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So, Idk how many saw this but from now til I say stop this will be an ask blog for all my characters that I cosplay! I will start doing the gifs when I’ve stopped the event (aka I will not accept any more asks after I’ve started doing the gifs).
All gifs will be tagged with “2k-event-revi-askblog” (revi as in reconditevillain) and ofc I reserve my right to not answer asks I find disturbing.

Here’s a list of characters I cosplay (you can send asks to other charas too, but then answers might not happen):

2p!talia - France
APH - America
APH - Austria
APH - Belarus
APH - China
APH - France
APH - Ireland (own version)
BBC Sherlock - Moriarty
Black butler - Alois Trancy
Harry Potter - (young) Remus Lupin
Harry Potter - (young) Severus Snape
Marvel universe - Loki
Nyotalia - Austria
Nyotalia - Belarus
Nyotalia - France
SNK - Levi
Supernatural - Gabriel
Teahouse comic - Linneus
WTNV - Cecil



2p Austria

((Text copied from really really old post with the same topic: 

Flavio was ignored most of his childhood. 2p Spain (Andres) didn’t really care about him, and the only one that actually took a bit care of him was 2p Belgium (Beatrix) though it wasn’t enough to satisfy the need of attention a child needs. This has left some scars on him, which is why, for example, he’s always so attention-seeking. He doesn’t want to think about that part of his childhood, though, and neither does he want to say bad things about Andres, so he chooses to lie about it when people ask.

Unlike Flavio, Luciano actually got attention as a child, but it was definitly not the kind he wanted. Since 2p Austria (Roland) really wanted a girl, Luciano was always treated like that. However up through his childhood, he was punished a lot when not doing what Roland wanted him to do. Today he has scars all over his back, which come from the countless beatings, for example, whippings and beatings with Rolands cane

A little thing we need to point out is that we headcanon Flavio to have been brown haired as a kid, however since none of the muns own a brown wig like that (and we didn’t want to have to wait on borrowing one) we made the gifs with what we had. So yeah we headcanon Flavio to have had brown hair as a kid, just so you know))