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May I request 2P!Russia Fluff? Please? :3

this is a good welcome back to this blog. my two favorite things


“What are you doing, _____?” Ion had almost frozen in place, though at this point in your relationship, he wasn’t all that surprised. “I’m working.”

“Can I watch you work?” Your face was buried into Ion’s chest, so your speech was muffled. He seemed to relax a little, and a hand was placed on your back.

Eventually, Ion sighed. “Alright, but don’t try to interrupt me too much. This paperwork is important.” And even though he rarely smiled, you could hear the faintest of one in his voice. You snuggled further into him, tucking your head into the crook of his neck. Though Ion initially said that you were being ridiculous, he didn’t seem to mind.

The remainder of the evening consisted of you asking Ion different questions, while you occasionally kneaded his free hand with your thumbs, or twirled a lock of his hair with your finger. And as the evening transitioned to night, and Ion’s work diminished, his legs grew numb from you sitting on them. In fact, you hadn’t spoken a word in quite a while.

“Actually,” He started. “I think I can leave the rest of this for tomorrow. For now, we should get to bed.” While he looked down to see your response, he then noticed that you had fallen asleep. 

Ion sighed and picked you up, and attempted to stand while his legs felt like static was running through his veins. “Especially you, _____.”

Anon asked: Maybee 2p canada having cuddle time with a chubbt s/o? If you’re into hetalia and up for that is 😊

Of course anon dear! I adore me some 2P Canada. Wish I could marry the man, but alas, he’s fictional. Here you go dear! Hope you like it!

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You cherished moments like these and you knew Mathieu did too. It was a time where no words needed to be exchanged, no meaningless chatter…just peaceful silence.

It was your guys’ ‘lazy day’ which consisted of the both of you stripped bare, limbs entangled with each others and soft touches and kisses being exchanged by one another.

One of his arms was draped around your cushioned waist, the other, trailing across the soft flesh of your pudgy stomach. You used to hate it with every fiber of your being, but Mathieu showed you that it wasn’t something to be ashamed of, but to be proud of - like he was. 

He adored every inch of your chubby form and he showed you in every way possible, even now, just cuddling up together.

His rough fingers were soft and gentle in this moment, caressing your extra skin with such love and accuracy. The hand slung around your waist gently digging into the suppleness of your body.

You were pulled closer to his toned body, lips trailing down your neck and the top of your breast, fingers still massaging your skin, a moan emitting from your mouth from the sensation.

You knew at this point that you both were way past cuddling, you could feel that he was for sure and you were getting to that point. You didn’t mind, not one little bit. No matter what you both do, he always manages to remind you just how beautiful you are.

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Please insult 2p Romano and 2p Spain. Pls.

Flavio: 2 sinful for his own good. will blush if romantic things are said bc he’s actually shy af. not that fashionable even. will do anything for attention

Santiago: looks like a rly pissed off skunk. long name, similar to Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez. acts tough but will cry if you compliment him probably. loves his bf a lot wow what a fuckinfg gay