To be honest, insensitive “I’m checked out until I’m finished this task” Rob is nothing new. He’s crazy ambitious and tunnel visioned. Look how he was with the whole Andy thing. He lives and breathes it for weeks and Aaron even had to take his phone out of his hand so Rob would speak to him for a moment…

It’s who he is and why they shouldn’t work but it has never really been an issue before because Aaron knows what Rob’s like and they can both be a little snippy and unafraid to piss off the other.

The reason it’s an issue now is because it’s confirming Aaron’s own worries and it involves Rebecca. If it didn’t, I can guarantee Aaron would have said something more but he didn’t and why? Because they’re ‘not talking about it’ and they’re horrific at communicating which is how they’re in this sorry mess… and so 💥

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Can I have a reaction of the yandere 2p allies where they are (trying) to take a nap with their s/o (already asleep) and accidentally brush up against somewhere sensitive and hear their s/o make a soft moan for the first time


Thank you for the request! I apologize for the late reply but please enjoy!


Warning: Slight NSFW

Allen Jones: His eyes would immediately open wide. It would take him a couple of seconds to make the connection that he had accidentally brushed up against his (s/o)’s sensitive spot. Excited with this newfound knowledge, he would begin to think of ways how he could use this to get it on with his (s/o). Too excited to wait, he wakes his (s/o) up, already too turned on to restrain himself.

Oliver Kirkland: He would get extremely flustered and immediately move far away from his (s/o). He would scold himself for doing such a shameful thing, but secretly he enjoyed it. Oliver respects his (s/o) enough to leave them be. He also definitely has more self-control than Allen so he’d stay in a little corner of the bed and attempt to fall back to sleep.

Francois Bonnefoy: Frankly, he wouldn’t really care. He knows full well how to make his (s/o) moan even louder, so he isn’t interested in such a tiny moan. Francois values his sleep more than sex. To avoid hearing such distracting noises, he would turn to face the other direction and go back to sleep. However, he does store this little ‘discovery’ in his mind for future reference.

Matt Williams: He would get extremely flustered and mad almost XD He’s clearly very turned on, but he doesn’t want to be a jerk and wake his (s/o) up because of it. He turns facing away from his (s/o), too afraid of brushing up against them again. The redness in his face would not go away until the early morning, when he finally was able to calm himself down and go back to sleep.

Yang Zao: It was his dream come true! Finding out where his (s/o)’s sensitive place was exhilarated him. He was definitely turned on but he didn’t know whether to wake his (s/o) up so he could solve his ‘problem’ or to save that information for a later time. Zao would debate between these two and ultimately end up staying awake for the rest of the night. When his (s/o) asks him why he had such deep dark circles in his eyes, he would tiredly (almost crazily) smile and tell them not to worry about it.

Victor Braginsky: Austere Victor would casually move his hand away and continue sleeping with his (s/o) wrapped in his arms. He was turned on, but his  amazing self-control reigned in his desires. He was more interested to have his (s/o) sleeping in his embrace. Besides, he wanted to see them moan when they were fully aware of how much he could please them.

1p + 2p Axis Headcannons (Spain)

1p Spain: “His smile is so bright, that it hides the darkness of his past.” -Cella

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  • Really charming and romantic, since he is the country of passion. I can imagine him being somewhat similar to France when he is in love.
  • Himaruya said that Spain is so scary when he is drunk that he can change Sweden’s facial expression. I have a headcannon that Antonio can go from sunshine and rainbows to bad-shit terrifying in less than a second if he needs to.
  • If his clinginess and possessiveness towards you isn’t enough to show his potential rival that you are his, then he would have to switch to his scary side. Of course, he wouldn’t want to scare you off, so he will do this when it is just him and his rival alone.
  • If his rival still hasn’t decided to leave you alone, he is pretty much asking for hell. It would probably be a while until they go missing, but they should take that time to change their decision. They still have the chance to live.
  • I’ve seen many headcannons of Spain being crazy and, because of him being a powerful empire and once being under the rule of the Arabians. And then, there are some headcannons that Spain treated his Latin American little brothers very cruelly and unfairly (and I have to agree on this one, considering the history of my country). If you guys haven’t seen my post, Yandere Hetalia #1, I am basically saying that Spain still thinks and acts like an empire. He’s just good at not making it obvious.
  • Most of us should at least know that many countries back then used torture methods to execute people. Considering how old Spain is, he’s bound to use the same methods he used in medieval times.
  • Depending on the situation, he will use his battle axe. Like when he is battling with another country who happens to be his rival.
  • Spain gets jealous very easily. Don’t have any relations with other people that are more deeper than his with you, and especially don’t pay more attention on other people than he would like. The consequences will be painful and bloody for both you and that person.
  • Also, he is also very protective and I guess you could say “territorial”. I mean, he’s not jealous. He’s just… Showing everyone that you are his, and everyone should know that.
  • Antonio is very possessive. Trust me, you are always bound to have an arm around your waist at all times. If not, then you either have to be in his line of vision, or he knows where you are.
  • Obsessive yandere.

2p Spain: “He is the perfect epitome for rage.” -Durarara

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  • From what I can tell in the fanarts, he is in the loner and quiet category . So, I can see him being similar to Kuro. But if he is the opposite of Spain, and Spain likes to hide his “other” side, then I have a feeling that he isn’t afraid to show when he is angry or jealous. So, there will be no smiles to signify that he found a rival and that rival is about to get brutally murdered.
  • Whoever hits on you is an idiot. First of all, he has his hands all over you. Second, I bet he has a reputation for being violent. If he sees someone else getting all touchy and all over you, he’d become a raging bull within a second.
  • His reason of jealousy varies from someone hitting on you, and someone taking away your attention when he really needs/wants it.
  • I don’t think he would punch your family or friends. If he did, he probably didn’t know that person was a relative of yours. Also, he doesn’t really trust your friends, because people can go from there to lovers.
  • He might’ve punched you at least once.
  • He’s not as brutal and sadistic as his first player, but his hits are just as hard and painful as a bull hitting and running you over. An average person can die from less than ten punches from him, depending on how mad he is.
  • He wouldn’t stick to torturing or killing his rivals (unlike Antonio…). If anything, the cause of his rival’s death might’ve been an accident rather than on purpose.
  • The battle axe is still his preferred weapon, although he rarely if not never uses it. Although, he does still polish and sharpen it. I wonder who the special person is… ;)
  • He’s very impulsive. He doesn’t think before he does or say something. Plus, he is insensitive, but he can read the atmosphere, unlike Antonio.
  • The only thing he can relate with Antonio is their possessiveness. While Antonio will try to hide it, Andres wouldn’t give a crap if he goes to jail for it. They are both extremely “territorial” and will not tolerate for any touching or flirting or any of the likes.
  • Possessive yandere.

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2p! Axis catches S/O dancing <s>beautifully</s> hardcore to kpop. Their reactions?

Germany: He honestly dances with them. It might turn into a competition. S/o vs. 2P! Germany. 

Italy: The little fuck watches them and compliments them on it. He may dance with them if they begged him. 

Japan: He doesn’t say anything as he stares at them. It’s a bit creepy. Kuro, stop it. He won’t dance with them, he would rather watch them to it. 

-Mun Kai