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anonymous asked:

Hi there! Your head-cannons are great, please don't stop making them ;w; You're an awesome Admin! :D So, uh, I have a question, what would happen if Reader helped a 2P out if they were sick? *shuffles away* I'm sorry if I bothered you-- *shuffles 10 feet away from Admin-Senpai*

((thank you-! and omg no, bby come back *pounces after you*))

You: *is taking care of a sick Second Player*

2P!America: *groans and buries head into pillow* ughhhh, why are you even here? You really wanna see me all fragile and shit? Fuck no… get out *hides face in blankets but doesn’t actually want you to leave*

2P!China: I’m so tired… But this doesn’t feel much worse than a hangover or that one time I nearly had an overdose… Wait, what did you just say? hELLZ YEAH I’M STILL DOWN FOR SEX?????!!!??

2P!England: *kitten sneeze* I’m so sorry poppet… You really don’t have to be here… I’m probably such a bother aND OH MY GOODNESS YOU MADE ME SOUP HOW SWEET OF YOU AWWWWH–

2P!France: *violent fit of coughing* ………. I’m fucking FINE,,

2P!Russia: I can take care of myself just fine… You really don’t need to be here… *weakly reaches for remote* ……okay but can you hand me that please

2P!Italy: gET. OUT. *cough* -nOWWW. *throws tissue box at the door as you flee* guhhh… *once you’re gone, he curls into a fetal position* no one is allowed to see me all weak like this… *angry grumbling* no one…

2P!Germany: yo, while we’re locked in my room like this, why don’t we watch four straight hours of porn together? ;DDDDDD *sounds like he’s totally kidding* … *is totally not kidding*

2P!Japan: *blushes when you place a wet cloth on his forehead* ……let’s just take a bath together.

2P!Canada: I’m not sick *coughs* I’m totally fine *sneezes* I don’t even have a fever *his skin is over 100 degrees* I can totally go to work tomorrow– *passes out from exhaustion*

2P!Romano: *whines* I feel so gross… And I was planing to re-dye my hair today *pouts* Anyway…~ toss me that new issue of Vogue, will you darling? *passes time by reading magazines with you*

2P!Austria: this king has fallen… *sniffles* just kidding!~ anyhoo, have you heard of World of Warcraft? *stares at you like an excited puppy* you should really…… try it,,,,,

2P!Prussia: I-I’m so sorry if I’m being a bother… I feel like a burden to you… I-I mean, you probably have so much better and more important things to do than take care of me, don’t you…?

S/o forcing 2p!Axis + 2p!Allies to eat a food they don’t like!:

2p!America/Allen Jones-
Death threats, lots of them. He’ll try just about everything he can. This ranges from running away to crawling when you catch his legs. He insist the back of your head will be very comfortably equated with his bat.  
2p!Canada/Matthew Williams-
“I‘ll eat it if you do…” He mumbles and lifted it to your lips. Of course you obliged, and took a bite, then another…and another.
“Still good?” Matthew chuckled and you looked at the plate, you’d eaten half of his serving. The wild Canadian tricked you.  
2p!China/Xiao Wang-
Only in return for sexual favors, need I say more? If you’re gonna make him be adventurous, he’s gonna want something in return.  
2p!England/Oliver Kirkland-
“Ollie…you‘ll like it…” You insist and bring a piece to his mouth. He politely pushes your hand away, but regrets it when you shoot him a hurt look.
“Please, Oliver…?” And that was all it took, he practically swallowed the piece whole.  
2p!France/Francois Bonnefoy-
Also for sexual favors, one’s he knows you won’t like. For the sake of your body I suggest you let it go.
2p!Russia/Viktor Braginsky-
He wont do it. He’s not doing it. You can beg and plead, but it’s not happening.
2p!Germany/Lutz Beilschmidt-
“Lutz…” You begged, probably for the twelfth time.
“No.” He grumbled, shoving the food from his face.
“…I‘ll take you to see the kittens…” You offered, some how with a straight face. It was the only way he’d try anything, but usually it was worth the trip.  
2p!Italy/Luciao Vargas-
If you take him to the flea market and get him a new knife…and sexual favors.
2p!Japan/Kuro Honda-
If you make some stilted comment about him being a wuss or how he needs to just be mature, he’ll do it…but he wont like it.

(I hope you don’t mind but I wasn’t sure what kind of jealously you wanted so I used someone flirting with their s/o! -Mod Meg)

2p!Germany: Upon seeing someone flirt with you he’d walk over and kiss you, then smirk at the offender as if to say mine. Afterward he’d drape an arm around your shoulder making sure to flex his muscles while doing so and before leading you away would give the offender the finger.

2p!Italy: He would immediately feel ticked off seeing someone flirting with you. He’d walk over and rest his hand on the center of your back sending subtle threats to the offender that he had ways of making someone disappear. Quickly pulling you away after he’d felt that his message had been received.

2p!Japan: His normal scowl would deepen when he sees someone flirting with you, how dare they do something so dishonorable. He’d walk over and stand next to you, never saying a word but surveying the offender sending subtle threats with his eyes and posture. He’d take pleasure in seeing the offender squirm uncomfortably under his harsh gaze.

2p!Romano: His cheerfulness would quickly be replaced with anger when he saw someone flirting with you. He’d push his sunglasses to the top of his head and wrap an arm around you pulling you close to him with his hand gripping your arm tightly. He’d smile forcefully at the offender and step a bit closer to them when he tells them to back off before grabbing your hand and pulling you away. He’ll slide his sunglasses back into place and kiss you as he starts to calm down, his cheerfulness reappearing.

2p!Prussia: Seeing someone flirt with you would cause his self esteem to drop though it wasn’t great to begin with. As he walked over to you his mood would visibly darken and the atmosphere around him would become tense. When he reaches you he’ll stare down the offender and wrap an arm around your shoulders while never saying a word. He’d later need reassurance that you love him and won’t leave him for someone else.

America, 2p!America, Germany, and 2p!Germany react to s/o accidentally eating something they’re allergic to!:

America/Alfred f. Jones-
Yells a lot, he is completely panicked and has no parental instincts. He has no clue what to do, he calls 911 immediately and screams at the operator.  
2p!America/Allen Jones-
Calm. He gets you Epipen or calls the an ambulance as quickly as he can. He doesn’t want to scare you further.
Germany/Ludwig Beilschmidt-
He looks up what to do online and then promptly follows instructions. He later freaks out, but only when you’re perfectly fine.
2p!Germany/Lutz Beilschmidt-
Practically flips out , he needs help, he doesn’t know what to do, he will not calm down until you’re back home safe and sound.