anonymous asked:

Can you please do how the 2p axis would react to their s/o being best friends with there 1p?

Aww so polite! I would love to!

2p Italy: SERIOUSLY! With that bubbling idiota? Fine, hang out with him! See if I care! he cares. Doesn’t want s/o to love Feli more

2p Germany: Ludwig? He’s a nice guy. Boring though. You should  teach him to live a little! You’ll be good for him!

2p Japan: Kiku is nice. We are friends.

2p Romano: Oh Lovino is Adorable! Like my Luci!

2p Prussia: Gilbert is great. Have fun with him. poor baby is so scared that s/o will leave him cause Gilbert is much more confident than him. 

2p Austria: You’re friends with him? But he has a gigantic stick up his a**!