World War II (part III)

[ At some point, his nerves collapsed so bad that he decided to… take care in his own way of the shameful mark impressed on his neck. By that point he was so used to pain that he didn’t care about how much it was going to hurt. All he knew is that he wanted it off his skin. ]

[ He was slowly getting out of control. He couldn’t stand the situation any longer. Seeing no light at the end of the tunnel, he started to openly rebel against the whole system. After all, he thought that they couldn’t do anything worse than what they had already done to him and to his people. ]

[ And he was right about that. All they could do to him, at that point, was throwing him in jail and leave him to rot. From that moment he had no way to know how the war was going. All he could do was wait. And wait. And wait. ]

[ As time passed by he became more and more damaged and weak.. and eventually started to fade away. The only thing that kept him from disappearing was his strong, indestructible willpower and pride. But they kept an eye on him. Nations can’t be killed the way a human can, but they knew that if he faded away, it would have meant that the Austrian identity and culture got finally eradicated, for the better of a bigger, purest Nation. And that was exactly what they wanted. ]

[ He spent the last years of war in his jail cell. When everything ended and the Allies found him, he was so underfed and broken he couldn’t even stand on his own feet, or pronounce a single word. Despite feeling deeply relived and thankful to them, at the same time he never felt so humiliated in his whole life, being seeing in such poor conditions. ]

[ He was left to the supervision of France, England, America and Russia, and years had to pass before he was able to speak and walk again. He had plenty of time to think about his situation, and even if he was slowly recovering, the war had left deep scars, both on his body and his soul.. and those never really faded away.

Nowadays he mostly refuse to talk about what happened back then. ]

First of all, I just search the gif that I want to make, for example: ‘’my emotions gif’’, ‘’eat ice cream gif’’ or ‘’jump out the window’’ Just search what do you wanna put. 


FOR THIS GIF, I USE PHOTOSHOP CS5. Then you have to draw the face of your character or yours or whatever you want (For example I drew Oliver). IMPORTANT: Make sure you don’t have background, it has to be transparent.

Then paint it! 

NOTE: You can paint it better, I just paint like this.

Open the gif in another tab.

Put the face of your character! BUT HEY! Make sure that the face of your character is on the top of the other layers!

Also, make sure that the real face doesn’t show up!

Thennnnn you have it!

Sorry I don’t know If you understand it, I’m so bad explaining things! If you have a problem just ask me! (If it’s possible on Munday xD)


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Can't believing I'm doing this, but.. wth. You: *friend dares you to walk up to a 2P and kiss them on the lips.* What is their Reaction?

You: *gets dared to kiss a 2P*

2P!America: ????? D-Did you just… ?! *super confused*

2P!China: *face burns up* Hey… w-why did you do that?! >//////<

2P!England: *covers lips with his hands in shock* Oh… goodness.

2P!Russia: *glares at you, then walks away*

2P!France: …so are you gonna keep going?

2P!Italy: Ah… allow me to return the favor. *smiles and leans in*

2P!Japan: *frowns* That was uncalled for and you had no permission to do that.

2P!Germany: Haha… sweet. Can I kiss you now? ;DDDD

2P!Canada: *backs away, looks down, clenches teeth, blushes* W-Who said you could kiss me…

2P!Romano: Mm… is that our new way of greeting?~

2P!Prussia: *gasps and turns away, hides face with his hood and blushes uncontrollably for twenty minutes* I-I-I- …!