This is Quelmira! Born to an all female tribe far out in the desert, she has been training since she was young to become a Souls Paladin. A heavy armored individual that overseas protection of the tribe, the Temple, and those within. They uphold what is right and just to honor their Goddess of Sand. She as lost to her tribe quite some time ago after her initiation was ruined. She was to accompany a priestess across the long trek to their temple, and on the way, were attacked by a beast clan. She saw an opportunity to claim a name for herself and took it, sacrificing herself to protect her group. Injured and hurt, she wandered until she found a very particular palace… She was once tentatively biexual, and after a very fateful encounter at this place, she is now decidedly lesbian. Now she and her best friend Pav travel together, keeping him safe and out of trouble while simultaneously learning about the world outside her clan (as xenophobic as they were) she has learned very much about herself.

She is strong physically and mentally, able bodied to protect at a moments notice! (She wields a great axe and is trained in heavy armor combat!!) She loves to wander and see sights, explore and find things, often she is part of Pav’s dances, practicing a little fire breathing and her own dances she’d come to know and love from back home. She wishes to return there some day, but feels it would be best to leave that life behind, to search longer for bits and pieces of herself.

She looks for another female, soft and kind, one who can make her smile and understand her demeanor and ways. She is warm and kind, and she always tries her hardest and puts her heart in all she does. She desires for love, and a long standing romance.

This is an open application! You can feel free to ask more about Quelmira and her life and interests before applying! She isn’t looking for marriage and she is not interested in flings. She doesn’t mind making friends, but the purpose of this App is for a girlfriend! So ladies only!

I would appreciate Reblog only entries to make it easy to track!!

App ends on August 25th 22:00 FR time (That’s midnight for me!) 
I’ll be announcing the winner the morning after!