2oth century

Café in Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia

Pen and ink, 4.75in. by 3.25in.

Many old cafes from the mid 2oth century and earlier still exist in Georgetown. Not only is it interesting to watch the locals at leisure but the details of the interiors can be fun to decipher for architectural sleuths.


Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner :)

One of Hollywood’s most dramatic and dazzling

     Ava and Frank were married in November 1951, as Sinatra left his wife, Nancy and the kids to be with Ava.

     At one point during their marriage, Gardner had become pregnant but had an abortion due to the volatility of their relationship.  She had always wanted children, but said in later years: “We couldn’t even take care of ourselves.  How were we going to take care of a baby?”  Gardner and Sinatra remained good friends for the rest of her life.


Top image: standard Japanese furisode formal outfit of the early years of the 21st century.  Bottom image: “Kimono Princess” look as demonstrated in the magazine “Kimono Hime”