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“I asked him if he could come over the other day. He talked some sense into me and taught me it’s only fair I hate him for hating me. He boosted my self esteem and I feel fucking amazing. He always gives great advice.”

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What all else did Francis tell you?...

“Like how I should forget that other guy. It’s obvious my feelings won’t even be remotely reciprocated. He said I should hate him for hating me when I’ve been nothing but nice to him. Which is true. Francis said he’d help me forget about him. He said all I needed was my friends (well he said him, since he doesn’t like Tony, but I’m going to include him anyways). That all First Players were rude and mean and prejudice. He said I should show A-.. the other guy how much I hate him by completely ignoring him, being rude back to him. Giving him a taste of his own medicine and let my hate for him be all that drives me. Which sounds like a really good idea~… Then he made me his special smoothies~!“

Write up on Luther Diederich, 2p Germany

Luther Diederich, more commonly known as Lutz, represents the 2p version of the personification of Germany. He is 6'1 in height, two inches taller than his 1p self. He has bright violet eyes, and curly blonde hair that is often worn somewhat long and shaggy. He hasn’t worn it slicked back since the last World War. Even then, he hated it. Luther was born as the one and only Holy Roman Empire, his 1p was born out of the fall of HRE at the hands of France. When he was younger, his eyes were a dark blue, however, over time they slowly turned to violet. Luther, unlike his 1p, is not the Kingdom of Prussia’s brother. Instead, he is the child of Kristoff (2p Prussia) and Irisko (2p Hungary). However, after seeing what happened to their child during the fall of the Holy Roman Empire, they took him away to protect him. This is why Luther feels so protective over Luciano, the 2p of North Italy, he reminds him of a more sinister version of his own little Italy. Luther has a scar on his face that he received during the first world war, as well as a large scar across his back from France’s attempt on his life.
Luther is quite flirtatious and promiscuous by his nature. His preferences run to both men and women, however, while more inclined towards men, he likes certain aspects of females a great deal, finding them physically comfortable. Despite this behavior, Luther has strong morals regarding intimacy. He does not believe in forcing attention on anyone, if he is told no, he backs off. However, he has a hard time comprehending emotions sometimes, and is prone to be almost over-emotional. Because of this, mixed signals are a harm to him. Despite his cocky, self assured attitude, Luther is actually very self conscious. Rejection hurts him more than he lets on. He does not believe in settling down, or falling in love, because the last time he fell in love (Chibitalia) he was taken away from the person dearest to him. Because of this, he has sworn to never love again, causing his promiscuity.
Luther strongly dislikes his 1p, and has many reasons for this dislike. He feels his 1p is much too stern, and is wasting his life by being so work orientated, since Luther much prefers calm and relaxing settings. As well, Luther is aware of Feliciano being his long lost love, and is aware that the Italian believes Ludwig to be him. This causes him to be greatly jealous of Ludwig, as well as furious of the strictness Ludwig shows Feliciano, and the blatant rejection of Feli’s affection, which Luther craves. However, he is too shy to approach Feliciano and explain the difference.
He does however, get along quite well with Ludwig’s older brother Gilbert, and will go drinking with him every once in a while. Mostly this is to hear the Prussian talk, since it reminds him of his fathers voice, which Kristoff lost in World War 1. He finds it very soothing, and enjoys Gilbert’s presence. That isn’t to say that he doesn’t still enjoy tormenting Gilbert, he thoroughly enjoys irritating him.

Luther is absolutely non-violent, often growing frustrated and irritated when 1ps accuse him of being such. He has never approved of violence, citing that Ludwig is the one with the violent urges, not him. Even during the wars, he often shirked his responsibilities as a nation to spend his time at bars and brothels, flirting with anyone who would give him the time of day. This was the reason for Feliciano giving him his scar, as punishment for shirking his duties.