2p Russia: Do you want to know how I actually hurt my wrist?

2p China : Yes

2p Russia : I was hula hooping .Anna and I attend a class for fitness and for fun.

2p China: Oh, my God.

2p Russia: I’ve mastered all the moves.The pizza toss, the tornado, the scorpion, the oopsie-doodle.

2p China : Why are you telling me this?

2p Russia  Because no one will ever believe you.

2p China : You sick son of a bitch.

Some Random 2p headcanaons

Assuming that they’re all sane misunderstood babies…

- 2p America calls his girlfriend/boyfriend, or anyone he flirts with: “doll”.

- 2p Germany takes football/soccer a little too seriously.

- 2p Romano doodles on everything, and often daydreams.

- 2p Spain has a sick sense of humor, and this is probably why he and 2p America get along so well.

- 2p Italy often stomps his foot when he yells.

- 2p Prussia suffers from aphasia.

- 2p Japan makes “that’s what she said” jokes all the time.

- 2p England is demisexual.

- 2p Germany is one to hit on someone for you and/or be your wingman.

- 2p France will pretend to be annoyed by quirks that his friends or loved ones have, but secretly loves them.

- 2p Russia is a stutterer.

- 2p China jokes so much that no one can tell if he is serious or not.

- 2p Canada’s personality can be described as someone who always gives plank stares at the camera like he’s on The Office.

- 2p nyo Poland is butch and is manlier than 1p Germany and 1p Hungary combined.

- 2p Japan likes to show off his “ninja moves” by side-kicking 2p America in the face.

- 2p Prussia will make fake gaging noises when he sees anything romantic. 

- 2p England struggles with panic attacks.

- 2p Canada is asexual aromantic.

- 2p Austria loves music as much as his 1p, but he can’t play one instrument.

- 2p Germany is a procrastinator.

- 2p Italy will get all of his work done at once so he can relax later.

- 2p Romano uses Snapchat so much that his phone crashes at least 3 times a week.

- Out of all of the 2p’s, it is 2p France that deals with PTSD the most.

- 2p China is one to “laugh off the pain”.

- 2p Spain’s hobby is to people watch.

- 2p Denmark is a workaholic.

- 2p Russia is a victim of insomnia.

- 2p Japan loves the video “The History of Japan” and has been introducing himself as “Sunriseland” ever since he saw the video.

-2p Germany likes to pull pranks on his brother and 2p Italy.

- 2p England can’t swim.

- 2p Canada would describe 2p America as “all bark, but no bite”.

- 2p America like to curse in front of 2p England just to annoy him.

- 2p France is pansexual.

- 2p Prussia’s favorite thing to do is roll his eyes.