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How would the 2ps react to coming home after a long day of whatever only to be greeted by getting hit in the face with their S/O's bra? She just whips it off, throws it at them and walks away? (I just have this lovely picture of Allen walking through the door like, "Ay! I'm home, dollface. Did you-" And then he's just silenced by a bra)

2p!America: He’d pause for a second before taking this chance to initiate sex

2p!Canada: He’s not really one to take that. Not even if it’s a bra. He’d start yelling at you, especially if he just got back from work

2p!England: Would just take it off, a blush on his face.

2p!France: Would become a bit agitated, but just throw it off his face. He better be getting sex or he’s gonna get pissed

2p!China: Stops. Silent. Busts out laughing, he doesn’t understand but it’s funny.

2p!Russia: Why? He’s surprised but also confused. Why did you just throw your bra at him

2p!Italy: Would smirk, “is this an offer~” before kissing you.

2p!Germany: This would get him super in the mood super fast

2p!Prussia: Would turn dark red. “I think you lost this.” Poor baby would try to give it back

2p!Japan: Dodges it. It sure is a way to greet him though.

2p!Romano: Would inspect it before smiling, “nice style! It’s Victoria Secret right?”

2p!Spain: “Well then. That was rude.”

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How would the 2ps (Axis and A.C.E) react to finding out their crush is deaf?

((I am assuming you mean fully deaf w/o any kind of hearing aid? So this is just…what happened, sorry if it’s not exactly what you wanted))

2p!America/Allen Jones- He is stunned, because he just…hand’t expected it? But he tries his best to learn some basic signs and they’re mostly flirtatious…cause c’mon it’s Allen. At least he keeps it light and playful.

2p!Canada/Matthew Williams- Already knows some signs, but only enough to ask you out for coffee. And if you show genuine interest then he would attempt to learn more.

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland- He finds it interesting and treats learning sign language as an adventure! He’s eager to be able to comfortably communicate with you.

2p!Germany/Lutz Beilschmidt- It’s…also a shock, cause how would he not have noticed? Probably just stared at you too much. Although this explains why he thought you were just a quiet type. 

2p!Italy/Luciano Vargas- Talking with him in sign language will be difficult because he uses a lot of hand gestures anyway while telling stories or just speaking. But he does try to learn it, really. Be patient with him. 

2p!Japan/Kuro Honda- He probably figured it out early and is somehow already an expert at this. It barely seems to be any kind of issue. Smooth transition.