bandsarejustbetter asked:

Who can sing really well and who can't sing at all (axis, allies +fave characters)? Thanks so much! Have a lovely day~ •///•

(Well thank you for letting me include my faves! Very sweet c: I’ll just add in the nordics, because I love them help me :)))) I usually only allow five characters, but this one’s short, so eh.)

Good singers: 

Japan/Kiku Honda: Quiet, yet comforting. If you can get him to sing in the first place, that is. He can be pretty shy about it.

Romano/Lovino Vargas: He sings a bit aggressively, but it doesn’t sound angry or harsh. He likes to add normal, unsung words in between the lines of whatever he’s singing. Dork.

England/Arthur Kirkland: Arthur has a good voice for loud, “Pump people up” Kind of songs. Like rock, or punk. It’s rather cute to see him so enthusiastic about the lyrics as he belts them out for you. Pretty confident in his voice.

France/Francis Bonnefoy: His voice is beautiful. He can hit both high and low notes, and never ceases to amaze you with his variations and vibrato for each line.

Norway/Lukas Thomassen: Lukas has a very soothing voice. It isn’t exactly deep, just calm, a bit breathy, and an absolute pleasure to listen too. It may take some coaxing, but he’ll sing if you ask him enough.

Sweden/Berwald Oxenstierna: Ber has an extraordinarily low voice. He can’t go too high, and he has trouble holding notes for too long. However, he makes up for this with how relaxing his singing is.

Okay/Decent singers: 

North Italy/ Feliciano Vargas: Feli’s got a naturally high pitched voice, and though it isn’t bad, it’s not the best either. Not just because of his pitch, but also because he can be kinda flat sometimes.

Russia/Ivan Braginsky: He sings very softly, and very shyly. Ivan can hit the right notes, and it can actually be pretty nice, but he’s very embarrassed about it, and his shyness holds him back.

Iceland/Emil Steilsson: No one knows. Not a single soul. He used to sing out loud when he was little, but that was rare, even back then. His friends try to catch him singing or humming, but it never works. So, we’ll just assume he’s in the middle range. (Canonically though, he’s pretty good)

Finland/Tino Fuckyourlastname: His voice is sweet! Very cute and sugary. It’s easy for him to make people happy by just humming a little tune or singing a quick song. He can be surprisingly loud, and can also hit pretty low notes, if he practices first.

Not the best singers: 

Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt: He’s not terrible. Singing just.. isn’t his thing. It’s not that he sounds super bad, he just kinda forces words out rather than smoothly executing them. 

Canada/Matthew Williams: Matthew is very quiet when he sings. So quiet, in fact, that he might as well be whispering. This is because he’s not only a quiet person in general, but he is extremely bashful when it comes to singing. It can be sweet though.

China/Yao Wang: Like Germany, Yao has a habit of forcing most of his words out. His voice is kind of harsh, and his note work is iffy, but he doesn’t have an unbearable voice.

Denmark/Mathias Køhler:  His voice can be…Cute. And excited. And it can be pretty nice if he warms himself up for a bit first. But otherwise, it’s a bit scratchy. He also has a habit of yelling or laughing in the middle of songs. This, and he can’t always get the notes quite right.

America/Alfred F. Jones: To be perfectly honest, Alfie’s voice is just the slightest bit annoying. It wavers a lot, and he can’t hit very many notes correctly. He’s also just a little bit too loud sometimes.

Prussia/Gilbert Beilschmidt: We love you, but your voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Sorry.

APH 2p!America Headcanons

(remember when i said i’d make this? yeah me neither. idk which one i’m gonna do next weeps)

- Allen is pansexual, though he tends to lean towards women more often.

- Though he doesn’t wear glasses like his counterpart, his eyesight is horrible, and thus he has to wear contacts.

- He’s dyed his hair multiple times, and currently it’s dyed red. Though, his actual hair color is a sort of auburn color.

- Allen needs to get used to cuddling before he’ll start to like it. It’s an acquired taste for him.

- He’s not as violent as he seems, and the scary/violent demeanor he sets up is mostly for intimidation, so people don’t bother him.

- Genderfluid Allen F. Jones. That is all.

- Allen is most likely a part of the skeleton war.