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i wonder, what the best way to get 'notice' from 2ps? your blog is amazing tbh :D

How to get senpai the 2Ps to notice you

2P!America: start free-style rapping out of nowhere (he’ll be like ‘eyyyy that person sounds cool’)

2P!China: do something cute, like play with his hair or compliment him (he’ll think it’s adorable a’f and probably fall in love w/you)

2P!England: smile at him. (he’ll grin back and ask you how you’re doing)

2P!France: wear a sexy perfume (he’ll notice. and he’ll be attracted to it as well as you on a subconscious level)

2P!Russia: talk intelligently about politics (he’ll think you’re someone he wouldn’t mind getting to know)

2P!Italy: be the leader or manager of something / give commands to people, in a project of some sorts (he’ll think you’re smart, capable, strong and/ or independent; all traits he admires)

2P!Germany: tell funny jokes (he’ll laugh rlly hard and join in most likely)

2P!Japan: speak your opinion about issues in a mature, graceful way that he at least halfway agrees with (he’ll think you’re worth talking to and such)

2P!Canada: talk about outdoor activities such as mountain climbing or camping or fishing or dirt bike racing (he’ll think you’re the closest to his type if he had one)

2P!Romano: wear a super trendy outfit or do your hair/makeup in a cute, unique style (he’ll definitely compliment you if he likes it)

2P!Austria: start talking about music, specifically rock, metal, or screamo (he’ll totally have a lot to talk about with you, especially over classic rock)

2P!Prussia: nerd out on video games (he’ll shyly join in. eventually. whenever he felt comfortable enough)

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GOALS: (voice, art, appearance, etc)

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(Hellu. This is my first one of these so I have no idea if I did this right. I just listed all of my mutuals so please tell me if any of them trigger you or share a similar kintype to you or a friend. Thats all thanks :0 )

The 2Ps finding that their very shy and quiet s/o happens to be very talented on voice dubbing various male Disney characters and singing their songs, especially the villain songs. Ex, She can do great with Genie, Clopin, Quasi and Frollo. Especially, when they stumble upon her singing 'Hellfire' and doing an great job using every emotion in the lyrics.

Grins and listens for a while. Once you realized he was there, he’d ask you to keep going and sing more often. He’s a sucker for Disney villains.

Catches himself listening ever time to even him. He thinks it’s cute and will support you.

Cheers and claps. Asks for you to sing to him while he’s making cupcakes.

Loves it low key. If you stop he won’t make you continue, but he loves it. If he hears you singing, he’ll stop and listen.

Que intense fangirling.

Offers a thumbs up and a small smile every time you stop if he walks in.

He’ll sneak up behind you and hum the melody in your ear while wrapping his arms around you.

Low key records it to listen to later.

Will either freak out and give you a round of applause, or join you singing in harmony. No in between.

This guy is an opera singer. Keep that in mind.

Smile and sways to the music. Very happy that you can sing so well. You’re compensating for his mute-ness.

Hellfire is his jam. He’ll play a rockin’ electric guitar background for you.

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Can you please do a scenario where Viktor does something nice for his female s/o for Valentine's Day? (a candlelit dinner at home).

(Seeing as its Valentines day ofcourse, i hope you enjoy! Im sorry i also dont like making stories for one gender, so I couldn’t do that so this is a multi gender Scenario.)

You groggily went through the day, work was dragging and the weather wasn’t all too nice, the only thing you were remotely happy for was to get home and hopefully cuddle with Viktor if he was in a good mood, if not you had no chance. Viktor never usually got a day off so when you got home from work to hear he had valentines day off you instantly became hopeful that he would’ve planned you and him something nice to do for Valentines day. Even though if you and him just stayed in bed all night cuddling, that would be perfection to you. You walked to your car, throwing in the paperwork you’d done today and promised you’d finish at home as long as you could leave early, you looked at your watch seeing that it was 5pm, smiling because usually you wouldn’t get home until past 10pm. You quickly rang Viktor to tell him you were coming home early, “Hello vhats wrong?”, you heard Viktors voice and smiled it was so soothing to hear his voice after a long day, “Nothing, i was just ringing you to tell you i’m coming home early.”, You heard Viktors voice hitch, becoming suspicious you instantly said “I should be home soo-”, “Sunflower, if you would, could you come home in about 20 minutes im not in home and i vould like to see you when you got back.” Your cheeks reddened at the nickname sunflower, he hardly ever called you that and when he did he was trying to be sweet which was way to unusual for you. You smirked and said “Yeah sure i’ll go get a coffee or something.”, “Okay sunflower, i’ll see you soon, promise me you vont come back early?”, “I wont come back early, i promise Viktor.” You heard a chuckle come from the man and you felt your heart skip a beat, you’d been with him for so long and you’d hardly ever heard him chuckle or call you sunflower, “Okay, I love you.” You had to lean forward and cover your face, instantly knowing that your blush had spread all over your face, you felt as though you were dreaming, “I-I love you too Viktor…” And with that the call ended. You had to take a moment to relax, moving your (h/l) (h/c) out of your face and smiling from ear to ear, he had to be planning something and you couldn’t wait to find out.

You waited for twenty minutes holding your (Hot drink) in-between your hands and taking in the nice sweet scent, relaxing you and making you remember that as soon as you get home you can spend the night with Viktor. You drank your drink quickly and made your way back to your car, realising you were a little late to leave out, making you want to rush home. You quickly got home by 6:45pm and stood outside your shared home with Viktor, a smile stretching from ear to ear, not even caring if he didn’t have anything planned, as long as you could see him you would be happy. Walking up your porch steps slowly, you placed your hand on the cold door handle and twisted it realising it was open. “Thats strange…why are all the lights out?” You looked around only seeing candles, you saw a note on the table next to the door and began reading it aloud, “Follow the rose petals and you will receive your present.” Your face became flushed and you felt your cheeks hurting from how much you’d been smiling. Making your way up the stairs following the rose petals, they lead into yours and viktors bedroom, you slowly opened the door to see a box on the bed with a bow tied around it.  You made your way over to the huge box and opened it to reveal a long (favourite colour) off the shoulder Dress/suit, you lifted it out the box to see it was the dress/suit you had been wanting for a very long time, seeing that even the detail on the dress/suit was exactly what you wanted. There was a note on top of it and you quickly picked it up, “Put this on and the shoes and come downstairs and into the garden, i’ll be waiting.” You held the dress and the note close to your chest and felt your stomach flutter with butterflies. You quickly got dressed and put the black heels/black shoes on, quickly sorting yourself out in the mirror and making your way downstairs. As soon as you got into the dining room leading off into the back garden, you saw candle light and smiled, making your way into the garden to see Viktor sat down at a decorated white table, with rose petals covering it and a candle placed in the middle. Viktor stood up and came over to you, kissing your forehead and giving you a loose hug, wrapping his arms around your waist, “Happy Valentines day Viktor…”, “Happy Valentines day sunflower, now let’s eat i’ve made us dinner.” You went to sit down and saw Viktor pull the chair out, you smiled at him and then sat down as he pushed you in, “Well, you seem a little different, you’re being oddly sweet.” You said smirking at the Russian man, he smirked down at you and said “Anything to get in your good books.” You chuckled lightly as you sat patiently waiting for Viktor to bring out the meal he had cooked for you both. As soon as you smelt the aroma coming from the kitchen, your stomach rumbled notifying you just how hungry you really were. After Viktor had brought out dinner and you two had started eating, you began asking him about his day and having general talk until Viktor said something weird, “Sunflower, vhat do you think about marriage?” You instantly felt your eyes bulge and your heart race, was Viktor going to propose? Was he going to actually commit to you?, “E-Erm…I love the idea of staying with someone forever, it’d be nice to celebrate a day showing someone how far you’d go for them, that you would wear something to show just how much you commit yourself to someone…it’s really lovely.” Viktor had a small smile on his face as he raised his fist to his mouth and coughed, “Vould you turn around a second please?” You nodded and turned your head having so many things run through your mind, “You may turn your head around now.” You looked at Viktor as he was on one knee, you felt your heart race as you saw the open box infront of your face instantly telling you he was asking you if you would dedicate the rest of your life to him, “(Y/N), I know i’m never really emotional with you, and I know I never express how I feel but…just for today i’ll try and show you just how much I love you, so (y/n) (middle/name) (l/n) Will you marry me? I promise to look after you and to treat you like a princess. As soon as i saw that you’d accepted me for what I do and who I am, I instantly knew I wanted to be with you, and when you accepted me for how I was and as much as I know i’ve upset you, you still stuck by my side so i’d love for you to do that forever.” You felt tears stream down your face as you nodded and croaked out a “Yes.” You felt Viktor lightly grab your hand and slip the ring on your ring finger, you instantly then wrapped your arms around his neck and hugged him tightly peppering kisses all over his face, he stood up with you still holding onto him and he wrapped his arms around your waist, as he began swaying with you lightly, wiping away the tears that had stained your cheeks, “I love you so much Viktor,”, He leaned down and kissed you passionately with his hand on your cheek, “I know i dont say it often but I love you too.”