2p fem america cosplay


I just remembered I forgot to show you the cap I got for Christmas from a friend of mine~ And do you remember my scarf? :3

Also, here are two fem!USUK selfies with my sis >w< @beloye-plamya

Aaand I bought an America cosplay from a friend today, I finally have a jacket for the fem! versions and a normal America cosplay! :D (People who remember my old America cosplay… forget that)

Arrgggh the 2p!fem!America cp is so sexy with the HU tattoo :’3


📷 Photographer : Alyssa Rohler Photography & Web Design

2P!America: thestarspangledsadist
/ yaminade-no-zoi
Nyo!America: missameriko

So sorry I’ve been away! I’ve been a little busy with work! I did manage to sneak away long enough to go to a photoshoot and the pictures turned out really nice~ 💚


Thank you for 200 followers<3

Me trying out 2p Nyo America cosplay