I didn’t want to post something like this because I try to be as positive and funny as I can on here, and I’m not even sure on how to word this exactly, but I have a feeling that this shipping hate will lead to Gorillaz ending prematurely. All because of ‘the fans didn’t like this pair being together, so they decided to hurt others and/or leave the fandom’.

Yes, there are some fans who are simply disgusted by a ship and there are some who have triggers, and I am sorry that what happened to you happened, I’m sure we all are. But what’s the goal of making people feel ashamed for liking a pairing that you don’t like? Doesn’t it make sense to ignore it if it triggers or upsets you?

Yes, there is a ship that I do not like, and I may not follow the people who do ship the couple, but I’m not going to make them feel like shit because it’s their preference. There’s no right or wrong to it, no matter how hard it may seem to some of us. There are some opinions that can literally hurt others and some that cannot. This one cannot and should not.

If you ship the cartoon characters, ship them. Don’t make others feel like shit bc they don’t agree with you. If you don’t ship the cartoon characters, don’t ship them. Don’t go to the tag. Don’t waste your valuable time making the hate posts. Don’t ruin this fandom. I would like to see a phase 5, 6, 7, hell 10 if it’s possible.

Idk what else to add, but maybe this opened some people’s eyes. Now can we all just wait for more details and artwork of this upcoming phase please? Be like Snoop and chill dogg.