2p as quotes from Heathers (movie):
  • 2p America: Fuck me gently with a chainsaw.
  • 2p England: Our love is God, let's go get a slushie.
  • 2p France: I can't believe this is my life.
  • 2p China: The extreme always seems to make an impression.
  • 2p Russia: If you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn't be a human being, you would be a game show host.
  • 2p Italy: Chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling.
  • 2p Japan: If you want to fuck with the eagles, you have to learn to fly.
  • 2p South Italy: Jealous much?
  • 2p Austria: I guess I picked the wrong time to be a human being.
  • 2p Prussia: Real life sucks losers dry.

Okay sorry that this took so long and arent that great but they’re sketches for a reason. We have two Luis’.

One is of Dad Lui. Instead of a child, he’s everyone dad. He wears all forms of jammies and gets sick of everyone’s shit lol

Two is Ninja Lui, very sneaky and LOVES shiney things and those of value, rarely seen by other’s and the strong silent type. Doesn’t fuck around and somewhat cold.

Please choose which one you’d like either in ask or in replies ;v; Then if Mod Derpy wants to edit anything, she will tell me c: We want to know what design should be what before we officially start 2p Lui uvu

Thanks! Much love!

-Mod Hypno

anonymous asked:

I saw C do this and I became curious XD what would your 2p version look like? (you don't have to draw, a description would work too)

Not draw it?? I had Too!!!!!!

Her name would be Denver (cause i hate it when people call me that)

she is a person centered around negativity and refuses to see the good in things, she is pessimistic, self loathing, introverted, no empathy, looks for pity, and is malicious 

She wears bright colours and patterns (neon’s, any colour that inst dulled down) and loves to wear flashy bright clothing, her colour scheme is opposite of mine, so she is blonde with brown darklights?  fringe swept to the other side and has brown eyes    

Ask : ❝ 2P!s’ Ideal Dates. ❞


2p! america : his favorite restaurant, a baseball game, watching movies at his house, anything that incorporates his own hobbies as he would love to have his s/o involved.

2p! canada : a hockey game, camping for a night or two, hiking or a beach picnic, anything outdoorsy would be to his liking and, hopefully, his s/o’s.

2p! england : a bakery or cafe, he would enjoy baking with them at home, a walk in the park or a picnic, anything that him and his s/o could both enjoy.

2p! france : he isn’t much of a “date” person, surprise. although, he might go out for coffee with his s/o which could be considered a date. he’s more likely to take her out for their anniversary, if anything.

2p! china : honestly? he would be happy going anywhere with his s/o and would let her decide. if he had to, he’d probably pick a club for their night out.

2p! italy : a high quality restaurant, sightseeing, wine tasting. anything to make his s/o feel special. he would go above and beyond for any special occasions, though.

2p! romano : shopping, definitely. he would be more than welcome to buy his s/o anything she wanted, it would be his pleasure. another favored date of his: going out for coffee.

2p! germany : maybe a walk or a drink, nothing too fancy. not that he’s cheap but he would rather stay home with his s/o. possibly, visiting towns she is unfamiliar with but he knows well. he’d love to show her around.

2p! japan : he doesn’t go on many dates. he’d much rather stay at home but, if his s/o was persistent enough, he might go out. their date wouldn’t be anything special, though. very simple, maybe coffee.

2p! austria : he would, hands down, love introducing his s/o to everything he’s interested in. that could involve anything from his taste in music to his more “well-kept” hobbies, if you know what i mean.

Ask : ❝ 2P!Germany Relationship Headcanons. ❞


1. he definitely knows how to put a smile on his s/o’s face.

2. is pretty “hands-y” with her but only if she’s in the mood.

3. he knows how to take a hint.

4. not really the jealous type, he respects her boundaries 100%.

5. he’s always pretty goofy.

6. will embarrass her in public on multiple occasions.

7. he can be serious, though. and, he knows when to be.

8. not really romantic but can be.

9. he loves to show her off, always proud to be her s/o.

10. super good in bed.

Seeing someone hitting on their lover:
  • 2p America: Could you go, the asshole quota of this place is already full.
  • 2p England: Sweetpie, let's go, I just found out that the bakery next to your house is having a promotion! *He feels bad for the lie, but it's an exception that will avoid a fight*
  • 2p France: *Doesn't say anything, but looks so scary that the person would go away by himself*
  • 2p China: Sorry fellow, this kitty here already has company. *He's a really cool guy, so the person would go away with no problem*
  • 2p Russia: My dear, can we go somewhere else? *On private tells to his lover to take care and watch out for bad people*
  • 2p Canada: Hey maple, I brought your coffe. Is this idiot bothering you? Are you bothering my Maple, sir? *scary eyes*
  • 2p Italy: Bitch, go away before I lose my pacience. *looks back to his lover* Can you believe someone is idiot enough to think that is good as me for you mi amore?
  • 2p Germany: *Kisses his lover until the person go away*
  • 2p Japan: Can you leave? You making her/him umconfortable and I will not allow thia anymore.