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What would happen if the 2ps found there s/o hanging out with there 1p (just as friends) with out there knowledge.

2P! Italy:
- the moment Feli greeted his s/o he fucking went all sonic the hedgehog
- and thus Mr. Feliciano Vargas got scarred for life™
- shoots his s/o with a fuck ton of questions
- “is there a need for you to hide it from me if you two are “just friends”?“
- "i knew you’d flip if i told you and i didn’t want you to gut the fucking pasta last time”

2P! Germany:
- “hey schatz ya didn’t tell me you hung out with Luddy :0”
- pretty stoked bc two of his favorite people are hanging out
- confused bc why Ludwig, he’s a robot
- unless his s/o is into robots
- he might get a cyborg arm if they are

2P! Japan:
- every time he sees his s/o laughing with Kiku, he dies a little and a certain someone might die a little
- kuro don’t kill the kiku
- makes up a shitty excuse to (drag) take his s/o someone where else
- “why are you with him?” “with who?” “kiku” “wait kiku’s a he?”

2P! Romano:
- at first he’s like “aw look Lovi is finally talking to people”
- the realizes that “people” is his s/o
- and then he’s like “wHat tHE FuCkeDY fUck FUcK????”
- no one’s touching his s/o’s ass unless you want him to wreck yours

2P! Prussia:
- s w e a t s
- “okay okay it’s cool they’re just hanging out, nothing big- but wait they might think Gilbert is way cooler than me and he is but wht if they leave i cant live with that aaaaAAAAaaaAaa—”
- his legs end up walking towards his s/o and gil
- suddenly grabs his s/o and walks away
- “hey gilly why did you do that yesterday?” “do what?” “yknow ya dragged me and-” “whatever do you mean?”

2P! Austria:
- walks up to his s/o and puts his arm around their shoulder
- kisses their cheek
- “miss me, darling ~?”
- a completely offended Roderich appears
- wait what even is a Roderich? ssshhh that doesn’t exist

2P! America:
- “hI fuck off, pork chop that’s mine”
- he waits for Alfred to leave rather than him and his s/o leaving
- and Alfred ain’t budging
- they’re literally just fucking standing there while glaring at each other smh
- s/o leaves

2P! England:
- “ah poppet! i see you’ve met Arthur no wonder you were acting so salty last time”
- oliver stop being so extra
- uwuwuwuwuwu
- drags them both into a nearby cafw
- totally did not type drugs instead of drags psh watchu talkin bout

2P! Canada:
- he doesn’t mind
- was about to go on about his day until Matthew pointed out to his s/o that he’s there
- his s/o waves
-“hi matt im with matt”
- would rather just leave

2P! France:
- he got blinded with sparkles when his eyes landed on Francis
- yknow what he’d actually put an effort to walk up to them
- and be blinded by Francis again
- but what would he do after that?

2P! Russia:
- “nothing’s wrong”
- “they’re just talking”
- “and laughing”
- “…and enjoying each other’s company”
- “nOtHiNgS wRoNg”

2P! China:
- “baaaaabe~! ditch the old guy and come with me”
- “oh it’s you Yao, hi”
- desperately tries to drag his s/o away
- tries to hide it but fails
- it’s pitiful really give him love

2P! South Korea:
- he won’t really give a single shit lmao
- “pffff it’s not like you’d replace me with him im like way better and hotter”
- would say hi and leave
- he ain’t possessive
- it could literally be any guy and he’d still not care