I am finally done with the second 2P!talia Epsiode!
I spend more than eight month of animating….
This time it has a dub and a few own songs! :’3
I really really hope you all like it  T 3T

(( FINISHED COLLAB w/ my bae mun Sapphie; ask-p2-america <3
We chose to draw the Nyotalias of both our muses !
Maria = Mariano | Al = Alline

And here is a funky progress gif to show how glorious our art lovechild is:

Sketch + Shading/BG by Kami (me)
Lineart + Base colors by Sapphie 

I hope you guys like it <3 ))

my headcanon if 2p prumano was a thing
  • Romano:say it
  • Prussia:never
  • Romano:*slaps Prussia's face* say that I'm cute AND fabulous, you bastard
  • Prussia:*spits in Romano's face* fuck you, bitch

ask-darkchina asked:

((Hehe, when you drew Roddy with short hair, he looked like Markiplier... >w<))

[ Ok… a lot of people said Roddy reminds them of Markplier. But, despite me being a terrible mun and being incredibly inconsistent in drawing Rod’s face, they actually look REALLY different to me…. short hair or not.
I’ve even got people asking me if I took inspiration from Mark to draw Rod. In fact, I didn’t even know who he was before I got said asks! X°D ]