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The 2ps reaction if you took there favorite item

You: *playfully snatches a 2P’s favorite item*

2P!America: (his baseball bat) …so you gonna go smack people around too then huh?

2P!China: (his opium pipe) yeah, let’s get high together baby~

2P!England: (his face powder) *whimpers* g-give that back please! ;-;

2P!France: (his newest pack of cigarettes) …if you want a smoke, you don’t have to ask.

2P!Russia: (his scarf) my elder sister gave that to me before she became a tyrannical businesswoman… please give it back to me.

2P!Italy: (his golden throwing knife) hehe, throw it, I dare you~ (it flies crooked so it takes extra skill to throw it correctly)

2P!Germany: (his field cap) hey, my boss gave that to me before he killed himself… T ^ T

2P!Japan: (his katana) *annoyed eye twitch* careful where you’re swinging that.

2P!Canada: (his red plaid shirt which was laying on his bed) uh… you can’t borrow that. my deadbeat dad gave that to me.

2P!Romano: (his aviators) *giggles* sorry babe, those wouldn’t look good on you. *takes them back* here, try these~ *gives you different sunglasses to better suit you* (he loves his scarves but he doesn’t have an exact favorite, he adores them equally)

2P!Austria: (his Rolling Stones pin) oh… what the hell. take it~ I have many more at home *modestly waves it off* ^^

2P!Prussia: (his bow and arrow) oh… would you like me to teach you how to use it? :)

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(Male anon has returned, but this time has 2P Italy tied down to an chair and gagged, why?) BECAUSE TIME FOR THE 2PS TO REACT TO 1P ITALY'S NEWEST DANCE MOVES IN THE WORLD TWINKLE ENDING! (He says while yelling through his mega phone that was directly pointed at Luciano's ear) ISN'T THIS EXCITING LUCI? (Grins at Luciano's response) I KNOW! It's the joy on being an male anon.

cue a pissed luciano about ready to kick you in the balls 


if they were forced to watch feli’s seizure dance–


2p!china: …looks like i need to slip him some tranquilizers 

2p!england: *holds laptop screen close to his face and talks as if feli can hear him* gOODNESS GRACIOUS ARE U OK DEARIE ???

2p!france: *cue wtf face*

2p!russia: am i the only one concerned with how we’re apparently a tv series–

2p!italy: i dON’T KNOW THAT GUY *looks around frantically* I DON’T KNOW HIM I SWEAR IT

2p!germany: *all the cringe and snickering*

2p!japan: *unable to keep straight face, raises eyebrow* what even–

2p!canada: …looks like he’s summoning steve.

2p!romano: *facedesks, whimpers* no amount of dance lessons from me could solve this catastrophe… 

2p!austria: ohohohoho, that is cLASSIC~

2p!prussia: but at least he looks happy…

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The 2P!s reaction if you tripped and fell on top of them? [please and ty. ^^]

you: *trips and falls on top of a 2P*

2p!america: *grunts* watch it nerd

2p!china: *smirks at you straddling him* you were looking for the first opportunity to dry hump me weren’t you~

2p!england: *blushes* a-are you alright, sweetheart?

2p!france: *gets mildly turned on*

2p!russia: are you hurt? *helps you up*

2p!italy: *hisses* ouch, watch where you’re– *sees your face* oh… *sultry voice* you can stay there as long as you’d like, princess~

2p!germany: ahahahah, what a nice position we’re in~ *winks*

2p!japan: *scowls* don’t be so careless.

2p!canada: *groans and rubs head* ow, that hurt… *peers at you* and get off me…

2p!romano: *laughs softly* did my beauty distract you?~

2p!austria: *sighs* and yet again, my stunning presence has caused a collision… *looks at you and blows a kiss* not that i mind~

2p!prussia: i-i’m so sorry, i should have seen you coming– *cautiously helps you* are you okay? *looks over your body* was that bruise there before? does it hurt…? ;; - ;;