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So Ignatious, Oliver, and Arther are all together trapped in the same room, how would this play out? -Jim John Anon

England: What in the….

Oliver: Aah it’s so nice to meet new people!!

Iggy: (So there are more of us out there…?) Hey, who-… what exactly are y-

Oliver: Let’s go bake some cupcakes for breakfast!! I’m so hungry!! Hey, where’s the kitchen~?

England: Uh… I’m… uh… what???????

(adm: Thank you anon!! <333)


2 P ! E N G L A N D –

Mr. Oliver Kirkland

I’m nuts, baby, I’m mad,
The craziest friend that you’ve ever had
You think I’m psycho, you think I’m gone
Tell the psychiatrist something is wrong
Over the bend, entirely bonkers
You like me best when I’m off my rocker
Tell you a secret, I’m not alarmed
So what if I’m crazy? The best people are

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Cookie, draw Arthur and Iggy! It's their birthday today~

The birthday’s ours, but it’s us who will grant you a wish! Have faith in magic, and all your hopes and dreams will come true! 

                                                 H o a t a ~ ! ✩ 

(adm: Aaaahhhh I’m a bit late ;w; I’m sorryyyy, I tried my best to finish it in time but failed orzzz still!!! Happy Birthday to England!! :”DDDD [also cheesy line is cheesy but ssssshhhhhh let them be])

  • England: Can I borrow your laptop?
  • 2p!England: My... laptop?
  • England: ... Yes.
  • 2p!England: *Hands him laptop*
  • England: *Opens internet. Begins typing*
  • Recent Searches: Untraceable poisons: an in-depth guide (with images). Growing poisonous plants: An in-depth how-to guide.
  • England: ...
  • 2p!England: ...
  • England: ... You're a freaking sociopath.
  • 2p!England: ... I can see why you might come to such a conclusion.

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Hmph!!! You are so rude, Artie!! You get all flustered and blushy whenever someone /else/ gives you flowers, but whenever I send you flowers, you don't like them! Sure, they might be covered in blo--...uh, stuff, but the florist was being rude! You're so mean, Artiiiieee!!! ((Hi cutie pie!!! Hope it's okay if I send in an IC ask. I saw the reply where you were holding a white rose, it was so cute! But you're always cute, so....))

Ref to this post

(You are too sweet!!! Ahhhhh stop!! X33)

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France, England, America, 2p America, and 2p England reacting to getting a call from the hospital while at work and the hospital tells them that their s/o was in an accident and is on the verge of death (they live though). Thanks!

Francis (France)- At first, he wouldn’t understand what was going on. The entire situation wouldn’t seem real to him. He’s weakly ask the person on the phone if this was some kind of joke, but they explain to him that it’s not, he’d set the phone down and rush to the hospital. He wouldn’t be able to stop shaking until he’s told his s/o will be okay. 

Arthur (England)- As soon as he’s told his s/o is in the hospital, he’d cut the person on the phone off to ask if his s/o is alright. When the entire situation is explained to him he’d hurry to one of his superiors, quickly explain the situation, and then get to the hospital as quickly as possible. He’d pace around the waiting room nervously until he was given some word that they were going to be alright. 

Alfred (America)-He’d make an effort to sound calm on the phone, without letting the other person know how much panic he’s feeling. He wouldn’t be able to stop his voice from shaking though. As soon as he hung up he’d go straight to the hospital without wasting any time. As he’s waiting, he might call someone he’s close to so he can tell someone what happened. 

Allen (2p America)- As soon as the caller tells him what happened to his s/o, he’d hang up with a curse and then speed as quickly as he could to the hospital, heedless of everything else around him. He’d sit in the waiting room, staring off into space, as long as it took for him to learn that his s/o is going to be okay. 

Oliver (2p England)- He’d start crying as soon as he heard what had happened, and he may not even realize it until his vision became blurry. He’d wipe them all away and get there as soon as possible, but while he’s waiting it’s bound to happen again. 

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Could you do 2p Ace + 1p Ace coming home to find their s/o having decorated the house alone and set up mistletoe by the front door to catch them off guard when they got back from work? (I love your blog but I'm trapped on mobile, I haven't read faq)

((Another holiday that got buried, sorry darling))

2p!America/Allen Jones, 2p!Canada/Matthew Williams, America/Alfred F. Jones- Instantly gives a full blown french kiss…well you wanted a kiss right? He’s going to oblige.

2p!England/Oliver Kirkland, Canada/Matthew Williams -Thinks it is very sweet, not only that you set up a mistletoe but that you decorated!

England/Arthur Kirkland- Doesn’t really notice anything until you look eager, or point it out…whoops.

  • 2p!England: Ah yes, I was expecting you to come. Come in, come in. Don't be shy now take a seat.
  • England: *rolls eyes* psh mr. goody-goody.
  • America: *shivering* E-England...
  • England: what
  • America: your 2p has blood all over his apron
  • England: *looks at 2p!England*
  • 2p!England: *smiles* well-
  • America: I'LL SAVE YOU IGGYYYYYY *grabs England and runs reaaaalllyyy faaast*
  • 2p!America: what did you-
  • 2p!England: I was baking red velvet cup cakes.

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Oh, hello! You must be my First Player. Let's hope you're smart. With eyebrows like that, you obviously didn't get the looks, between the two of us. ((SORRY FOR THE SASS/HALF INSULT, I HAD TO BE IN CHARACTER. I saw your blog and almost squealed, you're so gosh darn cute!!! Such a cutie pie, and your answers are so in character and witty! <3 ))

I’ll have you know, I am decently clever! Besides, my eyebrows aren’t that bad… right?

@pastelkilller @jamie-forever-alone

(Don’t worry its totally okay! X3 And thank you so much!)