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“I know its late and i dont know you but i hear you can talk to fish and im worried my goldfish is depressed” or “I don’t know why i thought bringing you to a sushi bar was a good idea, i thought seeing all the live fish in the tanks would have been nice but i forgot about all the dead ones after” for VB mermaid au? Please and thank you!! Take your time to get to it. =o

There is soft music playing through his dorm room, kept quite to not disturb the other people sleeping in the rooms next to him. He’s a little happy his roommate is out right now so he can do his night routine without feeling judged. Not that his roommate is obnoxious or anything, but he can feel himself being watched and it’s unsettling. It’s not his fault he needs to clean often. Being on land does that to his skin. The amount of skin supplements Allen actually goes through is unbelievable.

He’s in the process of scrubbing off the mud mask that makes him feel just a little homesick when a knock comes from his door. He makes sure the water headphones that go over his gills are filled with fresh water before putting them back around his neck to help his breathing. Not that he can’t breathe with out it, but asthmatic effects are not fun.

The small bits of scales on his upper arm shimmer as he opens the door to the brightly lit hallway. He blinks at the stranger while his eyes adjust to the light having gotten them happily adjusted to the darkness, more used to the darkness than anything else.

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Hi hi! Out of all y'all, who can fly the best?

(note: not drawn to proper scale; some may look taller than they really are.)

1. Ludwig Beilschmidt - Ranked number one (known) flier in the continent in October 2016, he still cannot believe he’s passed the queen who has kept her spot for years, even after loosing a vital sensory organ that most couldn’t fly well without.

2. Zenaida Fernandez-Carriedo - Before Ludwig passed her rank, she used to be known as the best flier in the continent and was voted the best in February 2009. She’s not yet been informed about this, as she is still at war within her own collapsing kingdom.

3. Alfred F. Jones and Matthew J. Williams - It’d be natural for twins to be identical in most things, and here’s a prime example. These two twins are actually very modest about their flying ability, and are content where they are. 

Runner ups:

Lutz Beilschmidt

Lovino Vargas

Simon Kirkland

Jett Kirkland

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Do you have any good recommendations for 2p usuk fanfics?

Honestly there’s so little fics out there, I’m pretty sure people who like the pairing have already read these but yeah here’s a couple!

A Lesson From Grass Snakes (on fanfiction.net)
I’m pretty sure everyone has read this since it’s soooo old? But I love it?? This has a blind 2p england and a sweetheart of a 2p america and it’s the best 2p fic omg.

Meteors Brought us Together (on archive of our own)
This one is like super duper cute and the dialogue between allen and oliver is very entertaining! Like seriously, this one is cute. 

Refraction (part one)

2p America x 1p Canada 

(and in a way, 1p America x 1p Canada)

In this world, Matthew supposes, there are no take backs. There is no way to regain what is lost, or to send back what’s taken. There is no delete key. There is no backspace, or reboot, or any of it. What brought Al to Matthew was absolute and irreversible. They had tried - oh how they had tried - to somehow spirit him back to where he came from. Without knowing what had even brought Al here to begin with, though, there was nothing they could have done.

There’s no going back. Every time Matt looks at him he remembers that. Even as Al is angrily rooting through the drawers of the master bedroom, asking Matt where the hell his clothes are supposed to be if not here or in the closet, he remembers.

Al gestures sharply, aggravated, to the drawers of the old dresser all pulled open, all crammed full with DVDs and vintage comic books. Scraps of paper, pamphlets insistently given out, old receipts. Collectible cereal box spoons stuffed into the corners. The closet is no better. Matt never understand why Alfred had to keep these things so close to him, as if he were terrified of losing items so useless.

(He supposes that the world has an awful way of taking these things from people.

And then finding an even more awful way to give them back.)

When Alfred died - his roommate, his very best friend - he came back three weeks later as this man. A man with the same face, the same shoe size, the same birthmark on his left forearm. But his colors all wrong. Like a paint-by-number that someone had filled in incorrectly. Brown eyes replace blue, deep burgundy hair instead of blond. A darker cast to his olive skin. Al looks up at him then as he’s observing him, eyes filled to the brim with unmasked resentment.

Matthew stares at the brunette with a blank face and makes a vague motion towards his bedroom doorway. Tells this version of Alfred from some other world that all of it is in the hall closet. He huffs and walks out to see for himself.

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{ 𝕭𝖑𝖚𝖙𝖗𝖚𝖊𝖓𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖌 }

       Her breath came out ragged as she staggered along the path leading to the front steps of her place. Sure, given her state, she shouldn’t be out of breath for anything. The real effort she had been giving was all to prevent herself from attacking the nearby humans.

       She hated this, how each and every one of them smelled so sweet–

       Selma shook her head and groaned, leaning her head against the door. It wasn’t like she could go inside…her dogs might be at risk. But she couldn’t stay out here either. Someone might come along and find her. And who knew if she’d be able to hold back if that should happen–


.:Puppy love–literally:.

       Madd growled a little as she strode along the street, glaring at anyone who got too close to her. Gods, if anybody so much as touched her then, she was going to–

       She stopped as a familiar scent reached her nose. Against every instinct and resolve she had, she suddenly found herself bolting towards the source, not even hesitating to tackle hug the other upon sight, nuzzling her slightly as she lifted the smol Brit off the ground. “Mum! Mum! Mum! Mummy! Mum! Hi!