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I just found this blog and wOAH, I love it, keep it up! \( ^ ワ^ )/ Now a couple of questions: are Prussia, England, America, Romano and 2p Canada ticklish, and where? And what kind of ticklers are they? Do they enjoy tickling battles with their s/o?

Prussia/Gilbert Beilshmidt: He wouldn’t be very ticklish at all, but he would absolutely love tickle fights with his s/o, where he would aim mostly for their sides, and he might try to pretend to be ticklish if his s/o tried tickling him and they were determined to find his ticklish spot,so he’d pretend his neck is his weak spot for that.

England/Arthur Kirkland: Arthur would be the opposite of Prussia, he would be extremely sensitive anywhere when being tickled, so he would pretend not to be ticklish at all. He might tickle his s/o sometimes, if he’s in a particularly good mood, though he wouldn’t always be the smartest about how he goes ahead with it and usually ends up getting kicked in the face.

America/Alfred F. Jones: Al would be ticklish everywhere and he wouldn’t even try to hide it, so if someone were to just brush a hand across his waist he’d nearly fall. Tickle fights with his s/o would be incredibly common, and he’d normally go for their waist for easiest access, though they wouldn’t have to even try touching him to get a reaction.

Romano/Lovino Vargas: Lovino’s ticklish spots would be his armpits and his feet, though he’d get a bit mad if his s/o tickled him too often after figuring that out. If his s/o ever started a tickle fight he’d get super serious about it, but other than that, tickle fights wouldn’t happen much.

2P!Canada/ Matt Williams: He definitely doesn’t seem like it would be, but tickling would be his ultimate weakness.He wouldn’t mind his s/o tickling him, but anyone else might not see many other days in their life. Like Lovino, tickle fights would mostly be started by his s/o, though if he were to start one, they’d better run, because he wouldn’t be letting them go for a while.

~Admin Blossom

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If dat fancy ask box is still open then I have a request (sorry if this breaks any rules home skillets). But how would the allies react to their s/o almost breaking up with them in a fight. Like they are arguing and then the s/o is like "I'm out" and goes to like pack a bag or something. Like would they stop them or let them go or?

((okay, I got 12 asks like this carrying in endings, so I’m combining this with them having a fight and going to a friends house, and their s/o dumping them after a big fight.))

2p America:  he shoudl have stopped them, but it was obvious they didn’t want him to stop them, they needed space, they needed some breathing room. Was he suffocating them, did they feel trapped in this relationship with him? He sighs and grabs his hair and tugs on it gently, this is all his fault, he should have treated them better.

2p England:  He was sitting on the ground sobbing, they left him. Why did they leave? Why did he say all those things, he didn’t mean them, yet they came out. He should have stopped and walked away when he had the chance, maybe then the argument wouldn’t have happened. Maybe he should have grabbed them and calmed them down instead of letting them pack their bags and leave him.

2p France:  He takes a swig from the bottle in front of him, he hasn’t drank like this since before they got into the relationship, maybe he should have seen this coming. He always pushes people away, and makes them hate him. Maybe he should have thrown himself in front of the door and begged them not to leave. He shoudl have done more.

2p Russia:  He sat in his car, the engine had been turned off a while ago, he was getting the courage to go up to the door and knock, he knows he needs help, and he knows that he would understand. But would he be okay with him dropping in like this? He opens the car door and steps out into the chilly air and up to the front door and knocks. Soon it opens and light and warmth are flooding over him “Viktor? What are you doing here?” Viktor can feel the tears burning his eyes and embraces him beginning to cry “They left me, they left me again Ivan.”

2p China:  He could go after them, but they probably didn’t want that, they probably didn’t want to see him ever again. He paced, he shouldn’t of grabbed them like that, he didn’t mean to grab them that hard, he just didn’t want them to leave. He begins to cry “God dammit!” He yells throwing something at the wall.

2p Canada:  He took a drag from his cigarette, this was something he hadn’t done for a while, but he was so upset, he picked up his phone “What do you want ass wipe?” “Can you come over…Please. I need you right now.” Matt says quietly he hears Allen’s mood change “Yeah sure, I’ll be right there, what’s wrong?” He can hear Allen shuffling around, it was almost 2am, he was probably getting dress. “I just need you.” He hangs up and sighs staring at his own hands, why did he grab them like that?

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Ok, so, can I have a scenario where the axis/allies have a super strong s/o and they have a job doing professional wrestling (got the idea watching wwe reruns and wondered how they would respond to a badass girlfriend like Paige or something)

((Yesssss WWE Fam I love Paige and Becky their my favourite Divas, my favourite boys are Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Neville))

2p!America/Alfie ‘Al’ - Al would at first think your joking until he sees you in the ring, then he would want an arm wrestle and to spar all the time.

2p!France/Louis - Louis wouldn’t really care that much, he would ask how you got into the business and ask time to time how things were.

2p!England/Oliver - Oliver would stupor you but would hate to see you getting hurt in the ring. He would always pamper you whenever you got home and would be very surprised at your strength.

2p!Russia/Nikolai - Like Oliver Nikolai would hate seeing you get hurt but would understand its apart of the business. He would always be waiting for backstage and would always ask you everything and anything about your job.

2p!China/Zao - He would find it so attractive. He would ask you to beat up anyone who annoyed him, and always came and watch you in the ring. He would stop using opium around you so it didn’t affect your career.

2p!Italy/Luciano - He would be very interested. Wanting to know anything and everything about your career asking if he could meet other wrestlers and divas. He would be very supportive and make sure to let the other wrestlers know your taken.

2p!Germany/Lutz - Hooooooooot. He would find it so attractive and want to everything about your job. He loves the tough cookie kind of girls and you would be the definition of that. Also he would make so many innuendoes in your wrestler outfit.

2p!Japan/Kuro - He would make so many wrestling innuendoes. But apart from that very supportive of you and your job wanting to help out were he can, he would sometimes watch you in the ring, but mostly help tend your injuries after your match.

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Axis's reactions to their s/o tapping/grabbing their butt as they walk by.

2p Germany:  He would turn around and do the same thing.

2p Italy:  He would gawk at them, they touched his butt, why would they touch his butt?

2p Japan:  He would wink, maybe do a hip thrust, he wants them to do it again.

2p South Italy:  He would blush and scurry away, he was not ready for that.

2p Prussia:  He might moan, he likes to have his butt touched, then he would run away in embarrassment.

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how do they get along with their 1ps? (did you already do this?)

((I think I did this but here it is again, also I am cleaning out the ask box, I just don’t have the inspiration for most of these, and a lot are the same thing, there’s almost 100 asks, oops.))

2p America:  He loves his 1p he has a crush on him, he likes to follow him around like a lost puppy.

2p England:  He does not get along with Arthur, they are like cats and dogs, they hate each other basically.

2p France:  He tolerates Francis, he just doesn’t like to sit with him for long periods of time.

2p Russia:  He enjoys spending time with his 1p, they go out to lunch every so often to keep each other company.

2p China:  He thinks his 1p is a boring old man (He’s a boring old man as well) and tires to make it seem like he is too cool for his 1p. But they get together every so often, they tend to talk politics.

2p Canada:  He adores his 1p, he likes to go out and do things with him, he will protect and love his 1p forever.

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Allen's reaction to his s/o hanging out with 2p Italy (I can't spell his name).

((It’s Luciano.))

Why were they together? He knows he shoudl not be following them on their day out, and sure they were with Luciano AND Flavio, but why were they with HIM. Sure they were on good terms at the moment, but that still doesn’t mean that Luciano can be a little ass. He went home and waited for them to get home, he woke up to the sound of the front door opening and his s/o walking in with some shopping bags “Hey, I’m home, I went shopping with Flavio and Luciano.” Well at least they weren’t going to hide the fact they were together. “Oh, why were you with Luciano?” He hears them sigh “Allen, I know you have this love hate thing going on with him, seriously, either get over it, or go fuck him in the ass or something I can feel the sexual tension between you two.” He stares at them awestruck “What?” He asks, they start to laugh and pat his shoulder “I’m kidding, I hang out with him because he’s kind of funny. Also he’s Flavio and I’s crowd control, boys stay away when he’s around.” Allen sighs “You basically use him to keep other guys away, why not have me there?” They smile “I want you away for a couple of hours as well.” He gasps “You cut me deep.”