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Sim 1
Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

Outfit 5

Sim 2
Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

Outfit 5

Sim 3
Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

Outfit 5

Sim 4
Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

Outfit 5

Sim 5
Outfit 1

Outfit 2

Outfit 3

Outfit 4

Outfit 5

Sim 6
Outfit 1

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Outfit 5

Rap Monster Outfits Masterlist ♡

All the Outfits I’ve done for/with Rap Monster

Inspired Outfits

Photoshoot #1

Airport Fashion #1

Airport Fashion #2

Airport Fashion #3

Airport Fashion #4

Outfit Inspired #1

Outfit Inspired #2

Outfit Inspired #3

Selca Inspired

Dope Era Inspired

KBOYS x smart

Concept Photos: 花様年華 pt. 2

Airport Fashion: Hyung Line Inspired 

BTS Inspired w/ Converse

BTS on ASC: Hyung Line Inspired

BTS Inspired w/ Dr. Martens

BTS Ideal Type


BTS Inspired: Pastel

Run M/V

BTS Inspired w/ Suspenders

BTS Inspired w/ Adidas Superstars

Rapper Line Inspired: Hip Hop

BTS Inspired w/ Snapbacks

Spring Outfit Inspired

150701 Show Champion


Run Japanese Version

BTS NOW 3 Inspired

Epilogue: Young Forever

BTS Fire

Military/ Army Inspired

BTS Gayo Track Ep. 2 Inspired

HYYH Pt. 2 Inspired

All of BTS Inspired

Save Me MV Inspired

Outfit for KCON Inspired 

Tropical Prints

All White

Basic Colors


Hair Color Inspired

BTS Bon Voyage Inspired

Aesthetic Inspired

K-Street Style Inspired

Outfit Scenarios

Coffee Date with Rap Monster

Lazy Day with Rap Monster

Christmas with Rap Monster

Workout with Rap Monster

Cute/Flirty Outfit with Rap Monster

Casual Winter Outfits: Rap Line

First Date with Rap Monster

Cuddling with Rap Monster

Couple Outfit

Wedding Day with Namjoon

Prom with Rap Monster 

Dance Practice with Dance Monster

Amusement Park with Rap Monster  

Writing Music

Beach Day

School with Rap Monster

Valentine’s Day

Night at the Theater

Winter Date

When you first meet

Warped Tour

Picnic Date

Traveling the World Together

SMTM Stage


Spring Outfit


Day at the Fair

Water Park

Rainy Day In

College Graduation Ceremony

Horseback Riding in a Forest

Jeju Island

Vintage Shopping


Awards Show

Aquarium Date

Late Summer Night Date

Coffeehouse Study Date



Late Night Exam Cram

Hanging After School

BTS Attending Your Art Gallery

BTS Attending Your Piano Concert

Visting New York

Airport Outfit


Family Photo

Sneaking Out

Back to School


Couple Idol Outfit

Lookbook #2

Outfit 1

Hair by @thesimwithoutaname

Sweater by @sims4-marigold

Skirt by @pyanka

Shoes by @dreamteamsims

Outfit 2

Hair by @anotherstormyend

Dress by @trillyke

Shoes by @madlensims

Outfit 3

Cropped sweater by @mysimlifefou

Capri by @jinglestartk

Shoes by @jinglestartk

Snapback by pinkzombiecupcakes

Outfit 4

Hair by @thesimwithoutaname

Dress by rusty nail

Shoes by @madlensims

Thank you for the amazing content, hope you like it! 



Lookbook No.1 & 2

Outfit 1

Sweater (x) by @sulsulsims 

Skirt, Coat, Socks (x, x, x) by @sims4-marigold 

Cat Bag Acc (x) by S-Club at TSR

Creepers by Toksik (I’m pretty sure their blog was deleted or something ;-;)

Outfit 2

Dress (x) by Rusty Nail

Leather Jacket Acc (x) by @sherazade-sims

Boots (x) by Toksik

Beanie by EA

Enjoy ! :-)

UPDATE: Toksik has deactivated their blog, sorry for the inconvenience!

anonymous asked:

Hey Vicky! I love your style could you recommend me 5 cheap outfits for summer? :) thankss x

SURE!!! I actually have 5 stores for you to help! :)

Outfit #1(LUCLUC): Shorts // Crop Top 1 or Crop Top 2

Outfit #2(CHOIES): Top // Shorts + sandals

Outfit #3(ROMWE): Jeans // Sunglasses // Tshirt

Outfit #4 (LANDYBRIDAL): Dress // Jacket

Outfit #5 (MIX): Shorts // Tank 

coupon lucluc -30% // coupon choies // coupon romwe -60%

I hope you enjoy!!!

thatfootstoolintheendpentacle  asked:

Hey, so I'm a 14 (nearly 15) year old girl, I'm 5'7 and i have weird thighs where the bottom is thin but the top isnt. I live in Australia so the weather is still really warm (like, 95-104/35-40 degrees warm) even though its autumn (the start of autumn but still), do you have any ideas for just any grung-ish hipster-ish outfits that would draw the focus away from my stupid legs? I have sunkissed-ish skin and shoulder-length, layered ombre hair that i usually wear in braids, a ponytail or out.

you should wear some eye-catching shirts/sweaters with some boyfriend or mom jeans. If it gets hot and you wanna wear some dresses or short pants you could cover your legs with some overknee socks.
Here are some outfit inspirations:
outfit 1
outfit 2
outfit 3
outfit 4
outfit 5
I hope this helps :) 

sunsetinthecity  asked:

Hi! I just need some help in terms of colors. I want my outfits to be more girly, I'm doing my best for it, but I would like to engage in this process some other colors instead of pink. I have blue eyes, dark brown hair and I tan into olive color/skin shade. I am not pale. Help me please. What colors should I wear (except pink) to be more girly?

red and white are also looking girly. Wear flower prints and skirts, also some lace cloth. Here are a few outfit ideas:
outfit 1
outfit 2
outfit 3
outfit 4
I hope this helps :)

anonymous asked:

So its summer now and I don't feel like dressing a bum! Do you have 5 summer outfits for me? I'd be really great if you reply to this!

SURE!!! I actually have 5 stores for you to help! :) 

Outfit #1(LUCLUC): Romper // Kimono 1 or Kimono 2

Outfit #2(CHOIES): Top // Shorts 1 or Shorts 2 + sandals

Outfit #3(ROMWE): Blouse // Shorts 1 or Shorts 2

Outfit #4(WALKTRENDY): Top // Bell-Bottoms 1 or 2

Outfit #4(Sheinside is now SheIn.com now for better user experience):
Romper // Dress 1 or 2 or 3 or

I hope you enjoy!!!