Germerica romance is fun– romance is always fun, but I love, love Alfred and Ludwig as total dog buddies. Alfred always distracts Ludwig with cute dog videos whenever they try to have a meeting and they end up getting nothing done. And Ludwig gets so mad afterwords, but he always falls for it at the next meeting. They have a bromance based on their mutual love for dogs. 

aph netherlands would probably be that guy who reads the entire terms of agreement and if needed he would whip out a magnifying glass and look at each words carefully so that whenever he starts working with someone they can’t deceive him because he had memorized every single words in the terms of agreement

Never have I been more tempted to start a fandom post off with the phrase “listen up you little shits.”

So recently a special chapter of Hetalia: World Stars was released in Jump SQ. The chapter is prefaced by a character chart  showing the relationships between the characters (specifically Italy, Germany, Japan, France and, key to this post, America and England). A photo of the page is below:

One of the translators at hetascanlations was kind enough to translate pieces of the page. The arrow between America and England described the relationship as “brothers”. (as a comparison, the relationship between the Axis is described as “Good friends”).

Suffice to say, she started recieving hate mail from angry USUK shippers. It got to the point that she chose to delete the post and wash her hands of the whole situation.


Not to mention this so-called “new information” you’re losing your shit over is stuff that’s been around for YEARS. There was a whole comic about England and France fighting over who would be America’s brother back in 2008. 2008. Not to mention the concept of adoptive siblings or referring to each other as “brother” or “sister” is all over this series (China with Korea and Japan, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, all of the Nordics sans Norway-Iceland, just to name a few).

But even putting that aside, even if none of the above held up, how fucking entitled are you that you think you’re allowed to attack someone like this over your fucking ship? At the end of the day they’re cartoon characters and you’re sending hate mail to someone for translating a single word in a magazine. Look at your life. Look at your choices. Grow the hell up.