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Can I marry the Doitsu and have 13 kids with him, two of which are named Name and Gazorporzpfeild, and make them sleep in the garage

you’re gonna have to take it up with him! he’s good with kids, so i don’t think there’d be any problems there. 

dunno how he’d feel about those names- he doesnt seem like a rick and morty guy- but im sure youd come to an agreement

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(Alright, so I'm sorry if you're full and I'm adding to it, but I just had to send this to you. You can ignore it as long as you can but please hear me out) Could you possibly do, if you have the time, a head canon or Drabble about the 2p countries reacting to the 1p countries April fools day costumes. If you don't get the reference, just look up Hetalia the Beautiful World April Fools Day. Thank you for reading, and you're work is amazing btw!

“I don’t know,” Allen says with his tongue running over his teeth. He has that shit eating grin on that he knows most people hate but he doesn’t particularly care. Alfred is in front of him with his arms crossed over his bare chest looking very unimpressed with Allen’s entire existence. Arthur pinches the bridge of his nose, one arm lazily around Oliver who has not stopped cooing since he saw him.

“This is one big headache,” Yao says, yipping loudly when Zao tries his damnedest to flip the skirt of his outfit up. He slaps the other but it doesn’t deter Zao from following after like some sort of sick puppy.

“I kind of like it,” Louis announces plainly, boldly eyeing Francis up and down. The other, now thankfully in his original adult form thanks to a kindness from Oliver, blows a kiss and does absolutely nothing to hide himself with the skimpy apron given to him.

Ivan whimpers in shame, still hiding on the ground with a metal street cover over his body. Vlad is near him standing tall and acting as a shield. He has already given over his coat to make it so Ivan has more to cover him up. Both of them are embarrassed and awkwardly not talking to each other.

“Found you!” The group’s attention turns to Antonio walking towards them with bunny ears on his head and a sunshine smile on his face. Flavio is following behind with his sunglasses lowered to take in the sight that is everyone in their skimpy outfits. Lovino and Santiago are behind him with deadpan and disturbed expressions.

“Isn’t this fun!” Antonio laughs brightly and there are a few glares sent his way which he ignores to the full extent. He barely explains himself when Yao stomps over to him.

“This is your fault!” Yao screeches and whacks Antonio on the back of his head. Zao takes the chance to wrap his arms around Yao and pull him into his lap to cuddle him fully. Allen has slid his way to Alfred to try and untie his own skimpy apron. The squabbling starts while Lovino and Santiago debate if they should just leave to go get coffee, or some sanity.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” Ludwig’s voice carries in the open field and Lutz doesn’t bother to hide the smirk on his face. Ludwig pushes down the dress that covers his body so this way Lutz can’t try and sneak his way back under it.

“Stay out,” Ludwig barks but Lutz snickers and shakes his head in a clear way to show he has no intention of doing such. He goes back to nuzzling Ludwig to soothe his nerves while Gilbert laughs with him.

“Chill out bro this is fine,” Gilbert’s outfit is way worse, only a pair of bunny ears and a skimpy apron to cover his body. Klaus is firmly red next to him, laughing into his hands and trying to keep his eyes away from Gilbert’s exposed chest. 

“This will be fun,” Gilbert says half hearted, pulling Klaus in for a cuddle.

“As soon as every one else shows up I guess..” He ends lamely. Ludwig huffs and pushes Lutz in a futile attempt to get him to stay away.

Kiku sips his tea calmly with a soft smile on his face. He decided not to go out today and really doesn’t regret his choice. The outfit he received and the threatening letter seemed of little to no consequence to him. He’s been in enough stupid positions to know he can get past whatever is thrown his way.

Bam!” Kiku looks up and almost snorts his tea up his nose. Kuro is in the doorway with the maid outfit Kiku received on his body, rocking every inch of lace that could possibly be there.

“Kuro please,” Kiku tries to reason with him but Kuro at this point is having to much fun twirling and showing off his legs.

“I look good,” He says.

“You look stupid,” Luciano hisses at him from around the corner. Feli peeks out around him in the kitchen from where he’s making food.

“Aw so cute!” He says and then returns to his business with Luciano to help him. Feli received an outfit and letter about his embarrassing picture. He then found the picture and laughed his head off at it, deeming it not worth his time either. Together they decided to have lunch.

“Where’s Ludwig?” Kiku asks. He’s answered by a collective unknown answer. He shrugs and continues to sip his tea with Kuro’s head in his lap. It’s a peaceful day for him.

Matt twitches in his spot. He twists the bottle of beer in his hand like it’s the only thing holding him to where he is.

“Matt? You okay?” Matthew wraps his arms around his shoulders and Matt is snapped back to his own right mind. He shrugs with a grunt.

“I just feel like, we’re missing something.” He mumbles. Matthew hums and sits on the couch next to him, hockey on the screen, and the window open to let in the air. Kumajiro and Kuma are on the floor laying on top of each other.

“I received an odd letter today,” Matthew starts and he sips his own maple beer. Matt just kind of looks at him waiting to explain further.

“I got an apron and bear ears with it.” He says with his expression morphing into nervous. Matt looks to the screen instead.

“Maybe you could show me?” He asks then grimaces wondering if he really should have asked that. Matthew giggles softly and takes another swig of his beer.

“Maybe I can,” He says. Matt nods his head but his cheeks burn red. He’s not sure if he should thank who ever decided to send Matthew such a thing or be very worried about why it happened in the first place.

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What do you think about headcanons for 2p!Russia in bed?

My grá! 🌼🌼

  • Super gentle the first couple of times
  • be patient with him, he has gymnophobia and is really self conscious
  • ask him to be rough, and he will try!
  • will body worship
  • 6′3 🍌🍌🍌
  • Loves seeing his S/O in lingerie
  • His partner leaving marks on him is 👌👌👌
  • Kiss’s all over their body

I’m not feeling good at all. I’m sick and I’m trying so hard to keep this blog going and find motivation to write. That being said…

I want to roleplay. They’ve been open but I just keep losing people after not responding for awhile.

I want to roleplay Hetalia with anyone. And I want to be as in depth as possible. Shit tons of detail. I don’t mean you have to do a lot of detail, but I definitely will to boost my writing skills, and it’ll give me inspiration to write.

Please, just a roleplay. Doesn’t even have to be serious. And I don’t care what characters or AU is used, that helps me broaden my writing skills. Smut, angst, fluff, 2ps or no 2ps, I don’t mind.

Thank you.