed, having only stayed up to see Feli get home. Feli snuggles into him, sighing happily when Ivan curls up beside him. He’s barely asleep when Vlad places a hand on his head to run his fingers through his hair and join them.