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Their secret guilty pleasure B))

Guilty Pleasures / Weaknesses

2P!America: Oreos

2P!China: red pandas

2P!England: Allen

2P!France: strip clubs

2P!Russia: chocolate-covered dried apricots

2P!Italy: clothes fresh out of the dryer

2P!Germany: grape soda

2P!Japan: bath bombs

2P!Canada: air hockey

2P!Romano: Pretty Little Liars

2P!Austria: American Horror Story: Coven

2P!Prussia: Animal Crossing

Inappropriate Shirts The 2P’s Would Wear:



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T-Shirt Source

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Yandere 2p Canada when his crush has a verbally abusive parent like how does he deal with it if that's ok

It’s funny how they think they can talk to you like that. Truly hilarious. He wonders what their last words will be…begging for mercy? Asking who it was that was taking their lives? Telling him it was all a mistake? Probably. But it would all fall on deaf ears. Maybe just a severe beating…if you really wanted them to stay around. But oh they’d never forget, the bruises could fade…but the image of a man much stronger than them digging into their flesh wouldn’t.  Maybe he could make them have nightmares? That would be nice…And that was just the warning.

Okay so because of his graceful nature and skill with handling knives, I headcanon that Luci has the girliest hands ever. Lutz has pointed this out more than once.

Omg I love this headcanon so much.

I also have this hc that Luciano can play the piano very gracefully too, but really he doesn’t want anyone to know about it.

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