Advice to live by.


I will admit, he’s totally fabulous. Like seriously, anyone who likes Beyonce is great in my book and we do have similar fashion tastes. And I totes understand his pain of being the only fabulous country around in a sea of tackiness.

You know, we could probably take over the world together.

((Thank you so much to 2p-blog-thing for being my absolutely fabulous Flavio.))

Welp italian is flying back home. I’m already missing maple-fairytale-fryingpan and ask-the-fabulous-polska ( : □; ) 9 The little things you do for your friendships that mean something to you.Even the smallest tokens;to me; mean so much. Liz made this for us with our matching colours in bracelets and our viking braids. ♡ We meet good people from all over the world and develop friendships with them and we all have different back stories.We meet and love these friends because even if you have a hard time loving yourself they got it covered. Make friendships that stay with you.This world is full of beautiful people ~…. ( = w =) 9 

…..I should practice my cosplay/character before the con…..Maybe I could do an in-character Tinychat tomorrow? Would anyone be interested, or…..?

EDIT—I should probably say who I cosplay, eh? Id be cosplaying 2P!England, and any other 2Ps would be welcome to join~ (or 1P!England or something. I’d love to have other people up with me(


you ever read a really good fanfic, and you can’t wait for the next chapter, but the last updated was in 2012???