2p Germany Romance Headcannons

·Slaps his s/os ass all the time.

·Super protective. Like damnnnnnn.

·If his s/o walks by him when he’s on the couch he will totally pull them into his lap.

·Loves to cuddle. Especially at night.

·Gives the best hugs.

·Totally soft, laid-back babe.

·Lazy mornings but wild nights ;)

·Steal his jackets. Do it.

·Some one make his s/o cry? They will be dead tomorrow.

·Very experienced with emotional people (He has Gil)

·Piggy back ridesss

·Takes every opportunity to grope s/os ass.

·He calls them kitten

·Whines when he doesn’t get attention

·Lazy but somehow manages to stay super toned.

·When he wants something be usually gets it. Especially kisses

·Speaking of which he kisses his s/o’s cheek all the time. He’s a lot like Allen there.

·Really wants to be a dad but will never admit it.

·Sometimes when someone his checking his s/o out he puts his hat on their head.

·Want go paint his nails? Go right ahead. Want to do a face mask with him? Anything for you

·Not romantic but adorable so

·Also a fucking psycho

2ps as shit I've done at school
  • 2p!America (Allen Jones): told the French teacher to fuck off because she's been rude before storming out of the class (he dropped the class and joined another class which he wasn't there for the beginning of the year to learn about safety so he got 100s for doing no work because the teacher did everything for him)
  • 2p!Canada (James Williams): said the most sarcastic and low-key rude comments loud af but never got in trouble
  • 2p!France (François Bonnefoy): joked about suicide and dying so much the school did a suicide check on him
  • 2p!England (Oliver Kirkland): got out of school early for no other reason than to go home and bake
  • 2p!China (Zao Wang): asked his best friend to bring him weed (they ended up hanging out and smoking instead)
  • 2p!Russia (Viktor Braginsky): got a 105/100 on an assignment
  • 2p!Italy Veneziano (Luciano Vargas): got caught on a porn site while looking for memes
  • 2p!Italy Romano (Flavio Vargas): filed his nails during class without getting caught. Finger and toenails.
  • 2p!Germany (Lutz Beilschmidt): ran down the world language hall screaming "choke me daddy" in various languages
  • 2p!Prussia (Gilen Beilschmidt): always watched over the school hamsters whenever there was a break
  • 2p!Japan (Kuro Honda): used his phone for the whole class and got every question right
  • 2p!Austria (Roland Edelstein): brought in a book about witchcraft and showed it to his extremely Christian teacher

I worked so hard at this and when it came to putting the drawings in a video, it ended up as a total disaster..I wish I was good at editing Y^Y. Anyway! Have some 2P GerIta angst( ? )

—- I know that you guys don’t know Luciano’s backstory to get this video that well Y//u//Y Maybe if one of you would be curious and ask about it,I’ll finally reveal it.But when I do, be prepared for a lot to read because I’ve been creating it for 2 years so it’s detailed and full of reasons and inspirations.//

-By the way: This is how Luciano and Lutz met. When they were presented to each other, this happened. //

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2p's as april fools pranks

2p america: air horn. (96% evil)

 2p canada: kraft dinner as orange juice. (88% evil)

 2p england: mayonnaise as toothpaste. (10% evil)

 2p france: personal lubricant instead of hand sanitizer. (50% evil)

 2p russia: cups of water. (40% evil)

 2p china: soy sauce instead of coke. (99% evil)

 2p italy: key board garden. (60% evil)

 2p germany: play-doh as gum.  (80% evil)

 2p japan: switch out the chocolate chip bread for the cinnamon raisin flavor. (101% evil do not do this unless you’re tired of having friends)

2p America Romance Headcannons

·Doll and babe are his go to nicknames for his s/o

·Baseball games are the perfect date

·Loves cuddling but will totally grope his s/o during it.

·Very protective, like if someone looks at them the wrong way Allen’s gonna flip his shit.

·Definitely has a WW 2 motorcycle. He rarely rides it though

·Will kill for his s/o cause he’s a fucking psychopath.

·Get a tattoo that reminds him of his s/o. Japan probably does it.

·PDA isn’t a problem with him. He loves showing everyone who his s/o belongs to.

·Likes fruit salad and always makes it for dessert.

·Likes going to drive in movies theaters.

·Kisses his s/o cheek every morning when he leaves and every night when he come home.

·Loves 50’s attire. Also loves 50’d themed diners.

·Totally​ acts like one of the guys in Footloose, but can also turn into a jack ass real quick.



The Kingdom of Hearts was known for its bad condition,famine,cruelty and theft was something very common outside the palace gates. However, the guards patrolling in the city were informed by a random citizen that he saw a man with the heart birthmark on his body, to be more specific ,he pleaded and asked for money in exchange of the man’s identity and place .In the very end the ‘suspect’ called by the name Luciano Vargas was brought to the castle with a bit of ..force since it seemed like he refused to come peacefully and calm. Inside the throne room, the man was dragged by the wrist in front of the king himself. The guards excused themselves for the sudden interruption and explained the king what the situation was. ‘’My lord, we were told by the citizens that this man is owning one of the Heart marks we have been searching for. It is believed that it is somewhere on his body so we came to give this information to you.’’ the guard explained as he gripped Luciano tighter by thewrist, not letting him escape unchecked. 

Meeting eyes with the king of hearts for the first time..you could see that he(the Italian) wasn’t please knowing what chaos is outside the gates and howthe king was living…but not only that…there was another reason. The thing he ran all this time… from the king…the mark on his body that was situated on the inner thigh of his right leg however getting in the way of his escape. He was having a small nervous smile as he looked away, everywhere but this man’s violet eyes. He wasn’t afraid, no, but maybe the king would lose interest if he’d ignorehe thought..but his chances were probably close to 0.

Though, for a ‘peasant’ ,this man was dressed pretty good,and the reason was the following: This Luciano Vargas was brought there from a cabaret brothel and it seemed like the man who saw the mark was nothing but one of his clients so Luciano worked there.
‘’I am not the man you are looking for.’’the Italian spoke straight to the king, not bowing as if his pride was bigger and the respect towards the German low, no matter how charming king Lutz was, Luciano’s respect always had to be gained’’I am nothing but a mere human.’’he lied.

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All of their reactions to finding their soulmates? (Like that one prompt that goes around with the glowing heart image)

2p america: blood goes south, gets hot, can’t think of something else

2p canada: stares, blushes, gets clumsy

2p england: stutters, BLUSHESS, rattles

2p france: [hisses] what is this new feeling.

2p russia: i’m sick? Searches symptons on google.

2p china: makes lame jokes, rattles, blood goes anywhere but his head. (;))


2p germany: (see 2p america)

2p japan: gets funny feeling in stomach, thinks he ate something bad


2p lovino: flirting, speaks louder, shows off
2P!s as Brandon Rogers’ Quotes

2P!Italy:  “Yeah, we sell organic kale chips. They’re on the homosexual hipster aisle next to the recycled toilet paper, you glitter dick.”

2P!Romano: “Try me, bitch.”

2P!Germany:  "Three years ago my husband went out one night for a beer, but that beer was all the way in Tennessee and had much bigger tits.”

2P!Prussia: “Oh, what are you supposed to be, a disappointment?”

2P!Japan: “You know what happens to little girls that wear skirts that short? A white van picks them up and they get all their holes resized.. Not you, Melissa, you’re never getting molested.”

2P!America: “Boy, pull up yo’ god damn pants. The spookiest thing in the store is that a dick that small is in my gene pool.”

2P!England: “I’m making copies. MOVE, I’M GAY.”

2P!France: “Hello, welcome to Mashie Mart/the park, thank you for bringing your fucking kids.”

2P!Russia: “Why don’t you get your math done before you get pregnant?” OR “You, in the slutty outfit - you’re not getting pregnant on my jungle gym.”

2P!China: “You wanna become what? A doctor? I wanted to become a ballerina, and you know what I became? HIV Positive.” OR “You, in the yellow - if you find drugs you better count me in.”

2P!Canada: “It’s fucking colder than a witch’s tit out here.”

2p’s in school

Jason J, Jones/ 2p America:

James Williams/ 2p Canada:

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France:

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England:

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia:

Yang Wang / 2p china:

Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany:

External image

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy:

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano:

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: (rip klaus) 

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan:

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria:

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p Spain:

Anastasia Braninsky/ 2p Belarus:

Maryska Braninsky/2p Ukraine:

Julia Héderváry/2p Hungary:

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Luciano, why do you dislike the idea of someone trying to well, do anything with Lutz? Some people [ Like myself ] actually like him-

2p Italy: Because some people, like myself, actually like him too. So et the fucking hell out before things get ugly for you.

2p China: You like him??? For real???

2p Italy: Why are you surprised, stoned-face? He’s my strong sexy dog.

2p China: Here’s your answer.

2Ps when the world ends

2p!America: “Now I know what you’re all thinking…and no, this isn’t my fault.”

2p!Canada: Sleeps through the whole thing

2p!England: Constant screaming

2p!France: “Finally”

2p!Russia: Still goes about his day as normal

2p!China: “Fucking sickk” vlogs the entire event


2p!Germany: “Damn there was so much more stupid shit I wanted to do”

2p!Japan: plays music to block it all out


2p!Prussia: crying into his cereal

2p!Austria: “I told you all this would happen. Did you listen to me? No.”

How do you think the 2ps look like? (Can you use images?) Sorry if it’s too much to ask for ^^;;

((its not too much friend, I’ve actually been meaning to do this forever! sorry about the poor pics btw, it was harder to find similarities thank you’d think :,,,) ))












also idk who this guy would be, maybe like S!Korea or 1P!Hong Kong (I’m sure he most likely isn’t Asian but he looks similar to what I’d HC)  but I thought he was beautiful so here you go–