Mother, Monster, Lover, Whore” (17 july 2016). 
Mixed media/digital oil painting, still slightly WIP.

Inspired by the Thorki fan fiction “I told you before, I was an epitaph!”. 

  • Mercenary
  • Panic! At The Disco
  • Batman: Arkham City - The Album

OK i know this is for Arkham city but the lyrics! Must listen to!

I keep thinking 2odinsons Thoki story when i hear this. I want to know if its me or not so im posting it up here, So please..listen to this and if you dont even know the story you can listen to it.


Welcome to my world...

Hi everyone! Firstly a HUGE thank you to everyone who has been reading, commenting and encouraging me with my fan fiction - I really have been overwhelmed by such a positive response!

I thought I would set up this tumblr so that I can answer questions with more depth and give little previews of upcoming chapters for you.

Please feel free to ask anything - I will reply as fully as I can without giving away any plot details!

CHAPTER 7 - I Told You Before, I Was An Epitaph

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Thor and Loki met by chance. Fate brought them together - but it threatens to tear them apart at every turn. Love, loss and revenge fuel a Saga of the modern age. Loki is haunted by drug addiction and his former life as a prostitute…amongst other things. Thor fights for the love of his life, heart body and soul. And there’s NOTHING he wouldn’t do for Loki. This is packed with sex and violence - you have been warned.