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Arthur, have you ever been dressed so sexy for Alfred?////And Ollie, did Francois ever dressed so sexy for you?

A: I just have this stupid nurse dress and I only wore it another time after April’s fools because France had challenged me to let me find from Alfred in his bed dressed like that….

O: I think he is always sexy! Whether it’s dressed or not…but he knows that I find him extremely sexy in elegant suit, so only on rare special occasions he put on a suit and I melt like snow!

Glowing siren mom and octo-son~

(ft. @ask-aph-merman-arthur and @ask-merman-oliver)

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So Ignatious, Oliver, and Arther are all together trapped in the same room, how would this play out? -Jim John Anon

England: What in the….

Oliver: Aah it’s so nice to meet new people!!

Iggy: (So there are more of us out there…?) Hey, who-… what exactly are y-

Oliver: Let’s go bake some cupcakes for breakfast!! I’m so hungry!! Hey, where’s the kitchen~?

England: Uh… I’m… uh… what???????

(adm: Thank you anon!! <333)

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Oh oh! Your porn stash asks were awesome. Can I have one with the the 1p and 2p Americas and England's finding their s/o's digital porn stash? (Like a Blog, where they can literally look at the kinks they tagged)

These poor guys…they may think twice about borrowing their s/o’s laptop in the future… -Admin Jay

America: “Dude…this is not YouTube…”
Alfred would look around at first before realizing that this was no where near what he thought it was. Though…would it be wrong to look a little? He would browse some and see what they were into…if it was within his limits he would love to try it…if not, at least he knew what they liked. He would make sure to put everything back the way he found it, and he wouldn’t mention it…but he would know. And knowing is half the battle. 

England: “W-well then…”
Arthur would be flustered at first…but then his curiosity would take over and he would scroll deeper into their blog…he would be very interested in some of the things he found…interested enough to make a note of it and possibly bring it into the bedroom at one point. Arthur would be blushing the entire time, but that wouldn’t stop him from delving deeper into what interests his s/o.  

2p England: “O-oh…this isn’t Google…”
Oliver would be flustered…horribly. He would try to change the tabs…screens…windows, anything to make it all go away! He would soon just push the laptop back onto the table and shake his head. Mentally, he would want eye and mind bleach, but he wouldn’t want to say anything to upset his s/o…maybe he just needed to go back for awhile. 

2p America: “Damn sugar~…you into some kinky shit…I like it…” 
Allen would scroll through the blog and start sending some stuff to himself as he takes mental notes and bites his lip. His s/o was into some kinky shit…and he was so down for all of this. Allen would call them in and scroll through the blog with them as he smirked and bite their ear as he whispered all the things he now wanted to do to them…

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Cookie, draw Arthur and Iggy! It's their birthday today~

The birthday’s ours, but it’s us who will grant you a wish! Have faith in magic, and all your hopes and dreams will come true! 

                                                 H o a t a ~ ! ✩ 

(adm: Aaaahhhh I’m a bit late ;w; I’m sorryyyy, I tried my best to finish it in time but failed orzzz still!!! Happy Birthday to England!! :”DDDD [also cheesy line is cheesy but ssssshhhhhh let them be])

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Could you do 2p Ace + 1p Ace coming home to find their s/o having decorated the house alone and set up mistletoe by the front door to catch them off guard when they got back from work? (I love your blog but I'm trapped on mobile, I haven't read faq)

((Another holiday that got buried, sorry darling))

2p!America/Allen Jones, 2p!Canada/Matthew Williams, America/Alfred F. Jones- Instantly gives a full blown french kiss…well you wanted a kiss right? He’s going to oblige.

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland, Canada/Matthew Williams -Thinks it is very sweet, not only that you set up a mistletoe but that you decorated!

England/Arthur Kirkland- Doesn’t really notice anything until you look eager, or point it out…whoops.

  • 2p!England: Ah yes, I was expecting you to come. Come in, come in. Don't be shy now take a seat.
  • England: *rolls eyes* psh mr. goody-goody.
  • America: *shivering* E-England...
  • England: what
  • America: your 2p has blood all over his apron
  • England: *looks at 2p!England*
  • 2p!England: *smiles* well-
  • America: I'LL SAVE YOU IGGYYYYYY *grabs England and runs reaaaalllyyy faaast*
  • 2p!America: what did you-
  • 2p!England: I was baking red velvet cup cakes.

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France, England, America, 2p America, and 2p England reacting to getting a call from the hospital while at work and the hospital tells them that their s/o was in an accident and is on the verge of death (they live though). Thanks!

Francis (France)- At first, he wouldn’t understand what was going on. The entire situation wouldn’t seem real to him. He’s weakly ask the person on the phone if this was some kind of joke, but they explain to him that it’s not, he’d set the phone down and rush to the hospital. He wouldn’t be able to stop shaking until he’s told his s/o will be okay. 

Arthur (England)- As soon as he’s told his s/o is in the hospital, he’d cut the person on the phone off to ask if his s/o is alright. When the entire situation is explained to him he’d hurry to one of his superiors, quickly explain the situation, and then get to the hospital as quickly as possible. He’d pace around the waiting room nervously until he was given some word that they were going to be alright. 

Alfred (America)-He’d make an effort to sound calm on the phone, without letting the other person know how much panic he’s feeling. He wouldn’t be able to stop his voice from shaking though. As soon as he hung up he’d go straight to the hospital without wasting any time. As he’s waiting, he might call someone he’s close to so he can tell someone what happened. 

Allen (2p America)- As soon as the caller tells him what happened to his s/o, he’d hang up with a curse and then speed as quickly as he could to the hospital, heedless of everything else around him. He’d sit in the waiting room, staring off into space, as long as it took for him to learn that his s/o is going to be okay. 

Oliver (2p England)- He’d start crying as soon as he heard what had happened, and he may not even realize it until his vision became blurry. He’d wipe them all away and get there as soon as possible, but while he’s waiting it’s bound to happen again. 

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please do if iggy and ollie have the save s/o

//Imma assume you meant same. Also, hoooo boy, this is a shit show. 

-Okay so first off neither of them are backing down. Both of them want you alive and really don’t like the other.

-Oliver is a little more sly than Arthur, but Arthur has pretty strong magic, so things get scary.

-Before they figure out that the other is after you, Oliver is probably genuinely trying to win your heart while Arthur is stalking you. 

-They both instantly drop attempts at befriending and stalking. It’s a mutual understanding that whoever wins, gets you. 

-If Oliver figures out first then he’ll win easily. He has many poisons, it’s not so hard to slip something undetectable into Arthur’s next meal. 

-Although it’s most likely that Arthur will figure it out first since he’s stalking you. Oliver will probably be one of his first targets since he’s trying so hard to get close to you.

-This won’t go how Arthur planned though, Oliver is a slippery guy. Most likely they won’t kill each other when Arthur goes to take out Oliver since while Oliver isn't prepared to fight right then, he can definitely get away easy enough. 

-They’ll both have some battle wounds though.

-After that, they’ll have something of a showdown. It’s most likely that Oliver will win because while they’re matched physically, Oliver has a nasty habit of putting poison on his blades. All he has to do is cut Arthur and get out of there as fast as possible.