2p axis powers

Things only in Hetalia

• An entire religion based on a character.

• Hetaoni and Dreamtalia.

• Gutters and Danish Slaughterhouse

• 23.5

• Being able to trigger an entire fandom at the mention of Davey, Pineapples, and Jeanne D'arc

• 5 minute episodes, 4 seasons.

• Russia’s hands.

• 2p Hetalia

• The elusive 3p Hetalia

• Fucking micronations

• Direct 3rd wall breaking like in the office

• Gay Countries™

• Every Hetalian suddenly knows how to perfectly cook pasta

• Vocaloids made for the characters in Hetalia; Hetaloids

• All Hetalians know at least bits and pieces of several other languages OTHER than Japanese like other weeaboos; Examples include German, any Nordic language, French, Italian, and Spanish (All of which I can say bits and pieces of)

• Ace-ing history class

• Asking your history teacher what Prussia is, and where Liechtenstein is, and if Sealand is considered a country

• Everyone can voice act well or do at least one good or great impression of a character

• Being able to name more countries off the top of your head than anyone else

• Dark Lord Hima

• Studio Dean Animation

The 2ps as shit said at my lunch table

2p America: “According to all known laws of aviation-”

2p China: With a heavy Taiwanese accent: “…. Shiiiitttttttt”

2p England: “OH FUGGERNUT I DROPPED MY SANDWICH” this friend won’t swear it’s so funny 

2p France: “Mangez mon cul.” //dabs

2p Russia: “Swearing is gross which is why I don’t swear now shut the fuck up and let me eat.”

2p Canada: “I forgot the word… À la papetaria or some shit like that I don’t know I don’t speak French.”

2p Italy: “pasSA LA PASTA” //queue laughing at it for like 5 minutes

2p Germany: “Okay but honestly the German tree on duolingo can eat my ass.”

2p Japan: “I vape straight up yaoi.”

2p Romano: “Mom yelled at me when I said I’d wear Gucci to grandma’s funeral.”

2p Austria: “Ah yes I see now. Your palm says that you’re a little bitch.”

2p Prussia: “Ah yes, only one more day until I livestream my suicide.”

Good Girl
  • Word Count: 552
  • Characters: 2p Canada x Overweight Reader
  • Theme: DD/LG, Daddy Kink, NSFW

You feel tears clouding your eyes as you feel your papa grab the back of you head, pushing his length deeper into your throat. “That’s a good girl, take it all!” Matt growled as he tightened his grip on your hair, earning a delicious whimper from your lips. He chuckles as he begins to pump in and out of your mouth, coating his shaft with spit and saliva. You gag as you feel him hit the back of your throat repeatedly. 

“Such a good girl, letting papa fuck your tight throat” Matt grins as he watched his cock slide in and out of your mouth, almost memorized by the motions. He then holds your head still with his large hands, “Such a dirty little girl, I bet your pussy is dripping, huh?” You look up to him with pleading eyes with eyes clouded with lust and tears, causing him to grin.

He pulls out of your throats, studying your body. “P-papa?” you whimper as you look up to his tall stature.

You chubby body as you sit on your knees, with your thick thighs on display and legs tucked tightly under your round ass. Your thighs pressed tightly together to stop your juices from flowing down your legs and onto the floor. Trails of saliva and spit running down your chin and at the corners of your mouth, while your eyes plead with desperation for yet another throat fucking. How could he deny his princess such a request?

With a deep growl, he once again grabs your head and entangles his fingers in your blonde hair before slamming into your mouth once again, his balls resting on your chin. Matt lets out a sigh of satisfaction of how wonderful your warm wet mouth feels on his hard length. You will surely be rewarded for pleasing your papa.

He groaned loudly as his tip brushed the back of your throat, earning a gag from your tiny throat. He stays in this position to feel your throat adjust to his thick cock and your tongue blushing along his shaft. Once he felt he wanted more, he began to buck his hips into your mouth. Practically fucking it while exploring every inch of your mouth and throat.

You felt his cock twitch in your mouth, indicating his end coming soon. Matt growled as he tightened his grip on your head, “Fuck, papa is going to cum. I want you to swallow every drop, got it?” He said, more so an order than a question. He began to buck into your mouth at a faster and harder pace.

“Fuck!” he groaned out,h is seed spilling into your mouth and onto your tongue. Cum leaking out at the corners of your mouth  as you began to swallow all of his cum. He pulled out of your throat, a long string of saliva attached between your lips and his cock. He stood there panting heavily as he looked at the mess before him.

He noticed the pool of juices running down your legs and onto the floor. Matt grinned mischievously, “Looks like my little maple leaf made a mess? I guess I will have to punish her.” He said before gathering your plush form into his arms before making his way to the bedroom for your “punishment”.

This meme reminded me of 2p ameripan so whY nOT, it’s very quick and messy eh I kind of like it o3o

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2p!axis as roommates??



  • He thrives a bit on the messier side of things, and will leave dirty dishes lying around a lot. It’s not that he wants things to be dirty; he’d just rather wait until he has a large pile of things to clean than keep at it every day. 
  • He has “a chair” where he stores clothes he’s worn once or twice, but still aren’t quite dirty enough to wash yet.
  • He’s that roommate that will leave CDs of obscure bands you’ve never heard of on your desk, expecting you to listen that night so he can ask what you thought.
  • Somehow, he is illegally keeping and raising a Maine Coone in his room. The litter box is the only thing he does clean daily.
  • If you had a hard day, he is absolutely going to shove you on the couch for ice cream, wine, cuddles, and Gilmore Girls. With the cat. Who’s probably named Pretzel.


  • He jokingly flirts with everyone you bring into the apartment, from your grandmother to your actual s/o.
  • He makes you flip a coin to decide who’s cooking supper tomorrow night.
  • Often, he wears a blanket around the flat, using it much like a cape, and calls himself “King of the Cul-de-sac.”
  • Though he has his own room, he has a bunk bed. He claims that the bottom bunk is his “cave,” and the top is his “perch, from where I can judge lowly bugs like you from high above.”
  • You often wonder if he even has a social life, because he rarely has anyone else over, and he seems to think 3 am trips with you to the grocery store are heroic quests to save the kingdom from certain peril.
  • Seriously, this boy has no life. Please take him out more. He’s getting like no Vitamin D.


  • The annoying mom-friend who always remembers your doctors’ appointments.
  • Thinks that if he violins loudly enough, he can win the argument about why he put extra money into his share of the rent this month.
  • The rest of the flat can be a war-zone, but if his kitchen is not spotless, you will hear about it for months on end.
  • He spends almost $200 on cheeses every fortnight, and yet he wonders why you never touch it for your toasties.
  • He’s the roommate who will come into the bathroom while you’re in the shower and sit on the toilet lid so he can rant about his brothers.
  • He’s walked in on you while you were changing once, and didn’t even look away. He’s was too busy already reading a news-story to you about a recent diplomatic movement that could only end “horribly, in the worst way possible. Why are you standing there with your mouth open? Are you even listening to me?”
  • 2p!America: Here he comes! *slaps 2p!Russia* Take that sir! Behold a grown man weeping like a-
  • 2p!Russia: *hits him with a chair*
  • 2p!America: *groans*
  • 2p!Canada: That?! That was your plan?!
  • 2p!America: *sniffles*
  • 2p!Canada: Are you crying?
  • 2p!America: Yes im crying he hit me with a chair!
What was that? : 2P!Ameripan
  • Allen: What are you doing
  • Kuro: Smelling a rose
  • Allen: I wish I was that rose
  • Kuro: What was that?
  • Allen: I said I wish I was that rose
  • Kuro:
  • Allen: I love you
  • Kuro: What was that?
  • Allen: I have feelings for you
  • Kuro: What was that?
  • Allen: Kuro, what the fuck-
  • Kuro: I'm not stopping until you say it, now
  • Kuro: What was that?
  • Allen:
  • Kuro: What was that?
  • Allen: I said you look gross.
  • Kuro: Thank you.